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Why do babies sleep poorly during the day and eat little?

From the moment the baby saw this light, his life and the life of his parents are in constant change. The newly minted mom will have to devote all her time and attention to caring for and raising a child.

Why do babies sleep poorly during the day and eat little?

Of course, women's concerns are not limited to children alone. After all, a woman is also a spouse, a hostess and just a person with her own interests and concerns.

Sleep disturbance in a newborn becomes a real test for parents. In the first months, children already disturb adults with night and morning wakes, but if this is added to certain disruptions in sleep mode, then the parental psyche has a very difficult time.

If a newborn sleeps too little day or night, then moms and dads involuntarily wonder - what is the norm of sleep in babies.

How long should a baby sleep?

Do not be surprised if during the first three months the baby sleeps a lot - 18-20 hours. Of course, each baby is individual, but such an indicator is considered the norm. The minimum number of hours spent sleeping is usually 16. Babies do not yet have a schedule, which is why the sleep they need is evenly distributed throughout the day. It is also important to consider the temperament of the child - this factor greatly affects the duration of sleep.

With normal health and the absence of any unpleasant symptoms, such as colic or high blood pressure, uninterrupted sleep lasts at least 2 hours in a row. After that, the newborn wakes up, and after a while he falls asleep again. Even during a period of sound sleep, the child may wake up to receive milk, and sometimes skip feeding. But if a newborn sleeps too little or does not wake up within 4 hours, it can signal alarming symptoms.

However, if the baby eats little, he can compensate for this with sleep. In this case, it is worth waking up the newborn after 3-4 hours and feeding it. Try to feed babies as required, and not get attached to a specific time.

However, it also happens that a newborn not only eats little, but also sleeps little. Thus, his sudden waking up is not associated with hunger, which means that we can talk about sleep disorders.

Causes of Newborn Sleep Disorder

If a child sleeps a little, it is important to understand that constant sleepiness cannot be considered the norm either. From the very first minutes of life, the baby learns the world around him, therefore, the moments of wakefulness for him are associated with curiosity and perception of the phenomena of the environment. And if during the day or even at night the child often opens his eyes, moves and groans, do not worry - he is studying the world.

This is normal, as long as you don't notice the diminishing signs:

Why do babies sleep poorly during the day and eat little?
  • the baby's total daily sleep is less than 15 hours;
  • the newborn is awakefor more than 4 hours in a row;
  • overexcitement, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep;
  • The baby wakes up every 5-10 minutes.

If the baby has the above manifestations, it can be judged about sleep disorders.

The reasons for this violation may be the following:

  • baby discomfort. It is worth checking how well the baby is, whether his diaper and diapers are clean;
  • room temperature. It is believed that the optimal temperature range is 20-23 degrees. If for some reason it is not possible to maintain this temperature, dress your baby appropriately. If the baby is actively waving his arms and legs, sneezing, most likely he is cold. A high body temperature and a flushed face indicate that he is hot;
  • bright light. One of the obvious reasons why a newborn may not sleep much during the day is daylight. Try to darken the room during sleep so that the light does not irritate the child;
  • flatulence and colic in the abdomen. If the baby feels abdominal discomfort or pain, he / she will not be able to sleep normally;
  • noise and annoying sounds. In the first months after birth, babies do not particularly respond to sounds. However, when falling asleep, music and various noises can interfere with it.

It is also worth mentioning the reasons why a newborn sleeps a lot and at the same time eats little. This behavior is sometimes referred to as the good baby syndrome . If the baby is not interested in feeding and instead prefers to take a good nap, it is worth trying to wake him up and feed him. Perhaps you just need to form the right habit in the baby.

However, such manifestations can often be signs of dangerous diseases.

Be sure to see a doctor if, in addition to drowsiness and lack of interest in food, the newborn has the following symptoms:

Why do babies sleep poorly during the day and eat little?
  • weak crying;
  • dry mouth and mucous eyes;
  • sunken fontanelle;
  • weak and infrequent urination;
  • increased body temperature;
  • lethargy of the skin;
  • severe difficulty waking up - lethargic.

Also, drowsiness and poor appetite are often associated with infectious diseases, jaundice or side effects from certain medications.

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