Why women cheat

Why do wives cheat?

Many studies of modern psychologists, and just observations of the life of ordinary people, suggest that today cheating is very common, although in some cultures such behavior is still considered a serious crime.

According to statistics, men go to the side more often, but betrayal of a wife to her husband has long ceased to be something extraordinary.

Why do wives cheat?

A couple of centuries ago, unfaithful women were severely condemned by society and even punished, but since then the world has been shaken by a cultural revolution that took place under the auspices of freedom of expression of personality.

These days, the picture of family relationships and values ​​has completely turned upside down. The situation when one of the spouses has a sexual relationship on the side is already typical for many marriage unions. Sad statistics show that about 40% of women are not faithful to their husbands.

Moreover, more and more often you can find situations when people practice in marriage the so-called free relations , that is, the wife is cheating with the consent of her husband and vice versa. If the spouse's unfaithfulness is revealed suddenly, a real tragedy can occur when all its members suffer when the family is destroyed.

It is very difficult to understand the reasons for the fall in moral and family values ​​in each specific case, however, it is worth trying if your own family life is at stake.

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Possible reasons for female cheating

On the question of why a woman's family life suddenly becomes possible cheating on her husband , it is hardly possible to adhere to any definite universal opinion.

Psychologists believe that most often, when starting adultery, a married woman is guided by the following motives:

Why do wives cheat?
  1. dissatisfaction with their own marriage;
  2. resentment against the husband, the reason for which may be his inattention or even a previous betrayal on his part;
  3. fading of feelings for her husband, lack of full sexual life with him;
  4. the sudden appearance of love on the face.

However, all of the above motives, except for the last one, can hardly be somehow eliminated by starting extramarital affairs.

But women, consciously or unconsciously, take this step. Some just want to feel wanted and loved again, others just feel helpless.before the problems that have arisen in their own family life.

In those families where spouses practice polygamous relationships by mutual agreement, everything is also not cloudless, although at first it may seem different.

  • Firstly, if there are children in the family, then, first of all, it is they who suffer, growing up without any concepts of morality and family values;
  • Secondly, in such a situation, one can hardly speak of great love between spouses. Cheating on a wife with the consent of her husband will not be able to make her happy, and family relations will simply be deprived of warmth, respect and trust.

Double standards

Psychologists have conducted a very interesting study, which showed that representatives of different genders have different views on the problem of cheating in relation to each other.

So, it turned out that most men tend to believe that extramarital affairs are permissible for them, while not for women. Women adhere to the principle of equality in this matter, making the same demands on the stronger sex as they do on themselves.

A similar double standard appeared in the Middle Ages, when the so-called chastity belts were invented, which were used only for women.

Although modern scientists believe that this is fiction and no belts actually existed, in society, to some extent, the idea is preserved that men are allowed and forgiven what women are ridiculed and condemned .

If we turn to world religions, then there is no double morality in them. Thus, for example, the adultery of a husband in Islam is condemned as strictly as the betrayal of a wife. Of course, modern people solve such issues within the family, but earlier immoral behavior was punished in public.

Is it possible to forgive my wife's betrayal

Why do wives cheat?

Cheating a wife to her husband is a serious test for a family, when not only the relationship of the spouses with each other, but also the fate of their children, is under attack. The infidelity of a loved one hurts a man to the core, and very often it is very difficult or simply impossible to earn forgiveness from a spouse.

What can you advise a man in such a difficult situation, when the first outburst of indignation has passed and only bitterness and deepest disappointment remain?

Of course, first of all, you should try to decide whether you are ready to let go of the resentment and start life with your wife anew.

If yes, the following tips will help you cope with your inner feelings:

  1. try to treat the situation as rationally as possible, putting unpleasant emotions into the background;
  2. list the qualities of your spouse for which you love her;
  3. try to answer: was your wife's betrayal a mistake or a pattern caused by your inattention to her.

Of course, forgiving betrayal is hard, but perhaps you will be able to survive this crisis periodand build a really strong family now. After you have carefully considered your situation, it is time for a difficult conversation with your wife.

Listen to her explanation of what happened, think about whether you can accept them. As a result, you still have to make a very difficult choice: to separate or stay together.

It is clear that you cannot forbid yourself to feel disappointment and heartache. It is very important that both spouses want change, understand each other and begin to change together.

Then the relationship can be maintained, and with full understanding and support, such a phenomenon as cheating on your husband or wife will never touch your family again!

Why Do Married Women Cheat? The “Entangled” Wife

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