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Woman driving: fears and prejudices

Currently, a car is no longer a luxury, but a means of transportation. And a woman who knows how to drive a car is no longer supernatural. But despite this, men who are used to dominating everything continue to treat the auto lady with undisguised indulgence.

Woman driving: fears and prejudices

Seeing a car on the road, which, by the nature of its driving, is out of the general stream, women are immediately attributed to it statuses : Look, what is he doing ?! Well, like a woman driving! Or sitting in a purely male company, they start: But mine went to a driving school yesterday. Wants to drive. Why does she need it? I take her everywhere anyway!

How men are mistaken! The most important argument for why a woman decides to drive a car on her own lies in her many responsibilities. Take the child to school or kindergarten, then pick it up and take it to the pool, dance, karate, buy groceries, go to the dry cleaning ... And lie to everyone, despite the fact that many women also work. How can a woman do all this without a car?

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Why is the woman behind the wheel filled with fears?

If you don't drive a car yet, but you have an irresistible desire to master this skill, no matter how trite it may sound, your path should start with a driving school. But don't be fooled by the illusion that after driving school you will drive like Michael Schumacher. Auto courses introduce you to the theory and basics of driving a vehicle. That is their whole task.

In order to become a real driver, you need experience and one driving school is not enough. Ideally, you need to drive more than a dozen hours on roads of varying difficulty in order to learn how to behave correctly and adequately in standard and non-standard situations. Fear in future auto ladies can only cause a sense of responsibility.

Fear of driving may be triggered by the following concerns:

  • Fear for the life and health of the passenger, especially since they are often either children or close relatives;
  • Fear for the safety of the vehicle;
  • Fear of being ridiculous in the eyes of more experienced road users.

If you're lucky and even as a beginner you don't have a sense of fear, that's great. But if you belong to the vast majority of people who have their first independentleaving causes cold sweat and tremors in the body - do not be upset, we will tell you how to cope with a cold feeling in your stomach!

The following tips will help you overcome your fears.

Rooting out fear!

Tip 1. If you have the opportunity to continue training with an instructor, you need to take it. If this is not possible, your boyfriend or girlfriend can take on the instructor role.

Tip 2. Dear ladies, before your first trip on the road, be sure to make sure that driving will be comfortable for you. To do this, adjust the driver's seat, rear and side view mirrors, the height of the steering rack for yourself. All these manipulations should be done just before leaving.

Indeed, while driving, you need to monitor the situation on the road, and there will be no time to be distracted by such nuances. I want to emphasize the fact that some women like to decorate the car interior with various soft toys, pillows, funny coasters.

Of course, the car interior is your personal space and everyone uses it at their own discretion. Moreover, this is not prohibited by the rules of the road. Advice to women driving - in everything you need to know when to stop. Nothing should block your view while driving. And even more so to distract your attention.

Tip 3. Before leaving, it will be superfluous to make a superficial inspection of the car for faults. Are the tires well inflated, is there sufficient fluid in the expansion tank? Accidents on the roads are sometimes found due to an oversight of drivers behind these seemingly elementary things. Once you've checked everything and adjusted you can hit the road.

Tip 4. It is better to make your first independent attempts on roads with a small congestion of cars. When you start to feel confident in these areas, it's time to make it harder for yourself. On a weekday, try to drive yourself to, say, your place of work.

If it's still difficult, then to the nearest public transport stop, where you can leave your car and still get to work. The distance you cover is largely irrelevant, the main thing now is to check how you feel in the dynamic traffic.

Woman driving: fears and prejudices

Tip 5. Parking. Even the most confident drivers sometimes find it difficult to do this. Everyone's motives are different: some have a problem with the feeling of the size of their own car, while others simply do not have enough experience. If your car is not equipped with such a miracle of progress as parking sensors, all is not lost.

You can resort to the help of a passing person, so that he will help you to successfully complete this maneuver by adjusting it. The fear of showing yourself as an inexperienced driver in this situation has no logic, since the main purpose of parking is to keep your car and neighboring cars intact.

Pregnantwoman driving

If you are in an interesting position, then the following tips might be helpful.

Pregnancy is not the best time to start learning driving science. You don't need unnecessary worries and stresses now. You will learn everything, but a little later. The main thing now is your child.

If you do not drive a car long enough to feel confident on the road, being in an interesting position, it is better to limit yourself to familiar routes or completely give up driving for a while. It is difficult for a pregnant woman to concentrate and adequately assess the situation on the road.

If you are an experienced driver, it is advisable to drive only if you feel satisfactory and the driving process itself does not cause discomfort.

It is not superfluous to say that you should not leave during rush hours without special need. There is a high risk of getting stuck in traffic. And neither you, much less your child, will not benefit from breathing air, which contains an increased concentration of exhaust gases.

If you are taking medications that affect your reaction rate, refrain from traveling.

Remember: fog, ice, snow, heavy rain or heat is not the best time to drive.

Warning! Always buckle up!

Traffic accidents

Those who claim that the majority of road accidents occur due to the fault of women are categorically mistaken. Statistics show the opposite: accidents involving women driving are not only less common, but also less costly in terms of financial compensation.

Most of them happen in parking lots or at low speeds. Accidents such as head-on collisions and pedestrian collisions are more common among men. They not only ignore the speed limit in the city, but drunk people get behind the wheel.

Women drunk at the wheel, unfortunately, are more common nowadays. Therefore, there is a reason to once again remind all motorists, regardless of their gender: alcohol and car things are incompatible ! A drunk driver is a criminal on the road. And the amount of alcohol drunk does not matter here.

Woman driving: fears and prejudices

Most road traffic accidents are associated with just small doses of alcohol. If a person drinks a glass of wine or beer, he feels a surge of energy. Alcohol has a tonic effect on the human body. But at the same time, it dulls vision, the ability to react to a rapidly changing situation on the road and the ability to really assess your strength.

But it is these reflexes that are dominant in driving a car. Driving drunk can cause damage not only to your health, but also pose a serious danger to others.

If you keep this in mind and follow all of the above tips, driving a car will not be for you.Only a familiar, but also a safe occupation. Happy journey!

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