Egg white vs egg yolk face mask 101

Who needs a yolk mask and why?

People want to be healthy and beautiful. Therefore, it is easy to sell beauty and health. The cosmetics industry does not lag behind the pharmaceutical industry in volume. In addition to decorative cosmetics and perfumes, it is precisely the so-called care cosmetics that occupy a large volume of sales: masks and creams for the face, hands, eyelids, neck and décolleté, as well as for the body, cleansers, tonics, balms, serums, oils.

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Buy or do it yourself?

Who needs a yolk mask and why?

There are also products for hygiene - shampoos, toothpastes, soaps. On average, a Russian woman spends up to 12% of her personal or family budget on personal care. And although today you can buy whatever cosmetic product you want in the store, many women use products that they buy not at the pharmacy or specialty store, but at the grocery.

Someone chooses home remedies to save the budget, while others opt for cosmetics from the refrigerator, because they find it more effective and useful.

There is a rational grain in this - there are no preservatives and emulsifiers, I did it myself - I know what is in the composition. Women with problem skin prone to allergic reactions also try to use natural cosmetics. Many professional makeup artists also believe that using self-made masks is not only as effective as salon procedures, but sometimes even surpasses them.

Folk remedies for natural cosmetics are diverse; lemon, honey, soda, and oatmeal, as well as infusions and decoctions of various herbs are used. One of the recognized remedies for many benefits is bird eggs. Let's get acquainted with several recipes for using chicken eggs for cosmetic purposes. For example, a yolk face mask or an egg white mixture.

One big benefit

Who needs a yolk mask and why?

The benefits of a bird's egg are undeniable. After all, everything that is needed for the formation of a new organism is hidden under the fragile shell.

The composition includes fatty acids - linoleic, oleic, stearic, and others, vitamins, including B12, E, D, riboflavin, thiamine, choline. And this is not the whole list.

There are many recipes in which eggs are used for medicinal purposes: for the treatment of colds and hemorrhoids, purulent abscesses and periodontal disease. An egg is indispensable in cosmetics.

Beauties have long beenlearned about the benefits of egg yolk and protein for the face and use this inexpensive and effective remedy with success.

Which skin are suitable for egg masks

Who needs a yolk mask and why?

Egg cosmetics are universal. For procedures, you can use yolks and white for the manufacture of masks and face creams. Protein dries oily skin, yolk to moisturize dry skin of the face, and a mixture of protein and yolk is great for women with normal skin. If you have a mixed skin type - which is most often the case, then using one product, only dividing it into its components, you can make a drug for any face skin.

Protein is good for problem skin: from blackheads and acne. A mixture of protein with various additives dries the skin well and tightens enlarged pores. The yolks are usually not applied for acne, but it can be used afterwards by making a nourishing face mask.

In addition to making masks and face creams, eggs are widely used in hair cosmetics, helping with excessive dryness and brittleness, perfectly nourishing hair follicles.

Recipes for cosmetic masks and creams

Let's look at some specific examples of using eggs for the preparation of cosmetics. Eggs of any bird can be used, but most often chicken eggs are used.

Let's take a look at the clearing masks:

Who needs a yolk mask and why?
  • For oily skin. Separate the protein, beat it well until lather. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide to the resulting mass. Apply the mixture to your face. After fifteen minutes, rinse your face with cool water and pat dry with a towel. This protein mask very well cleanses the oily surfaces of the face, dries it and tightens the pores. Therefore, it is also suitable as a remedy for acne;
  • From oatmeal. For this remedy, you need a yolk. Take the finest grind of oatmeal, and gradually add, mix with the yolk. You should have a thin dough. Apply it to your face with light massaging movements. Leave the mask on for fifteen minutes and then wash off, massaging your face again;
  • Scrub. We will use ground eggshells as exfoliating particles. Wash the shells, dry and grind into fine flour. Mix the yolk and ground shell until smooth - about half a tablespoon. Apply the mass to the skin, gently, with light massaging movements. We rinse after ten minutes. Egg yolks make excellent masks that moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • With cottage cheese. You need fatty cottage cheese - about one tablespoon. We mix the products and apply the mask to the face. We leave for twenty minutes. Instead of cottage cheese, you can take heavy cream or sour cream;
  • Cream for aging and very dry skin. Take 25 grams of natural butter, mix with the yolk until smooth, add 9 grams of honey and a tablespoonku gruel from the fruits of red mountain ash. If you are going to store the resulting product for some time, add 15 milliliters of camphor alcohol. The composition should be applied to the skin once a day. This drug is very good for aging skin, nourishing it, toning and smoothing fine wrinkles. Consider the egg yolk hair product as well.

Saving hair

Who needs a yolk mask and why?
  • For hair against dandruff. To rejuvenate your face, you need egg yolk, cognac and aromatic oils of your choice. Mix, apply to hair, put on a plastic cap and wrap your head in a towel. After twenty to thirty minutes, rinse with plenty of non-hot water. Do not use too hot: the yolk can cook. This mask activates hair follicles well, nourishes the scalp and helps in the fight against dandruff;
  • For very oily hair. If you have very oily hair, a mixture of yolk, henna, vegetable oil and honey will help. All products need to be taken in about a tablespoon. After applying the mixture, also put on a hat and wrap your hair with a towel;
  • For hair loss. This formulation will help support loose, shedding hair. It includes two yolks, burdock oil and honey. Take a tablespoon of honey and butter. It should be forty minutes to keep the hair smeared. After this time, rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Please note that it is best to use a homemade freshly laid egg, especially a fertilized one, but in the absence of your own chicken coop, a store-bought one is also suitable. Be beautiful!


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