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Why do white worms appear in the feces?

White worms in the feces are nothing more than pinworms - one of the most common parasites in the human body. Most often, these worms affect the intestines of children, but it happens that they are found in adults. The presence of pinworms in medicine is called enterobiasis. The causes of the appearance of the disease in the overwhelming majority of cases are hidden in non-observance of hygiene rules.

As a rule, pinworms parasitize only in the intestines, but there are cases of their spread to other organs. The pinworm is white, small in size and round, reaching 13 mm in length and 0.5 mm in thickness.

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Why are white worms found in feces, or how pinworm infestation occurs

Why do white worms appear in the feces?

Parasites are transmitted through the dust that contains their eggs, objects that were touched by a sick person. The eggs can be spread with flies and cockroaches. The female, entering the body, mates with the male, migrates to the large intestine, where she receives nutrients, lays eggs.

A month later, the female moves into the rectum, then crawls out of the anus, lays up to 15 thousand eggs in the anal region, which mature after 6 hours.

This process is usually accompanied by itching. Accordingly, a person scratches the anus, contributing to the further spread of helminths. From under the nails, parasites get on objects, food, hands of other people, especially children who do not always follow the rules of personal hygiene. Eggs remain on underwear, clothes, bed, towels, which contributes to their spread.

That is why the treatment of enterobiasis is difficult, because you need to get rid not only of worms, but also to process all the things that the patient has come into contact with.

What to do if white worms are found in a child's stool

Why do white worms appear in the feces?

The doctor should prescribe a scraping of the rectum and skin around the anus to confirm the diagnosis.
Scraping is done in the morning, preferably three days in a row, or at least with an interval of 1 day. This will make the diagnosis more effective, because the worms lay eggs every day.

Revealhelminthic invasion can be done with a blood test, as it allows you to identify changes in its formula. In particular, the number of eosinophils increases.

Symptoms of enterobiasis

With a small number of parasites or recent infection, the manifestations of the disease may be absent or subtle. With an increase in their number, itching occurs around the anus, intensifying in the evening and at night. Usually it is observed for 1-3 days, then disappears and reappears only after 2-3 weeks. That is, you need to pay attention to its frequency.

With a long course of the disease and in the absence of treatment, the number of parasites in the intestines grows rapidly, which is accompanied by constant and rather painful itching.

Why do white worms appear in the feces?

When scratching the anus, abrasions and scratches are formed, which can be invaded by a secondary bacterial infection. They also cause dermatitis, which aggravates the treatment. Intestinal disorders may be present: feces become mushy, interspersed with mucus or blood. Sometimes people get exacerbated appendicitis. The latter most often occurs in the presence of a secondary bacterial infection.

In the absence of treatment, enterobiasis progresses, insomnia, headache, dizziness, fatigue occurs.

In women, parasites can spread to the genitals, provoking inflammation of the latter (endometritis, vulvovaginitis), irritate the peritoneum, leading to abdominal pain.

White worms found in adult feces

Why do white worms appear in the feces?

Most often, children get sick, especially those who attend kindergartens. This is due to the close contact between babies, common toys, they can take dirty hands in their mouths, besides, while they have poor hygiene skills. Helminths spread to things, bedding, doorknobs, etc. Even after treatment, once in the children's team, re-infection is possible. Adults are most often infected by their children or by inhaling dust that contains parasite eggs.

Symptoms in both adults and children are identical. In girls and women, in addition to the classic manifestations of the disease, inflammation of the genital organs is possible. If a girl has a vaginal discharge, parents should be alert and immediately get tested for worms.

How to get rid of white worms in feces

Today, drugs such as Pirantel , Mebendazole , Levamisole are widely used to treat pinworms , Piperazine . Before taking any of the listed funds, it is necessary to give up the products that fix the chair a day before. It is recommended to eat soups, dairy products, fruits the day before. In the morning, the drug is taken in the dosage established by the doctor. In the evening, if the doctor has prescribed, take a laxative.

In addition,sanitary and personal hygiene measures are being strengthened.

In this case, the following activities should apply to all family members:

Why do white worms appear in the feces?
  • Change your underwear daily;
  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water;
  • Cut your fingernails short;
  • Treat the toilet bowl with disinfectants;
  • Carry out wet cleaning.

After each wash, iron the underwear with an iron, as eggs can be present on clean clothes, but high temperatures will destroy them. It is worth noting that worms (worms) can be expelled by drugs, but will not protect against re-infection if the person does not follow the rules of hygiene.

Severe itching is treated with antihistamines (eg Loratadine , Cetirizine ). A soda enema (1.2 tsp for 1 glass of water) will help to overcome the itching. For a child, 1-3 glasses are enough, for an adult - 4-5. When treating pinworms, toxicosis caused by the death of parasites can occur. To prevent this from occurring, it is necessary to take enterosorbents, but they should be consumed no earlier than a day after taking the main drug, because enterosorbents reduce the effectiveness of the latter.

Folk remedies against worms

In this case, white worms, that is, pinworms, can be expelled very effectively by natural means.

Products and plants used in the treatment process have a softer effect on the body, unlike synthetic drugs.

Why do white worms appear in the feces?
  1. Pumpkin seeds are the most famous folk remedy. You need to eat them raw, after having cleaned them. In total, you need 100 g of seeds, which are thoroughly pounded, and then diluted with 100 ml of oil. They eat gruel in the morning on an empty stomach with a cup of water. After that, you cannot eat for 3 hours. This is repeated for three days in a row, then take a break for 2 days and repeat the course;
  2. Garlic. The recipe is similar to the previous one: grind two cloves and dilute a little with water. But you need to use the mixture in the evening, drinking plenty of water. This is done for 3 days, then a break for a week and a repetition of the course;
  3. Beet juice. Drink freshly squeezed juice in the amount of 100 ml twice a day. Duration of treatment - 14 days;
  4. Onions. For 100 g of chopped onions, 1 tsp. salt and 50 ml of vegetable oil. The mixture is consumed in the evening for 5 consecutive days;
  5. Wormwood. At 1 st. l. dry herbs need 300 ml of boiling water. The ingredients are mixed and infused for a quarter of an hour. After straining, the infusion is drunk on an empty stomach one hour before going to bed. In the morning you need to drink a freshly prepared broth. The course is taking two doses of infusion. Repeat the treatment after 4 days;
  6. Herbal pick: tansy flowers, centaury, watch leaves. Plants are taken in equal parts.
    Recipe for daily dose: 300 ml of water + 2 spoons of collection, insist 8 hours. On an empty stomach, drink 150 ml of strained infusion, do not eat, after an hour, drink 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. The second dose is taken in the evening. Repeat for 3 days;
  7. Milk-garlic enema. A large head of garlic is peeled, boiled in 250 ml of milk until softened. The resulting broth is filtered and cooled. Enema is put on at night. Adults - a glass, children - half. The procedure is performed within a week.

To recover faster, you need to take medications: Medamin , Vermox , Vormil , Pirantel , Piperazine , etc. Only a doctor has the right to prescribe these after receiving the research results. Be sure to contact your general practitioner or pediatrician if worms appear or you suspect.

Pharmaceutical preparations are very effective - they destroy worms even before they have time to lay eggs, however, they are potent, therefore it is strictly not recommended to use them on their own, especially in the case of small children.

By taking preventive measures, you can avoid re-infection in the future. Parents should pay more attention to their baby's personal hygiene and teach them to look after themselves.

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