Wine lipstick: how to use it wisely when applying makeup

Wine lipstick has been a fashion designer's favorite for several seasons. Moreover, this shade has become popular among both Hollywood celebrities and ordinary girls. Wine color will look equally beautiful on the lips of teenage girls and adult ladies.

For some reason, many girls are afraid to wear dark lipstick. They say that it is difficult to apply, it emphasizes skin imperfections, and all spots, redness and unevenness will be noticeable even more. Also, under dark lipstick, you need to choose clothes that match the style, and all the rest of the makeup needs to be adjusted for it, and this is so long.

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Wine color and character of the girl

Wine lipstick: how to use it wisely when applying makeup

Wine color of lipstick means strength, energy and health. He usually attracts impulsive and brave girls who are characterized by courage and ambition. It is believed that lovers of red shades are rude, while often rushing to their conclusions. Such girls quickly take offense, but also quickly forgive. Ladies are very quick-tempered, they can say too much. However, if they really love someone, then this person will be perceived by them as a real jewel.

As a rule, supporters of the red color optimistically go through life, overcoming all obstacles in their path. They do not like monotony, strive to see something new, prefer daily festivities to boring loneliness.

Although there are calm people who really like any shade of red. They need warmth from family and friends. The wine shade of lipstick is chosen by girls who previously had to face certain troubles, but they overcame it all. Such ladies are responsive, have good discipline.

But they have one big drawback - they do not see their flaws, considering themselves almost ideal. And if something does not work out for them, then, in their opinion, someone else is to blame. They see themselves only in pink.

Choosing the right shade

Wine lipstick suits almost everyone, but you need to choose the right shade. In this case, you need to be guided by the color of your hair and skin. Consider the recommendations for choosing a shade, depending on hair color:

  • If the hair is ashy, strawberry lipstick will suit the girl.
  • Wine lipstick for brunettes should be maroon. This option is suitable for girls with black or dark brownlight hair.
  • Wine lipstick for blondes should be lighter, raspberry-colored.

It should be borne in mind that the wine color does not suit fiery red beauties. It is better for them to choose less defiant colors, such as beige. You also need to consider skin tone when choosing a lipstick. If the skin is very white, a bright red color is appropriate. But dark-skinned girls are better off choosing shades of burgundy and purple.

Wine lipstick makeup features

Applying dark lipstick is not so difficult - you just need to do it carefully, in fact, like any other. Of course, uneven edges (a quivering line), not quite symmetrical lips, as well as all blunders made with a dark color, will be more noticeable, but isn't this a reason to learn how to do everything neatly? It's all about training: it didn't work out the first time, it will work out from the second, third, maybe fourth. For convenience, the lip line can be preliminarily outlined with a pencil to match the color of the lipstick. Then it won't be so easy to go beyond the edges.

It is best to apply dark lipstick with a brush. Moreover, for this you do not need to buy a separate brush, you can use the one left over from the finished lip gloss. Only it will need to be well washed, cleaned from the old product and dried.

If all skin imperfections are well masked (with a tonal foundation, concealer, powder), then not a single richly dark lipstick will be afraid of them. In addition, it will look even more advantageous on a slightly lightened face. The result is a stunning gothic look.

Modern fashion, as you can see, is persistently trying to remove any restrictions. Style combinations are the new trend. Therefore, today you can easily wear maroon lipstick, for example, with sneakers, a T-shirt and jeans. And adherents of the classics will love heels and some discreet dress in the same muted shades.

However, when working with such a lipstick, you need to remember about the rest of the makeup. The eyes should not compete with the lips (the latter are still the main ones here). Therefore, you should not apply bright or dark shadows, glue false eyelashes, draw breathtaking extreme arrows. It is enough to slightly bring your eyes and tint the eyelashes. And do not neglect eye makeup at all: otherwise, they will simply disappear from the face, against the background of such rich lips.

Blush is also better to apply. An important point: they must be the same color as the lipstick. For example, if it is a deep wine color, then the blush cannot be coral or pink in any way.

Evening makeup technique

Wine lipstick highlights all the imperfections of the lips. And, of course, chapped lips won't look good. Therefore, before applying makeup with wine lipstick, you need to prepare your lips. To do this, apply a special scrub on them and massage them, slowly distributing the product over the entire surface of the lips. Further make-up is performed as follows:

  • Apply to guwould be a corrector using a flat brush. You can also spread a little powder on top of the concealer, which will make the makeup look more advantageous, since the lip surface will be smooth and beautiful.
  • The lip contour should be emphasized with a pencil. Smooth lines are obtained only when the pencil is located strictly perpendicular to the lips. It is best to start with the upper lip first and then move to the lower lip. It is desirable that the color of the pencil matches the shade of the lipstick or is one shade darker.
  • It is better to apply lipstick with a brush to make lip makeup look better. In this case, the lipstick is distributed evenly over the entire surface. A transparent lip gloss is applied on top. Wine matte lipstick does not require gloss.

You also need to pay attention to eye makeup. It should be discreet, without the use of bright accents. The eyeliner should be classic black or brown. Arrows on the eyes are great for dark lipstick. In order to perform this makeup, you first need to apply a primer to the eyelids. Light, preferably beige, shadows are distributed from above.

Using eyeliner, draw a straight arrow along the lash line. The arrows can be made thin, but they look better if they are of medium thickness. Then you need to paint over your eyelashes. If they are naturally rare, you can stick on false eyelashes. Girls with dark hair should definitely use black mascara, but coffee options are suitable for blondes.

Makeup with wine lipstick can be both evening and daytime. It depends on the amount of makeup applied, as well as the combination of lipstick with eye shadow and mascara. Wine lipstick is versatile, so it will suit almost all girls. However, before applying it, you need to choose the most suitable shade.

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