Why Do I Have Pain Under Or Around My Left Ribs?

Why does the left hypochondrium hurt?

Pain is a very important symptom. The body signals this sensation - help is needed! There are malfunctions in organic systems or organs, and you need to cope with them: with medication or by changing your lifestyle.

But even having received an answer to the question of what hurts under the left hypochondrium, it will not be possible to make an accurate diagnosis. This requires a thorough examination - with a disease of the same organ, you can see completely different clinical pictures, and - accordingly - different diseases will have to be treated according to different therapeutic schemes.

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What can hurt in the left hypochondrium and how?

The left hypochondrium is the area under the lower ribs, from the chest and back.

The following organs are located here:

Why does the left hypochondrium hurt?
  • spleen;
  • the end of the pancreas;
  • the very edge of the left side of the stomach;
  • aperture;
  • small intestine and sigmoid colon;
  • left kidney with ureter.

Also in this area are the blood vessels and ligaments on which the internal organs are attached.

There are also pains of a radiating nature - when an organ located in another area hurts, but it hurts in the left hypochondrium, as unpleasant sensations are transmitted through nerve fibers.

By the nature of the pain, you can find out whether you need urgent medical attention or enough conservative treatment to eliminate pain in the left side.

Pain types and urgent care

Pain is characterized in different ways: stabbing, cutting, sharp, dull, aching ... in addition, to establish a diagnosis, it is very important to know:

  • when it started;
  • where to send;
  • in what position it dies down;
  • and therefore strengthened.

The appearance of sudden acute pain, for which there were no prerequisites, usually indicates damage to internal organs.

The following conditions can cause such pain:

  • renal colic - when an acute inflammatory process occurs or a stone enters the ureter;
  • gastric ulcer in the stage of perforation;
  • an attack of acute pancreatitis;
  • bowel dysfunction - perforation or volvulus;
  • entrapment of cysts;
  • ruptured spleen or kidney;
  • kidney ligament rupture or villageZenki;
  • rib fracture.

In these conditions, a person tries to find a comfortable posture to alleviate the condition, he may lose consciousness.

Why does the left hypochondrium hurt?

In these cases, urgent hospitalization is always required, and, possibly, surgical intervention.

If the nature of the pain is dull, aching, it mainly hurts in the left hypochondrium after eating or increased physical exertion, the patient adapts to his condition and learns to live with it without going to a doctor, then we can conclude that this is how a chronic disease manifests itself.

But this does not mean that you should not see a doctor. The causes of pain can be quite serious diseases, including the oncological process before the stage of metastasis.

It is possible to dispense with medical care only if you know that the pain is caused by excessive physical exertion or a violation of the diet - including heavy alcoholic libations - and it goes away quickly enough, you don't even have to take medications.

In other cases, you should definitely find out why you periodically feel unwell.

The nature of the pain will help establish a diagnosis

Dull aching pain occurs most often with a disease of the digestive organs. So gastritis, stomach ulcers, pancreatitis can make themselves felt. In this case, unpleasant sensations appear after eating or on an empty stomach. As additional symptoms, periodic nausea, and sometimes vomiting, weakness, lethargy, and intestinal spasm can be noted. Colon cramps also cause pain under the ribs on the left side, and there is increased gas production. Relief comes with flatulence.

The left hypochondrium hurts stupidly and gives to the back during a pre-infarction state, so they warn of an exacerbation of coronary heart disease and pancreatitis. Oncological diseases of organs located in the left hypochondrium manifest themselves in the same way.

If intoxication caused an enlargement of the spleen, then it is necessary to find out what disease could cause it: mononucleosis, rheumatoid arthritis, the introduction of infection ...

It is impossible to do without going to the doctor - as you can understand, it is impossible.

The stabbing pain that occurs in the left hypochondrium during inhalation occurs when nerves are pinched - this is a characteristic symptom of intercostal neuralgia. Painful enough strong tingling sensations occur with inflammation of the left kidney. Sensations are given to the back and stomach at the same time. A similar picture in the initial stage of ovarian apoplexy, but then the pain is concentrated in front.

Why does the left hypochondrium hurt?

The same sharp tingling sensations cause menstruation with gynecological diseases or the presence of benign tumors in gynecological organs. In this case, under the ribs it hurts from the back. A pulling pain under the left hypochondrium is caused by a change in the size of the spleen against the background of chronic infectious diseases and sluggish processes. This symptom charactern for lupus erythematosus - an autoimmune disease, tuberculosis, obstructive and viral jaundice.

Painful sensations with hepatitis of a different nature intensify after eating fatty foods and alcohol, after lifting weights. In the future, the patient may notice yellowing of the sclera and skin.

Pulsating pain radiating to the back occurs with exacerbation of pancreatitis. Additional signs of an acute condition: high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, edema of the lower extremities, increased sweating. A disorder of consciousness may appear.

In chronic pancreatitis, painful sensations girdle - the lower ribs hurt on both sides.

The heart is a special organ

One of the most important human organs, the heart, is displaced to the left. With dysfunction of cardiac activity, painful sensations of a different nature may occur. With vegetative-vascular dystonia, they appear due to vasospasm that supply blood to the heart muscle, with angina pectoris, they are reflected from the heart.

Patients cannot accurately describe the nature of the sensations, but they mention additional symptoms: dry mouth, palpitations, abrupt changes in blood pressure.

These complaints are enough for an experienced doctor to clarify the diagnosis and refer patients to a cardiologist.

Why does the left hypochondrium hurt?

Sudden movements, turning the body, bending to the side - all this can cause the appearance of malaise and pain under the ribs on the left. This is due to the anatomical structure: in the right hypochondrium there is a vena cava, which expands sharply with such movements - they create a load, increasing pressure. The pain that occurs on the right radiates to the left side. In this case, the vessels that feed the spleen also rapidly expand at first, then narrow. A double dose of sensation increases soreness.

This condition does not require treatment - everything is normalized quickly enough. But to eliminate the remaining conditions, you must first undergo a diagnostic examination, and only then start treatment. It can be costly and costly.

You should not neglect the examination and further therapeutic measures. One-time pain can be relieved with the help of painkillers or antispasmodics, but constant attacks are evidence of serious organic disorders.

If they are not eliminated, the quality of life can be worsened or conditions can be created under which it will no longer be possible to reduce the quality of life. Take care of your health!

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