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Wine bottle caps: use cases

Many people at different periods of their lives collect a wide variety of things, these can be magnets with city emblems, beautiful wine glasses, figurines, etc. But sometimes we love collect what is considered to be garbage and discard immediately after use.

Wine bottle caps: use cases

Wine bottle corks also fall into this category, from which, as it turns out, you can make very beautiful, unusual and necessary things in the household, as well as with their help you can make a decor for any room. Crafts made from corks made with your own hands will definitely decorate your home, bring a zest to its interior and become excellent helpers in the household.

If a lot of this garbage has accumulated in your house , there is some free time and a great desire to do something , you can safely get to work!

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Rug for bathroom: the necessary tools and materials

In order to make a comfortable and practical bathroom rug you will need the following materials and tools:

  • a lot of traffic jams;
  • cutting board;
  • sharp knife;
  • glue gun;
  • rubber mat for the base.

First, you need to decide what dimensions your rug will have, and prepare a piece of rubber mat or any other non-slip water-repellent material of the required size. It is also important to calculate in advance the required number of traffic jams so that in the midst of work it does not turn out that you need to urgently get a certain number of blanks somewhere.

It is very simple to make such calculations: the most common cork from a wine bottle has a size of 2.0 * 3.5 cm, by means of simple arithmetic calculations, you can determine exactly how many elements will be needed to make a rug of a given size. So, for a rug measuring 40 * 60 cm, you will need about 170 pieces.

Bath Mat: Steps

After all the calculations have been made, you can start preparing traffic jams. They must be cut in half lengthwise with a sharp knife and a cutting board, after which the sections must be cleaned with sandpaper. They may differ slightly in size, but you should not be afraid of this in the process of work, they can be need to fit .

When all the blanks have already been cut and cleaned, you need to make fitting - lay out one vertical and horizontal row of corks along the edge to assess whether they fit well into the given dimensions of the future rug. If everything suits you, you can start gluing.

Wine bottle caps: use cases

Fastening the cut blanks to the base should be started around the perimeter, this will create an even edge of the rug. Even if they don't fit perfectly inside, you can always trim them. Apply glue evenly to the flat part of the workpiece, place it in place and press it firmly against the base.

You can arrange the workpieces in even rows in one direction, or you can - perpendicular to each other - everything will depend on your imagination. When all the workpieces are laid, the rug can be considered ready, only before using it, you must allow the glue to dry completely.

You can make a similar craft out of champagne corks, only you need to cut the cork across so that the result is two circles of different diameters, but the same height.

Craft jewelry box

Making crafts from corks with your own hands is an interesting and exciting process, the result of which can be useful and useful things, for example, a jewelry box.

In order to make a beautiful and practical box, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • two corks from champagne bottles and a lot from wine;
  • a cardboard box or two sheets of thick cardboard for its production;
  • burlap;
  • glue gun;
  • acrylic varnish and brush.

You can use a ready-made small box, for example, from children's shoes, but it is better to make it yourself from sheets of cardboard so that the box itself and its lid are equal around the perimeter and close in a joint , not overlap .

The box and the lid must be pasted over with burlap on all sides and glued together on one side to make it look like a box. For pasting, it is best to use PVA glue, it will not only perfectly glue materials, but also make the box stronger. Now the box covered with burlap should be left for a while to allow the glue to dry completely.

In the meantime, you need to prepare the corks: cut them in half lengthwise and clean up the cuts. The crumb formed during the cutting process needs to be collected - it will still come in handy. When the bagthe wine on the box is completely dry, you can proceed to pasting the box with blanks using a glue gun. Only the sides of the box and the lid should be glued with the corks cut along the length, in continuous even horizontal rows.

Wine bottle caps: use cases

Glue the bottom and lid of the box only around the perimeter. The surface inside this perimeter must be pasted over with corks, cut into circles. When pasting the lid, first place the champagne corks in the center, which will serve as the handles of the box, and then lay wine circles around them. Cover the remaining space between them with crumbs. At the end of the work, the entire surface of the box must be covered with acrylic varnish.

In addition to a rug and a box, you can make a wide variety of useful things. It can be crafts made from wine corks for children, for example, boats, doll houses, toy furniture, etc. In addition, you can make such a necessary craft from corks for the garden as a comfortable chair in which you can relax on summer evenings.

Imagine, be creative, use your talents and then you will get original and exclusive things! Enjoy your needlework!

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