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White coat: what to wear and how to clean it

Do you want to always look gentle, stylish and fashionable? In this case, you should definitely buy a white coat. Of course, this color is pretty impractical, but just think how amazing you will look in it! And today we will tell you about what you can combine with such a wardrobe item. We will also share the secrets of successfully getting rid of all kinds of stains from a snow-white canvas.

Let's start with the fact that such a product is definitely the current trend this year. But when buying such a thing, remember that you are not only paying tribute to fashion, but also buying your own personal means to transform into a gorgeous woman. But before we start exploring all sorts of combinations with a white coat, let's see what models of this outfit can be seen in the collections of famous fashion designers this year.

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Fashion and white coat

First, let's note the fact that the first white coat appeared on the catwalk in the seventies. And nowadays, such models can be found in almost every collection, since in spring or autumn, when people begin to suffer from depression, such outerwear can give a great mood.

This year a white coat appeared in the collections of such famous fashion designers:

White coat: what to wear and how to clean it
  • Valentino. In this year's collection, you can see several classic fitted models.
    Also several models are gathered and decorated with lace;
  • Yves Saint Lauren. In his collection, special attention is paid to outerwear of this color with an extended bottom;
  • Jil Sander. Here you can find bright, elegant styles of a white coat. It should be noted that this year the collection lacks outerwear with large and noticeable details. This means that you can create your own unique image by choosing several accessories;
  • Martin Margiela. A distinctive feature of this collection is sophisticated embroidery. Please note that on the hem of each model it is different, which means that you will have a unique style.

Such outerwear is quite popular and you will always have a great choice. Therefore, before you buy this or that model, be sure to think over your style so that the purchased item does not settle in the closet until the mythical better times.

What to wear with a white coat: current solutions

One option is to combinee black and white. This color combination is always beneficial as it is classic and will never go out of style. Moreover, if you choose the right accessories, the style can vary from smart to casual. It is also worth noting the fact that this combination is perfect for both young girls and mature women.

White coat: what to wear and how to clean it

White goes well with red. In this case, the style will turn out to be extravagant. But if you are not sure that you can correctly combine such colors, then it is better to purchase one or more accessories of the classic palette. It can be gloves or a hat. By using these accessories, you can avoid being vulgar.

Casual style goes well with white things. Therefore, you should not be afraid that blue jeans will not fit such a stately outfit as a white coat. You can also use items with a check print, but make sure that the check is not too large.

Now let's talk about shoes. Of course, if you do decide to purchase such an item, then it will definitely become your favorite. And the question of shoes will be quite acute, because you want to look your best. When shopping for shoes, the style you choose will be key. For example, if you decide that today you will look casual, then you can opt for high sneakers or moccasins.

But if the style is classic or romantic, then be sure to buy high heels.

White coats for a girl: how to choose accessories

So, white coats are in fashion and you bought one model you especially liked. But now you need to refine the look with accessories.

And now we will tell you how to choose the right things that can give a special charm:

White coat: what to wear and how to clean it
  • It's worth starting with gloves. If the sleeve of your coat is short, then you should opt for long gloves. But if the sleeve length is normal, then ordinary gloves will do. If the item is made of cashmere or drape, then leather gloves are the best choice;
  • As for the scarf, here you can either stick to the classics and choose a light black scarf, or liven up your image a little and use a hot pink or red element for this. Attention! If you can tie the scarf nicely around the waist, you get a great belt;
  • White coat with fur looks very nice. But when choosing such a model, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the fur, because if it comes out immediately after the first wash, then the entire appearance will be irretrievably lost.

How to clean a white coat: tips from experienced housewives

White coat: what to wear and how to clean it

As we said, this color is impractical and gets dirty very quickly. Therefore, if you do not want to walk in spots, you should definitely followt learn to get rid of them. You can also use a washing machine for this. But you should choose the most gentle mode. Attention! In no case do not use the spin, after which the item will be hopelessly ruined.

After washing, be sure to hang the item upright on a hanger and wait for the water to drain by itself. Make sure that there are no folds or creases on the fabric anywhere, otherwise you will later see ugly stripes in these places.

As you can see, a white coat can and should be bought. It will not only refresh your wardrobe, but also give you some originality, which cannot but affect your appearance.

So don't be afraid, take risks and enjoy life! Good luck!

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