9 Outfit Ideas for Wide Leg Pants | Petite Styling for Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg jeans: stylish and daring!

The female sex does not get tired of winning privileges from the strong half of humanity. Previously, jeans were considered exclusively men's clothing, but today the situation has changed dramatically. Women appreciated their versatility and are happy to wear them to the office and to friendly meetings.

Stylish girls replenish their wardrobe with jeans of different models:

Wide leg jeans: stylish and daring!
  • narrow;
  • shorter;
  • low waist;
  • flared.

Latest squeak fashion - wide jeans.

Designers invite women to wear loose and voluminous clothing.

It is always relevant, but you need to choose the right style, color and texture to look stunning.

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Which feature have wide jeans?

If you decide to replenish your wardrobe with such a fashionable thing, you need to know some features. Wide pants visually add a few pounds to your hips. Therefore, they are contraindicated for owners of magnificent forms. But thin girls with their help can make their figure more feminine.

This style looks good on slender legs, but if you beat correctly , then any silhouette will become more graceful.

Bringing up the top

Wide leg jeans: stylish and daring!

What can you wear wide jeans with?

This question interests all women. These jeans are combined with shirts of various cuts, turtlenecks, jackets, sweaters. The white shirt on which the vest is worn looks original. You can wear T-shirts with snakes and hoods, sleeveless jackets. But remember that the fashion for an open belly has already passed, so do not choose too short things.

To accentuate your waist or graceful arms, wear a tight-fitting top and tuck your shirt sleeves.

Then wide jeans in the style of hip-hop will look neater. The voluminous top will make you look fuller and the overall look untidy.

Wear models of wide trousers with blouses with a simple cut. The simpler the better. Solid t-shirts, white unisex shirts are ideal.

In such a fashionable sketch of an accentIt should be on jeans.

All other wardrobe items only complement them. By observing this rule, you will not overload the image, and will always look stylish and modern.

Which color should you prefer?

Wide leg jeans: stylish and daring!

It depends on your mood and personal preference.

But stylists are sure that a sharp change in shades improves mood and general well-being. Therefore, a stylish girl's wardrobe should have wide women's jeans of different colors.

Calm dark tones are suitable for everyday life - it is practical and convenient. You can go to work, go for walks with children, meet friends. You will feel comfortable and cozy in them.

Red jeans trousers for women are considered the fashionable trend of this season. They can be paired with brown or black tops. Don't be afraid to look too bright and flashy.

Leopard accessories will add spice: belt or scarf. To accentuate the gracefulness of your ankle, figure out your own way of tucking wide jeans in.

In the summer, flat shoes or with heels are suitable for such an ensemble, and in the cold season you can wear ankle boots and tuck jeans.

Must-have of the season

Shades of gray are really rich, so this particular color is recognized as the must-have of the season. For everyday life, these jeans can be combined with a black or white top. To spice up the look, add orange or mustard yellow. Experiment with blouses, shirts, T-shirts and accessories, and your fashion sketch will never be boring and monotonous.

A gray jacket will complement the look. If it's hot outside, you can wear a vest to match your trousers. Wide gray jeans are a great option for a melancholic fall mood.

Trendy olive green

In the cold season, the entire depth of dark olive color will open. It can be combined with black, beige, brown tones. Accessories with animal prints will emphasize your individuality and uniqueness.

Shoes can be matched to the bag or give preference to dark colors. Choose between flat and platform shoes.

Ripped trousers are daring and attractive

Wide leg jeans: stylish and daring!

They are extremely popular this season.

Wide and ripped jeans showcase the charm of the female body, but at the same time are modest and attractive.

Girls who like to stand out from the crowd wear baggy ripped trousers with lots of scratches and scuffs. Cuts can be any: vertical, horizontal, diagonal.

They go well with a white top, hip-hop clothes.

The highlight of the look will be bright original sandals with heels or platform.

Ripped jeans can be fit into a classic style if they have cutsall a little. Wear them with a white shirt and a fitted jacket with a simple cut.

Choosing shoes

If you are short, you can safely wear high-heeled shoes. You should not choose stiletto heels , it is better to give preference to stable models with wide massive heels. Alternatively, platform shoes.

Ballet flats and other flat-soled models are suitable for tall girls. You can wear shoes with small heels or a small platform. Formal shoes are categorically unsuitable.

Stylish Wide leg pants and Palazzo Designs 2020 - Stunning Wide leg/palazzo pants

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