Life-Changing Gift Wrapping Hacks

Wrap your gift nicely

All holidays delight us with new gifts, postcards and souvenirs. The warmest feelings overwhelm a person at the sight of a beautifully packaged present, making even a modest gift special. How nice to wrap a gift? almost everyone is tormented by this question.

The correct choice of packaging is not so easy as it seems at first glance, it must be taken competently and seriously.

Who is the addressee?

Wrap your gift nicely

First, we decide to whom we will give our gift, since its packaging will depend on the recipient of the gift. For example, we wrap a gift for our relatives and family members in homemade packaging, but for colleagues a more strict one is suitable.

The child will be pleased with the colorful packaging with animals and cartoon characters.

A man's gift is decorated in a neutral color, while women like everything bright, decorated with all kinds of ribbons and flowers.

Then we choose the color of the packaging, the color scheme can also say a lot:

  1. white - is an ideal color, as it can be combined with all other colors and shades, symbolizes innocence, simplicity, purity, peace;
  2. red - the color of passion, love, in harmony with gray, gold, white, silver, suitable for packing a small gift;
  3. orange - a symbol of delight, emotions, good in combination with blue, purple, green and red;
  4. yellow is the sun and happiness, a harmonious combination will be with blue, green, brown and purple tones;
  5. green is a nice-looking neutral color that looks good with yellow, orange, gold and white;
  6. blue - classic for a man;
  7. brown and black - I use them more as a complement to the main colors;
  8. purple - symbolizes some kind of mystery, combined with yellow, orange, white, silver and pink.

Almost all of these colors are associated with certain holidays. For example, bed colors are a wedding, the birth of a child. Of course, bright red and pink colors will remind you of Valentine's Day.

How to pack small gifts in an original and beautiful way:

Wrap your gift nicely

  • Matryoshka. This unusual packaging method will be of interest to everyone. To do this, we need boxes of the same shape, but different in size, you can take about five of them. Each box, if desired, is painted in a different color, or we decorate everything the same way, and pack one into one;
  • We can also pack our little souvenir in an ordinary glass jar, it will be an original packaging option. Her ppainted with paints, pasted over with paper or cloth folded in an accordion, in the form of a skirt;
  • A mini-bag will serve as a wonderful packaging, you can buy it, or sew it yourself from fabric. The brighter the bag, the more colorful the gift;
  • We can bring an old shabby box back to life by gluing it over with cloth and decorating it at our discretion. This packaging is perfect for jewelry.

How to pack a New Year's gift more beautifully

For the New Year, such a fabulous and fun holiday, I want to prepare appropriate gifts, or wrap them in some unusual way. This is very easy to implement. For this we need decorative elements with which we associate winter - bells, cones, snowflakes, Christmas trees and others.

Packing options:

Wrap your gift nicely

  • A New Year's gift wrapped in the form of a candy will look very interesting. The size of the candy will depend on the size of the gift;
  • As an option - a basket, such a packing Christmas basket can be decorated with red ribbons, fancy beads, snowflake appliques. In it we can put champagne, the gift recipient's favorite wine, previously wrapped in beautiful paper or cloth. For more effect, add candles by tying them with bright ribbon;
  • We use the so-called sack of Santa Claus, it can be easily sewn from fabric. Any color of the fabric is suitable, but it is better, according to tradition, let it be red;
  • The original packaging will be a Santa Claus hat, striped sock or mitten. This packaging method is perfect for a small gift;
  • The most original way of packaging is a balloon. Small souvenirs are put in it, and then it is inflated. Children will appreciate the balloon packing, as it is not only very beautiful, but also fun and interesting. After all, before getting his gift, the child must burst the balloon.

Straw boxes are interesting in their own way, they will give a gift a special zest.

Suitable for a gift box:

  1. shoe boxes lying around unnecessarily;
  2. paper boxes;
  3. round cookie boxes;
  4. mailboxes and others.

How beautifully you can decorate the packing box of a New Year's gift:

Wrap your gift nicely

  • Everyone loves to receive a box of their favorite sweets as a present, for New Year's holidays it can also be interestingly decorated using decorative snowflakes, beads, snowmen, spruce twigs;
  • We can buy a ready-made color box, upholstered with fabric and already lay out rhinestones or beads ourselves an inscription, a wish, initials or embroider them;
  • The same box can be decorated differently - glue it over with petals, balls, bows, stars, securing all this beauty with silicone glue;
  • It will be wonderful to paste over a box already wrapped in cloth with photographs of those whothese gifts are intended;
  • Our box with a bouquet of balloons tied to it will also look original;
  • You can drape the box with gold or silver netting, sticking fresh flowers, cones, leaves into it. Such packaging can be used to present jewelry or expensive accessories;
  • A round box is a designer find, it already looks beautiful in itself. It can be supplemented with a lush bow, brooch, decorative or natural flower, New Year's toys, pom-poms or birds are also suitable.


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