Why tailbone hurts during pregnancy and how to deal with it

Pain in the coccyx during pregnancy can be caused by many factors - from old injuries to damage to the spine, internal organs and nerves. A neglected problem provokes consequences undesirable for the health of the expectant mother, up to complete immobilization. Let's try to understand the main causes of coccygeal pain in pregnant women and the methods of their treatment.

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Before going to your doctor, observe your own feelings and determine exactly how the tailbone hurts.

Why tailbone hurts during pregnancy and how to deal with it
  • Localization of pain: the coccyx itself, perineum or rectal area. The pain can be concentrated in a specific place or given to other parts of the body - lower back, legs.
  • Is there any bone aches.
  • The nature of the coccygeal pain: pulling or shooting; regular or occasional.

By accurately describing the symptoms to the doctor, you can significantly increase the likelihood of an accurate diagnosis at the first visit.

Causes of coccyx pain during pregnancy

There are various reasons why the tailbone hurts during pregnancy. Symptoms of discomfort can occur if pathologies have previously been observed that will certainly manifest. Prolonged time at the computer can affect.

It is known that coccyx pain during pregnancy is manifested in the following cases:

  1. Forgotten injuries can contribute to painful symptoms and spinal problems.
  2. Long and frequent sitting on soft surfaces also causes discomfort, leading to blood congestion and swelling.
  3. Lack of an active lifestyle contributes to the appearance of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  4. During gestation, the configuration of the pelvis changes, which can cause the process of pinched coccyx nerves.

Other reasons include rectal problems, spinal problems and a situation with constipation. Inflammatory processes can trigger salt deposits in different joints.

Among the reasons why the tailbone hurts during pregnancy, one can also note difficulties with the previous pregnancy, when the pelvis was torn.

What to do if your tailbone hurts during pregnancy

If you experience severe coccygeal pain, you should immediately consult a doctor. After inspection and regulationFor a preliminary diagnosis, the gynecologist can send the patient to an osteopath, gastroenterologist or neurologist who will confirm the pathology and select a treatment regimen.

Since most medications have contraindications for use during pregnancy, it is necessary to take only those medications prescribed by the doctor. Self-medication is prohibited.

Treatment of pain in the coccyx in the 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy is carried out with the following medications:

Why tailbone hurts during pregnancy and how to deal with it
  1. Ibuprofen tablets - taken 3 times a day, one tablet.
  2. Paracetamol - taken has analgesic properties and reduces inflammation. It is taken 3 times a day.
  3. Ibuprofen gel is applied to the inflamed coccyx. Treatment is two weeks.
  4. Diclofenac gel, used up to 4 times a day.
  5. Diclofenac suppositories, use 2 suppositories per day.

In difficult cases with severe pain syndrome, the doctor may prescribe blockades based on Lidocaine.

Pain in the coccyx is treated with conservative methods, without surgery. To get rid of pain symptoms, pain relievers, therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy methods and manual therapy are used.

If it shoots in the tailbone during pregnancy, then, most often, this is associated with various changes in the body. In this case, special and complex therapy is not necessarily required. Sometimes a support band is prescribed to relieve stress and heaviness from the back.

Effective methods include back surface massage and pool procedures. Such procedures are completely safe and harmless. They help stimulate blood flow, reduce swelling and relieve muscle strain.

Often, the tailbone hurts during late pregnancy. The following recipes are used:

Why tailbone hurts during pregnancy and how to deal with it
  1. Valerian compresses. A piece of cloth is soaked in valerian infusion and applied to the desired area. A film and a warm wool thing are spread over the material. The bandage is left on overnight.
  2. The coccyx is massaged with fir oil. The composition is rubbed in several times a day to reduce pain.
  3. Iodine treatment is done before bed. In this case, the diseased area is rubbed and smeared with iodine. After the procedure, you need to wrap yourself in warm clothes.
  4. If the tailbone hurts during 16 weeks of pregnancy, a clay compress is used. To make it, you need to take a pound of clay and stir it with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. The healing mass is applied to the inflamed area, covered with a film and insulated. Remove the compress after 20-30 minutes.
  5. Radish juice lotion is effective. For a healing mass, 160 ml of honey and 300 ml of radish juice are required. All ingredients are mixed, and a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The drug is rubbed in several times a day. Store compositionshould be kept in a cool place in a container under a tight lid.

If the tailbone hurts during early pregnancy, you can buy Traumeel ointment and mix a little cream with a few drops of essential oil. A compress is made from this composition for diseased areas.

If the doctor has not found any special contraindications, then you can apply dry heat to the coccygeal zone. It can be a small cloth bag with heated salt.

It is worth remembering that during pregnancy it is forbidden to bathe and be in hot water. This contributes to the deterioration of the fetus.

Prevention of pain

Many women complain that the tailbone hurts during 38 weeks of gestation, but this ailment can be prevented. First of all, you should avoid physical inactivity, that is, lack of physical activity.

As additional measures, the following guidelines should be followed:

Why tailbone hurts during pregnancy and how to deal with it
  1. Be sure to do simple exercises for pregnant women.
  2. Performing regular simple massage while the back is strained.
  3. Reducing back muscle tension with special orthopedic pillows.
  4. If a pregnant woman works a lot at the computer, then you need to do small warm-ups for 8-15 minutes.

Many pregnant women have such a condition when, during pregnancy of 10-11 weeks, the tailbone is very sore, in order to protect yourself from such a phenomenon, it is recommended to prevent constipation. To avoid them, you should consume kefir and monitor your diet.

It is also important to sleep in a comfortable position and sit in an orthopedic or rigid seat.

Differ in the effectiveness of exercises with a large ball. Moderate exercise is beneficial, but avoiding overly tedious transitions.

At this time, you need to give up heels and wear shoes on a stable platform.

Any self-medication is contraindicated for pregnant women. If you experience pain or discomfort, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately. You should not wait for the pulling pain in the coccyx to turn into an acute one.

Pain in the tailbone occurs during pregnancy in more than half of women. With timely diagnostics and healing procedures, all women safely carry and give birth to healthy babies.

Coping with Tailbone Pain in Pregnancy

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