World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

In this article we will share with you the secrets of chefs from around the world. But first, you need to understand who is a chef? How can his secrets differ from ordinary culinary tricks?

The chef is the professional top that many chefs strive for. A chef can work in any of the areas of the kitchen, be it appetizers, first courses, second courses, grills, desserts, etc., while ordinary chefs have a specialization and their own narrow direction in the kitchen.

The simple difference between a chef and a cook:

  • the chef is trained in culinary art as well as creative innovation in menu, preparation and presentation, works in all areas of cuisine;
  • the chef learns to master the basics of cooking, he works in a certain direction, usually takes direct a guide from the chef.
World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

We share with our readers the secrets of professional chefs that every home cook can apply.

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The secret of the Italian chef - cook pasta for 4 minutes!

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

The water in which the pasta will be boiled must first boil for at least 3 minutes,Then you need to salt it, then add the paste.

It says -10 minutes on the pasta package, and we cook 4? The secret is simple. For the pasta to have a rich taste, boil it in water for 4 minutes, and then continue to cook for another 10 minutes directly in the sauce, to which we also add a few tablespoons of pasta water.

Sauce: (tomatoes in their own juice, olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, salt)

Italian Chef's Secret and Brick in the Kitchen

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

A real solid brick wrapped in foil is used to cook fried chicken in the oven. Take the chicken quarters, salt, pepper and butter. Put in a hot frying pan, press down with a brick and put in the oven until tender. The meat will be tender and juicy, and the crust will be crispy. Use brick in your kitchen!

American Chef's Secret and Roasted Black Pepper

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

In order to reveal and enhance the aroma of black peppercorns, you need to pour it into a preheated frying pan and heat it over the fire for several seconds. The aroma will be bright and the pepper will grind easily in the mill.

The secret of the French chef and the secret of the perfect mashed potato

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

Ingredients added to boiled potatoes must be at the same temperature to make the perfect puree (not only for taste, but also for serving). While the butter will melt easily, the milk will need to be heated (or even heated) to give the puree a rich color. Chef's Secret: The ratio of the weight of finished potatoes to butter in an ideal puree is 7: 2. For the perfect mashed potatoes, they are baked, not boiled.

The American Chef's Secret of Roasted Veal

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

If you don't like tough veal, marinate it in mayonnaise to soften it. While this may sound strange, it will not hurt the taste of the meat. Using acid in a marinade in the form of vinegar or lemon juice will ruin the taste of the meat. If you took the meat for frying directly from the refrigerator, then it will burn from the outside and will not warm up inside. The meat for frying should be at room temperature. Let the meat lie down for 2 - 3 hours at room temperature. Frozen meat is thawed completely in the upper compartment of the refrigerator, and then allowed to rest at room temperature.

Chef's secret: you need to fry the meat to a crust in a pan without a non-stick coating. Non-stick coating in any form - prevents the appearance of a crust on fried foods. You can take a cast iron pan, or a thick-bottomed pan made of nonrusting steel.

French chef's wine secret

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

In many modern recipes, wine is part of a sauce or marinade. But what if you need a little wine, and opening a new bottle every time is quite expensive?

Chef's secret: you can freeze wine, or a mixture of wine and spices, in ice molds. Then you will always have a fragrant addition to your marinade or sauce at hand, and this secret will save you time and budget.

The secret of the Russian chef and the correct preparation of minced meat

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

Minced meat dishes are quite popular all over the world. The correct minced meat can be prepared from a mixture of different types of meat (pork / beef), or in a single version.

Chef's secret: add granulated sugar to the minced meat, and a flat tablespoon per kilogram of meat. Salt and black pepper are the main spices in minced meat, however, add some dry garlic powder and dry ground celery root to improve the flavor of the meat.

Products made from such minced meat will be very juicy and fragrant.

The secret of borscht from the Russian Chef

The beautiful color of borscht is the basis of its serving, it is very important, along with the taste of the dish.

Cooking secret: Beets must be peeled and placed in water as a whole, at the beginning of the soup, along with the meat. When the broth, meat and beets are cooked, they will need to be removed, the broth should be spilled through a sieve, filtering. Next, cook the borscht as usual, and at the very end of cooking add the cooked, shabby beets to the cooked soup. Boil. The taste promises to be special, the color just great.

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

Another secret for dressing beetroot borscht for a rich taste and color: chop raw beets with a grater or chop in a blender until puree, put on a sieve, put on a bowl, and spill with boiling broth from borscht until the pulp (beet mass in a sieve) will not become almost colorless.

Pour the resulting broth-based juice into the borscht, after dropping a couple of drops of lemon juice into it. The color and taste of the borscht will be wonderful.

Pastry Chef's Secret

When baking an open pie with berry or fruit filling, it may happen that the juice from the filling spills out.

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

Secret: insert some pasta vertically into the cake (like candles on a cake). The excess juice released will rise up the pasta and will not spill out.

Remove the pasta after baking.

The secret of the right cutlets from the Russian chef

If you decide to cook meat patties, then you should not add chicken eggs to the minced meat. This will make the patties tougher. Eggs are introduced into minced meat in public catering for the subsequent introduction of bread and water (eggs will bind these additives), in order to reduce the cost of minced meat and increase the yield of the finished product. However, chicken eggs are required to be added to minced fish, it increases the viscosity of the minced fish.

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

Before frying, the formed cutlet should be dipped in a lezion (egg + a spoonful of water), and then, depending on the type of meat from which the cutlet is used, into a suitable sprinkling.

For meat cutlets, the sprinkling can be flour, semolina; for chicken cutlets, it is preferable to use breadcrumbs. Cutlets can be partially breaded (flour only, egg only, egg + flour), fully breaded (flour + egg + breadcrumbs) or even double breaded (2 times full breading)

American Chef's Secret: How to Fry Fish Properly

For unbreading fish fillets in a non-stick non-stick steel skillet - do not add frying oil directly to the pan.

World Cuisines - Chef Secrets

If you fry fish fillets directly in oil, it can become tough, it can burn. Better to spread oil on the fish itself, and put the oily pieces on the frying pan. The fish will be more tender.

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