How to get clean and streak free windows fast!

What's the best way to clean windows streak-free?

All new and clean household appliances, appliances and other utensils eventually cease to be if they are not looked after. And only the installed plastic windows require the first washing after 3–6 months. How to do it correctly and what is needed to make the glass and frames shine clean?

What's the best way to clean windows streak-free?

How well to wash windows without streaks? First you need to find a special rag, or better a few. They must absorb moisture well, so it is better if they are made of microfiber.

If you don't have a rag, you can take a sponge for washing dishes, or even better, purchase a special glass cleaner. It is also called a screed or flattening.

This device is equipped with a sponge on one side and a rubber gasket on the other, which allows you to soap dirty glass well, and then drive off all the foam from it. The long handle makes cleaning easier and you will even love it.

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Choosing a detergent for windows

What else do you need? Naturally, a container of water, and also a detergent. You can buy it in a specialty store, or you can prepare it yourself.

Here are some recipes:

What's the best way to clean windows streak-free?
  • how can I clean my windows? Pour warm water into a bucket and add a little ammonia to it. The proportions are as follows: a tablespoon of alcohol per liter of water. After washing, wipe the glass with a dry cloth;
  • our grandmothers did not have the opportunity to purchase a special powder, gel or paste, and therefore used improvised means, for example, chalk. Chalk in the amount of 2-3 tbsp. l. dissolved in a glass of water and wiped off the glass. They waited until it dries, and then removed the remnants of the product with newspapers, at the same time rubbing the surface, making it shine and shimmer;
  • how else can you clean windows without leaving streaks? Add a little vinegar or salt to the water, treat the surface, and then rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

Features of cleaning windows without streaks

What's the best way to clean windows streak-free?

How can plastic windows be washed without streaks?

Naturally, the frames must be washed first, but this also applies to those made of wood and painted. The main area of ​​contamination is the junction of glass and frame, so it is necessary to wield a rag more carefully.

Move the wiper from top to bottom, driving off all the foam and each time do not forget to wipe the gum with a dry cloth. Metal fittings deserve special attention.ture, rubber seal and drain holes.

Having cleanly washed the fittings, you must wait for them to dry and lubricate with machine oil.

Carefully wipe the rubber seal with glycerin or a special silicone grease: it will extend its service life, prevent it from drying out and cracking. Rinse the drainage gutters with a special set for the care of plastic windows.

To keep the window clean for a long time, the final stage of the glass can be wiped with a mixture of 70 ml of glycerin, 30 ml of water and a couple of drops of ammonia. After that, a thin protective film will remain on the surface, which will ensure cleanliness for a long time.

How to clean windows outside

Here, you definitely can't do without a special glass cleaner on a long handle, but what if it's time to clean the balcony or loggia? It's good if even at the glazing stage it was possible to open several sashes and get access to each point, but if there is none? How, in this case, to clean the windows on the outside of the loggia?

There are several effective ways:

What's the best way to clean windows streak-free?
  • glass outside the loggia can be washed under high pressure of water. If you do not have a long hose, you can do it easier: fill up a plastic bottle with water, add shampoo for a non-contact car wash or any other detergent and screw the cap into which you need to make holes first. Drizzle over glass and after 20 minutes rinse with water jet;
  • you can simply get rid of dirt on the glass of a balcony or loggia by purchasing a special magnetic brush, consisting of two sponges to which magnets are attached. Such a device will allow you to achieve clean glass from both sides at once. How should they clean the windows properly? Place the sponges on both sides of the window, one opposite the other. You will wash the glass from the inside, and from the outside, the sponge itself will perform this procedure, just moving after its sister ;
  • how else can you clean your balcony windows? If possible, purchase a special window cleaning robot and the problem will be solved once and for all without risking your life. However, you can easily contact one of the cleaning companies and use the services of special washers-climbers.

But it is best to free the plastic frames on the balcony from the doors and calmly and without fuss, and most importantly - risk to life, wash the glass below, and then the frames themselves, standing on a chair.

This is the most correct solution and no need to spend money on special devices. Good luck!

How To Clean Windows Without Leaving Streaks

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