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Winter tights: warm, comfortable, fashionable

Women's winter tights seem to many to be an insignificant accessory in the wardrobe. Modern women in the cold season often wear this toilet accessory under trousers to keep warm.

Winter tights: warm, comfortable, fashionable

But those who prefer traditional women's outfits to trousers - dresses or skirts - understand that a lot depends on tights when creating an individual style. They should not only warm, but also fit the leg, make one whole with other things.

Choosing tights that meet all the requirements is a responsible business.

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Warm and cozy

One of the main properties of winter clothes is keeping warm. How to choose the right winter tights so that they are warm enough?

Every person has a strictly individual concept of heat. One can do without a hat at a temperature of -20 ° C, while the other begins to wrap up as soon as the street thermometer drops below 10 ° C.

To choose tights for warmth , you should know what materials are used to make them:

  • For most people, warm is associated with wool. Indeed, the wool in the warm winter tights does an excellent job with the task. In quality models, the wool content should be at least 55%. The composition of the material must also contain elastane - otherwise the product will quickly lose its shape. The disadvantages of woolen tights are that they bite like most woolen garments. But modern manufacturers have learned to deal with this drawback. They add cotton, cashmere or silk to the material of the product, which makes them pleasant to the touch. However, the packaging can always be opened and touched. A product that is unpleasant to the touch will certainly cause discomfort when worn;
  • You may be surprised, but the warmest tights for winter are those with a high cotton content. Due to its density, such a product provides warmth in a penetrating wind. Even with a low elastane content, they perfectly keep their shape, fit the leg and withstand several dozen washes without compromising their own quality. Cotton-wool tights - the best winter option;
  • Leading manufacturers and budget companies produce winter tights from acrylic. Women's legs feel comfortable enough in them. The material is soft, retains heat for a long time. But such products are aboutthey have a serious disadvantage - they quickly lose their presentation. After 1-2 washes, hard-to-remove pellets form on them. And ugly folds are formed in the knee area;
  • Microfiber is one of the modern materials for making tights for women. Products made from it retain their presentation for a long time, have increased elasticity and strength. In terms of thermal properties, the material is in no way inferior to natural fabrics. They do not cause discomfort when worn. The downside is the high price of models.

If you ask the consumers of the products, they - for the most part - prefer tights made from natural materials. What is it, inertia and unwillingness to accept new things? In the opinion of women, traditional cotton and wool are more consistent with the requirements for winter clothes - they warm up better.

Required accessories parameters

When buying winter tights, you need to pay attention to how many denominations are indicated on the package. What is this strange parameter?

Deny is density. For winter, models that have from 110 to 300 den are preferable. You just need to keep in mind - products with a density of 300 den will greatly tighten the leg. In the evening, you will feel like you were wearing a Spanish boot - a torture device known since the Middle Ages.

So how many denominations should there be in the model so that there is no discomfort? If you look at the statistics on sales, women prefer winter products for 120-180 days.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of the seams. Products with flat seams are much more comfortable to wear. When you open the package with new tights, you can feel a pleasant aroma. Quality products always have a specific smell. This is explained by the application of antibacterial impregnation.

Modern manufacturers produce winter tights especially for pregnant women. They have a special cut, thanks to which they not only insulate expectant mothers, but also help them survive this crucial period.

High-quality models for pregnant women perform the function of a bandage - they support the enlarged tummy. In addition, there are special products with compression properties. Due to their increased density - from 220 to 300 den - they resist the development of varicose veins in pregnant women.

Fashionable colors for this season

Modern fashion does not limit the assortment of buyers. You can buy tights not only in different densities and materials, but also in different colors and patterns.

The trend of winter 2015 is white winter tights. They are worn as a separate wardrobe item, combined with leggings or leggings, worn under dark miniskirts or shorts. They complement the classic style, sporty, retro, create individuality to the country image.

Features of the season: white tights should only be matte. Sequins in products or translucent texture of the material are not allowed.

Gray is still in vogue. All shades of gray are allowed:

  • steel;
  • blue graphite;
  • dark gray;
  • wet asphalt.

This is the perfect shade for the fantasy and business style, perfect for the winter season. When choosing a tights color, you need to make sure that there is at least one more element in your wardrobe that repeats this color. The emphasis on the legs should be moderate.

The following colors are considered neutral:

  • beige in different tones;
  • dark coffee;
  • black.

The fashion of recent seasons dictates: the color of hosiery should be combined with the color of the shoes, otherwise the leg is visually shortened. This is especially noticeable in combination with stylish short boots.

Models with pictures

In order to make the leg slimmer and longer, it is enough to wear tights with a vertical pattern. Thin legs will look more appetizing in models decorated with horizontal stripes. Experiments with the image will be complemented by a fashionable accessory - printed tights. The part of the leg on which the drawing is located looks fuller.

A three-dimensional pattern is in fashion this season. It can be located on the side of the product or decorate its entire surface. Rhinestones and sequins, which complemented such models, went out of fashion in 2015.

But the models of the hosiery pattern with a piquant detail - imitation of hosiery - are still in favor. This pattern on the tights helps to create a sexy look.

Another interesting pattern is jacquard. This print has remained relevant for many years in outerwear, and winter tights with a similar pattern have been produced in the last 2-3 years. This drawing fell in love with very young girls. They combine jacquard-patterned tights with short warm shorts and brightly colored sweaters.

Winter fishnet tights are no less warm than dense ones if they are knitted from wool and cotton. But before going outside in them, you should make sure that the product is not blown through. This is not to say that such models of tights are the most fashionable, and these are not worth buying. When buying this accessory, they are guided by their own taste and convenience.

When purchasing a product, you need to remember - to be determined with the choice and size required on the spot. Tights are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


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