Why shouldn't pregnant women be nervous?

A pregnant woman has to experience tremendous emotional pressure.

Not only do hormonal changes significantly affect the woman's body, including the emotions of the expectant mother, but also the feeling of responsibility for the unborn child brings constant excitement to life.

Why shouldn't pregnant women be nervous?

External factors from the environment and people with whom the woman is in contact can be added to their own fears. These can be relatives, neighbors, girlfriends, just acquaintances or strangers. Everyone climbs with advice on how and what to do, remind of any signs.

Household stresses in queues that haunt everyone and constantly, not always polite employees deliver a lot of worries and harm to both the expectant mother and her child. In order to avoid negative consequences, every pregnant woman and her family needs to know why pregnant women should not be nervous.

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Science claims

Excited, the expectant mother conveys her mood to the fetus, and now the experience has embraced two people, and this is better, of course, not to allow. After all, doctors who monitor pregnant women categorically prohibit nervous shocks in this state, and these prohibitions have quite good reasons.

Experts have always been concerned about what will happen if a pregnant woman is nervous. They came to the conclusion: if the expectant mother was often nervous during pregnancy, then the likelihood that the baby after birth will wake up more often at night and sleep restlessly increases by a quarter.

Why shouldn't pregnant women be nervous?

At least, this state of affairs will last up to a year, and sometimes sleepless nights for young parents drag on up to three years. So it is worth trying for nine months to avoid stress at night for the next three years.

This, of course, is not the only minus to be aware of. To understand why a woman should not be nervous during pregnancy, one should think about the fact that the future baby is connected with the mother physiologically by the umbilical cord. Accordingly, in addition to nutrients, the baby also receives hormones responsible for pleasure, fear, anxiety, aggression.

If pregnancy is accompanied by constant stress, then there is a very high probability that a miscarriage may occur before 12-17 weeks. Some scientists also argue that too nervous moms give birth to restless babies, whose nervous system is weaker than usual.oh, because even in the womb they knew all the experiences and emotional outbursts together with their mother.

Such children often change their mood, they are sensitive to various changes in the world around them: smells, noises, bright flashes of light, and so on. Children with such a baggage of nervous experiences gain weight worse than others, and they have a 25 percent higher risk of becoming asthmatic.

Information in the form of emotions can leave a serious negative imprint on the future state of the child, therefore it is important that the time spent in the womb be saturated with positive emotions. Such children will go out into the world already with the attitude that it is full of joy and kind people.

Expectant mothers need to try as much as possible to avoid stressful conditions, not to worry, to use all methods so that the pregnancy proceeds only with a positive attitude.

In the first stage of pregnancy, up to about three months, you should also avoid using any medications. At this time, the fetus is formed, all organs are laid and the influence of any substances on them is not recommended categorically, so as not to get deviations from the norm.

Alone with myself

Future mothers who care about health, from the very beginning of pregnancy, think about how not to worry and not get nervous during pregnancy. During this period, for a good mood, walking in the fresh air, reading magazines and books, including, of course, special literature for expectant mothers are desirable.

Why shouldn't pregnant women be nervous?

You can master some kind of handicraft: beading, embroidery or knitting. Experts say that such calm, monotonous activities create a certain harmony of the soul and body.

A pregnant woman can prepare things for the unborn baby in the form of socks, hats and blouses, which require a small amount of time to make, at the same time, there are enough positive emotions from the lessons. During this period, it is useful to drink tea with mint and lemon balm, which has a calming effect on the body and is well absorbed even with toxicosis.

Now there are many different clubs for pregnancy support and preparation for childbirth, yoga, Pilates, pool classes. You can always choose an activity to your liking, where you will be with women who share your position and understand what is really happening to you.

Aromatherapy is an excellent remedy for dealing with stress during pregnancy. Aromatic oils of ylang-ylang, rose, sandalwood, valerian, patchouli and others have soothing, sedative and antispasmodic properties. They are effective in treating nervous exhaustion, hysteria, insomnia and other disorders.

It is enough at home, take an aroma lamp, dilute a couple of drops of the oil you like with water, light it for thirty to forty minutes, and the room will be filled with the smell of your favorite oil, and the state of nervousness will come to naught. Oils can also be used simply as a bed fragranceunderwear, as an additive in cosmetic products or massage oil, the effect will be the same.

The psychological attitude of the expectant mother is especially important. You shouldn't listen to kind advisers. Ultimately, the days of paganism are long gone and no one except you really knows what is best for your baby's health.

Public places

A whole problem for expectant mothers is visiting a polyclinic for routine check-ups. Endless queues, stuffiness in summer, cold in winter, ignorant nurses and visitors can drive anyone to white heat, not just a pregnant woman with hormonal changes.

After all, she needs to be periodically tested, to undergo the necessary examinations, to do what the doctor prescribes. How to withstand these tests and not harm the child, if the situation develops like this?

Why shouldn't pregnant women be nervous?

After all, it is impossible to spend all months of pregnancy only with the family. For such a case with impossible conditions, you need to find yourself an individual gynecologist, possibly in a private clinic.

It will, of course, be more expensive here, but the humiliating queues for passing a urine or finger-test among dozens of pensioners will be avoided, which means that the nerves will remain in order.

It will also be easier with a gynecologist when you can make an appointment for a specific time.

The problem of unnecessary stay in medical institutions will disappear by itself when this stay is limited to consultation. And the service personnel of private clinics are much more friendly and cultured.

If nothing else helps

And finally, it is possible to take certain sedatives after three and a half months of pregnancy. These can be pharmaceutical medicines such as valerian tablets or homeopathic herbal decoctions with sedative properties such as motherwort.

A glycine solution not only allows you to calm the nervous system, but it also has the property of improving blood circulation in both the expectant mother and the future baby. Magnesium will both calm and prevent the threat of termination of pregnancy along the way.

The main thing that should not be forgotten, using the advice of people you know or reference books, is that taking any medicinal or homeopathic remedies must always be coordinated with your doctor!

Take care of your nerves and your future baby and be healthy!

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