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Why do children run away from home?

If you believe the inexorable statistics, then every year the number of children who run away from their home increases several times. Panicked parents start calling hospitals and morgues, exploring all the hot spots in the city and swallowing valerian in all its forms in batches.

As a result, the situation can turn into anything: the disappearance of a child without a trace, death, or the safe return of the child to his native land. Why do our children do this? And what can you do to avoid being in such circumstances?

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Motives and main reasons for children's escapes

Most often, the answer to the question of why children run away from their own home is hiding in an intra-family conflict. Moreover, the main danger lies in the fact that the conflict can have a latent form, in which the child simply does not have any opportunity to talk with adults about his problems, trust and open up to them.

In addition, there are many more reasons why you have to look for your child in other people's apartments and train stations.

These include the following:

Why do children run away from home?
  • Diseases of mental origin;
  • Escapes can be explained by conflict situations with teachers, parents, friends, etc.;
  • Desire to quickly become free from parental care;
  • Stress after recent personal drama or abuse;
  • Fear of being punished for pranks, obvious boredom or being spoiled;
  • Desire to learn something interesting and new;
  • In some cases, shoots become a kind of stage of growing up, when a child begins to build relationships with the opposite sex, and has serious problems with this;
  • Divorce of parents or regular quarrels between them;
  • Denial by relatives of the adolescent's opinion regarding the choice of a profession or life position in general;
  • A child can be recruited into a sect, become a drug addict, or simply avoid contact with dysfunctional parents.

If the child has left home: what should the family do?

Instructions for parents whose child ran away from home is as follows:

Why do children run away from home?
  • First, try to remember everything that your heir said over the past few days or a week. It is important to remember the smallest details and moments that were previously ignored or not heard;
  • Call the parents of all friends and classmatescov of his son. It is possible that the teenager will appear with them later, or will be seen near their home;
  • Check baby's things. This will make it clear whether he left light, or packed a backpack with personal belongings, taking family savings and jewelry;
  • If the heir ran away in the late afternoon, then immediately start asking his friends and classmates about what plans your son was making for the next night;
  • In the event that all the things are in place, acquaintances do not know anything, and there is not a single clue, start calling hospitals and call the police. The district office will need to submit an application of the appropriate form, attaching a photo of the missing child to it;
  • The news that your son has disappeared should also reach the district juvenile inspector. Pay him a visit and give an accurate description of the child;
  • Never stop fiddling with friends and classmates of your child, showing your pain, fear and regret.

After the teenager returns, do not immediately investigate the reasons why he ran away from home. Control yourself, hug the child, tell me how much you love him.

Never do the following:

Why do children run away from home?
  1. attack with interrogations and accusations;
  2. do not shout or use physical force;
  3. do not punish by depriving sweets or sending them to grandma for the whole summer;
  4. one should not be demonstratively silent or ignore the child point-blank.

Now your task is to listen to the child, hear his feelings and explanations, show maximum calmness and restraint.

Along with this, you will have to try to win over your son, establish contact with him, find compromises and admit your part of the blame for what happened.

How to prevent baby escapes?

In fact, a child can run away from even the most prosperous and wealthy family, since the problems may not be in her, but in the hated math teacher or classmate who takes money for school lunches.

To prevent your son from running away from home, follow the recommendations of psychologists:

Why do children run away from home?
  • Be your child's closest and best friend, and then you will be aware of everything that is happening in the child's soul and head;
  • Do not turn into a dictator or a tyrant who deprives the little person of the right to his own self-determination;
  • Remember how you yourself were as a child and draw an analogy with your son and the current situation;
  • Do not tell the child who he should be friends with and communicate with, do not make hasty and harsh conclusions about his acquaintances;
  • Find out the child's need for pocket money, and do not allow him to get it by asking for alms or engaging in theft;
  • Raise responsibility and self-reliance in your songive him more quality attention, and do not become an overseer;
  • Do not threaten to be kicked out of the house, respect the freedom and interests of the teenager, do not lock him in or impose on your society.

And remember: if initially it was not possible to win the trust of your own child, it will be extremely difficult to do it at the right time, but it is possible.

For this you will have to break yourself, learn different tactics of behavior and reconsider the position in life as a whole.

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