With what to wear dresses of different colors?

When you pick up a new dress in the store, you always try it on yourself with the idea of ​​what I will wear it with. Let's try to answer this question by giving sensible recommendations that each of you can apply to your taste and preference.

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What to wear with a green dress?

With what to wear dresses of different colors?

Jewelry, bracelets and a scarf, of the same color scheme, only differing in tone, are perfect for green - either darker by a couple of tones, or lighter. For example, accessories in a coral shade are suitable for bright green clothes, and mint shades or the color of green grass are suitable for dark green.

All shades of green work beautifully with black, white and gray, so choose handbags, clutches, shoes and scarves in these colors.

You should be careful about green dresses for girls with white skin: it can emphasize the whiteness of their skin disadvantageously.

A good combination gives green with silver accessories, try to choose bulky earrings, wide bracelets and heavy beads for silver, this will add sophistication and fragility to your look.

Red color of accessories will give the image courage and brightness, and black - seriousness and restraint. The dark blue color of shoes and handbags will add creativity and originality to the image. And golden accessories combined with green have always been and will be a win-win option in any situation.

What to wear with a red dress?

Red itself is bright and perfectly emphasizes the individuality of its owner. It symbolizes passion, challenge, perseverance, so when choosing red, remember that it simply obliges you to demonstrate self-confidence, superiority and personality.

Red itself looks very bright and self-sufficient, so it is not recommended to weigh it down with too many details. It goes well with black, white, navy blue and gray.

Jewelry and accessories made of gold and silver, or their imitation, will also look spectacular in combination with red. Shoes should be rather laconic, with or without heels.

A red thing can be worn with red shoes, belts and handbags, only the tone of the accessories should differ from the main color, for example, a bright flourishThe dress is perfectly accentuated by shoes and a belt of soft pink or maroon. Do not wear it with bright blue or green, it will make the look too pretentious and too catchy.

What to wear with a blue dress?

Blue has always been and remains a trend of all seasons. But be careful with it, it will not suit everyone. The blue color itself is quite saturated and does not like an excess of multi-colored jewelry and accessories.

With what to wear dresses of different colors?

Black and nude tights are perfect for a blue dress, as well as colors such as black, white, gray and milky will be a great addition in the form of a handbag, belt or scarf.

Jewelry should be chosen in silver or golden colors, they will perfectly emphasize the colors of the dress, just try not to overdo it, a few discreet jewelry will be enough, pearls will look very elegant - the best friend of blue.

If the dress is bright blue, then golden or yellow shoes, a belt or a clutch bag will be appropriate, create a contrast and give lightness and sunshine to the image. If you want to add a little red, then try to minimize its presence in your look, a brooch, a small handbag, or a thin belt will suffice, although you can do with bright lipstick.

What can I wear a leopard dress with?

Leopard print is present in every designer's collection, it has always been and remains popular among women due to its feline color. In this case, the main thing is to show a sense of proportion, because often this coloring is associated with vulgarity.

Do not overdo it with bright varnish and lipstick. Leather, wood and metal jewelry is ideal for such a thing. This color matches very well with black, gray, beige and brown.

Strictly exclude from the ensemble things in the form of a handbag, scarf or shoes of the same color. Choose one-color tights, this will add restraint and elegance to the image. Try to choose a simple style, complementing it with a minimum of accessories and a rather discreet makeup.

What to wear with a black dress?

Black is an ideal and versatile attribute of a woman's wardrobe. This color does not easily smooth out all the flaws in the figure, it still goes well with all colors, which allows you to wear such things with various accessories and decorations. But despite its versatility, there are a few rules here too.

With what to wear dresses of different colors?

Wearing a black dress, choose thin and elegant jewelry, if you have already chosen a massive jewelry, then only one thing - either earrings, or a necklace, or a bracelet. A bright handbag, belt or shoes will add depth of color and brightness to your look.

Choose closed-type shoes, and stockings should not be tight. Black with fur looks very nice, in the form of a bolero or a cape. A string of pearls is suitable from jewelryha, the main rule is relevance and moderation. The most advantageous color scheme is white, red, golden.

What to wear with a white dress?

White looks very elegant and noble. A discreet white dress, like a little black dress, is very popular and a must in every woman's wardrobe. But just be careful, it can highlight flaws in your figure.

So that extra pounds are not striking, choose simple styles that are not weighted down by frills and other lush and bright elements. It is better to wear bodily underwear for this color, it will be invisible.

A white dress goes well with shoes of gray and brown shades, although with the right style and cut, it can be combined with any color. Bright accessories will perfectly decorate you, the main thing is to adhere to when choosing a sense of proportion and chosen style.

It is advisable to wear lush and lacy things with a minimum of jewelry, a small refined pendant made of gold or silver will be enough. Things made of leather and metal jewelry will look very stylish and bold, they will create a bold contrast and stand out favorably against the general background.

What can I wear with a leather dress?

Leather products do not lose their relevance, rather due to their practicality and style.

In order for an image in a leather dress not to acquire shades of vulgarity, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. The main rule, perhaps, will be elegant shoes, such as pumps with thin heels, light sandals or graceful boots just below the knee;
  2. There should be a minimum of jewelry, an original bracelet for gold or silver, a thin chain and sophisticated earrings will be enough. But everything will depend on the chosen model and the specific image that you want to create;
  3. Small jackets or translucent boleros would be appropriate;
  4. A small handbag or clutch on a chain will make your look complete and sophisticated.

Whichever item you wear, always take into account the color of your skin and hair, features of the figure and your preferred style, because even the most trendy things will not be able to decorate you if they do not match your image .


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