Women's business attire: how to look 100% without forgetting the dress code

Working women are the norm today. But how to keep your femininity and not turn into an ordinary draft horse.

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Femininity is your trump card!

Women's business attire: how to look 100% without forgetting the dress code

First of all, do not forget about your appearance. A woman should look gorgeous, regardless of how much she slept today and how big the mountain of documents is at work. And one of the important elements of the image of every modern woman is clothing.

At the same time, you need to choose such clothes in which you can not only feel comfortable, but also attract attention.

And do not think that at the workplace you would rather need brains than a well-groomed appearance. Remember that men will always have the upper hand in business. But if we women use our little tricks, it will be a little easier to succeed.

It is worth drawing your attention to a very interesting psychological experiment: a group of scientists conducted a study, during which it was found that those representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who look more feminine climbed the career ladder faster. So it's worth paying attention to your wardrobe!

Learning to distinguish the line between femininity and vulgarity

But at the same time, we must not forget that a woman in the office should look stern. Do not overuse skirts that are too short or transparent blouses, as this will make your look not feminine, but vulgar.

It turns out that there are several universal rules that should be followed when choosing women's business attire for the office:

Women's business attire: how to look 100% without forgetting the dress code
  • In the summertime, do not use too gloomy colors in clothes. The best option would be beige or olive colors. And in a black jacket you will be much hotter than in a light one. But in winter, on the contrary, you should give preference to dark shades;
  • When you come to a new place of work, be sure to check if there is any special dress code at this company. After all, if, in your understanding, business clothing is a white blouse and a black skirt, then your boss may have his own opinion on this matter. Although today, quite often, no one thinks much about such things. But it is still worth scouting the situation, parallelflax and establish relationships with new colleagues;
  • You shouldn't buy blouses with a deep neckline for everyday wear for work;
  • Don't wear a skirt that is too tight either. As for the length, the best option would be a knee-length skirt.

Now for business meetings and corporate events. In no case should you wear dresses decorated with a huge amount of sequins. It is best to choose a dress that is not very open, preferably a solid color. At the same time, pick up modest jewelry for your outfit and apply makeup that is a little brighter than everyday. Such an outfit can make your look more festive, leaving him with a little bit of seriousness.

And one more thing: you need to choose women's clothes for the office very carefully, because if things hang on you or, on the contrary, are too tight, then the whole image will be hopelessly distorted.

Stylish women's office wear: how to take into account the specifics of work

Women's business attire: how to look 100% without forgetting the dress code

As we have already said, in a new place it is worth learning about the accepted norms of clothing. But there are general rules for office wear, taking into account the chosen profession. For example, if you are a creative person (designer, artist, etc.), then you can definitely afford to look extravagant.

But you shouldn't ignore the general rules of good manners. But you can experiment with flowers or decorations.

Now with regard to office managers, among the people - secretaries. For quite a long time, this profession has acquired a fairly large number of negative stereotypes. But that doesn't mean you have to comply.

Do not wear mini-skirts and translucent blouses with a stunning neckline. You have to look decent as you are the first person any client of this firm will see. So don't ruin your first impression.

Teachers and teachers should be especially attentive to their clothes, since school and the first courses of study at the institute for children are combined with the formation of taste. This means that you must become a model of femininity and elegance.

Every profession has its own nuances about clothing. Most importantly, be aware that you will be around people and that normal working relationships are much better than the constant judgmental glances from your colleagues.

Women's office wear: fashion 2015 - 2016

Women's business attire: how to look 100% without forgetting the dress code

Let's start with the dresses. This season, models of sheath dresses, the length of which reaches the knees, are quite popular. As for shoes, you can stop your choice on boots. The style of the dress can include a fastener to the very throat or a large knitted yoke.

You can also use small, neat collars, which have become quite popular lately. Models with belts are quite common on fashion catwalks this year.

Attention! If you have a few extra centimeters onwaist, it is better to refrain from buying such models, since the belt will only emphasize all the flaws of your figure.

As for fashionable blouses, girls can safely replace them with sweaters, which are very popular this season. Well, if your superiors treat such fashion trends negatively, then you can opt for a classic-cut blouse. But don't be limited to exclusively light shades.

In 2015-2016, such colors as peas and check are fashionable. You should also pay attention to such models as sleeveless blouses, cotton or leather goods.

Now let's talk about skirts. This season, pleated skirts have returned to the fashionable stage. Moreover, they can be sewn from silk fabric, leather, knitwear and even lace. Another novelty is a model that combines trousers and a skirt. Maybe for some, this combination looks a little strange, but if such extravagant clothes are not prohibited by the rules of your dress code, then by choosing the right colors, you may well wear such a thing to work.

Women's business attire: how to look 100% without forgetting the dress code

It is also worth noting that quite a significant part of the fashion collections this year includes bright models. So, if you want to maintain a business style, but at the same time stand out from the crowd, then you can combine a bright top and a solid dark bottom. Most importantly, do not overdo it, as the line between extravagance and vulgarity is quite thin.

Pay attention to the jackets. This season, models decorated with a small number of rivets, pockets and buttons are quite popular. As for the quality of the fabric, it is best to give preference to things made of tweed, suede or metallic fabrics. You should also pay attention to the fashionable colors. Purple, emerald and mustard have definitely hit the trend of this season.

So, as you can see, stylish office wear for women is not a myth. And if you put a little effort into creating your image, while spending a little more time, then the result will not disappoint your expectations.

After all, even with a strict dress code, you can not lose your originality, using some accessories to emphasize it. Good luck with your shopping and success at work!

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