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Women's blue shirt - a fashionable part of your wardrobe

For several seasons, the blue women's shirt has been at the height of fashion. The model of this wardrobe item can be of any style: wide for a man's, romantically fitted or elongated. The main thing is a delicate color and the right combination with other items of the toilet.

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How to create an image: tips from stylists

If you, succumbing to fashion trends, bought a light blue shirt, but you don’t know how to add it or where you can wear it, then listen to the following tips:

Women's blue shirt - a fashionable part of your wardrobe
  • You can wear blue women's shirts both in everyday life and at work, complementing the office style. By the way, such blouses perfectly enliven a business outfit, adding spicy notes to it;
  • When choosing the bottom part of the set, pay attention to the color palette in your clothes. Remember that the bottom and top should not be the same tone, otherwise things will merge. The best option is to combine a light blue shirt with a bottom one tone darker. The same rule can be applied to a deep blue top, choosing a bottom one tone lighter or even pure white.

The trend of the new season is a classic-cut shirt, and you don't need to think that such clothes are boring and monotonous.

The designers have put a lot of effort and released very original models.

A blue shirt is often complemented by frill or pretty lace.

Products made of silk often delight women of fashion with unusual cuffs, fancy pockets and just look great in tandem with the pencil skirt, beloved by many women.

Those women who gravitate towards classic cut and natural fabrics, in general, models that are somewhat similar to men, will have to try to add a touch of individuality to the outfit. An interesting combination of bottom and top may be the only correct solution in such a situation.

Those ladies who dream of dressing stylishly and at the same time not spending a lot of money on outfits should go for some experiments. For example, combine a women's blue shirt with white cuffs with stylish shorts, skinny pants, a formal suit, not limited to jeans and a classic skirt.

Office style: what to wear a blue shirt with

For a shirt of this shade to harmoniously fit into your work image, combine it with pencil skirts or dress pants. These tandems always look great.

If you likewear dresses with a peplum, then complement such a top with a skirt that will give the image a special femininity and sophistication. You can complete this set with platform shoes.

Women's blue plaid shirt is also at the height of fashion this season, and with some diligence, it can be very successfully fit into the office style, thereby diluting it.

Women's blue shirt - a fashionable part of your wardrobe

To visit work, choose a checkered shirt that is not very pronounced. This will keep your organization's dress code consistent and look stylish.

It is recommended to combine such a top with trousers or a skirt that matches the color of the cage. The ensemble will look fresh and elegant, without being too conspicuous or causing the ire of management.

It is worth saying that when choosing a bottom, it is not at all necessary to look for a thing that is similar in shade to a cell. If the pants or skirt are white or black, then this combination will always look good. A light blue shirt with a white collar and light cuffs will also look good in the office.

Formal suits and trousers are perfectly complemented by such a top.

Create a casual look

If in everyday life you like fashionable and daring stylistic solutions, then you can complement the light blue shirt with narrow leather trousers. It will look amazing.

For those ladies who want to look a little more graceful, you can complement the romantic top with a leather skirt. Romantic people who are going on a date are recommended to combine shirts with flared skirts or high-waisted models. With this combination, it is best to give preference to black and white bottom colors.

Girls who want to look bright, catchy, invitingly recommended to combine a blue shirt with a red skirt. Complement your look with stylish hairstyles and appropriate makeup and you can be the star of any party. By the way, the brown bottom in such a set will look no less extravagant.

Remember one rule - blue is universal, it can be harmoniously combined with white and black things. Therefore, choosing such combinations, you will never go wrong.

How to complement the image?

Women's blue shirt - a fashionable part of your wardrobe

A women's shirt, whatever it is combined with, can be complemented with appropriate accessories to help highlight your personality.

For example, if you combine the top with jeans, tucking a jacket into them, then choose a beautiful belt for your set. It will be great if this accessory matches the color of your shoes or handbag.

By the way, stylists recommend paying attention to the top of the outfit when choosing a handbag, combining these two details in color.

If you know how to choose the right color scheme, then you can easily experiment with shades, the result will be a very original image.

So, for example, a bag of calm yellow color may look quite appropriate in a dressde business woman, provided that other accessories are selected correctly.

If your shirt is not burdened with a collar, then complement the look with a beautiful silk scarf.

If you wear a top without buttoning the collar, you can decorate your neck with pearls or a simple chain. Such details of women's outfits make the image complete and harmonious.

Do not be afraid to experiment, creating bright and original images, you will succeed. Good luck!

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