What vitamins are needed after childbirth

Pregnancy, childbirth, baby feeding - all these are very important moments in the life of every woman. In order to maintain your health and help the crumbs' body to form properly, a healthy lifestyle is necessary, where you need to pay a lot of attention to nutrition, you should not forget about sleep and rest, correct and commensurate loads.

What vitamins are needed after childbirth

Vitamins after childbirth with breastfeeding are simply a necessity to maintain the body of a young mother who has undergone pregnancy and childbirth. Also, the additional use of trace elements and other useful substances creates favorable conditions for the good development and normal life of a little baby.

Today, medicine claims that even proper nutrition, which adheres to all the recommendations of specialists, will not be able to fully satisfy the body of a pregnant woman and who has undergone childbirth with the whole complex of substances. That is why it is worth paying attention to vitamins, taking which will help solve the problem.

Why should women take vitamins during lactation?

For a baby, the only source of all substances for existence is mother's milk. And its quality is very important, since it makes it possible for the child to adapt normally to new living conditions, and is also the only food for him. That is why it should be saturated with all the necessary trace elements and a full set of vitamins. From this it follows that how the mother eats and what lifestyle leads her completely depends on how her baby develops and grows up.

But it is not very easy to withstand all the new conditions, because the young mother has significantly added problems. Now, in addition to the usual female responsibilities, she devotes most of her time to the newborn. And this leads to the fact that, according to statistics, more than eighty percent of women experiencing this period have a lack of various substances. This is very dangerous because it is fraught with consequences. In particular, women have problems with teeth and nails, hair condition worsens, and they begin to fall out. Also, negative consequences are often numerous diseases or even underdevelopment of a small one.

That is why any woman after childbirth is shown vitamin therapy, which has a positive effect on the body of both the mother and her child. But, like any drug effect, it should be in moderation, because if you overdo it, you can bring trouble from the other side. To avoid this, it is necessary to consult the appropriate specialists. Only their help will provide an individual selection of the vitamin complex, which will help both increase lactation and restore the correct balance of all substances in the body of a nursing mother, and therefore her baby.

What vitamins to take after childbirth?

And now the next question arisesabout what vitamins to drink after giving birth to a nursing mother. During childbirth, a woman loses a lot of blood, the lactation period also stimulates the release of nutrients from the mother's body to her baby. That is why it is characterized by a deficiency of vitamin C, there is also a shortage of vitamin D and those of group B. In addition, there is a significant lack of folic acid, zinc, calcium, magnesium become deficient for the mother's body.

Having paid attention to her condition in a timely manner, a woman must take the necessary measures for her full recovery. First of all, you need to ensure the correct diet. It should include plenty of fresh fruits, berries, vegetables. You can not give up cereals and fermented milk products. The body needs lean fish and meat.

The lack of calcium is very important. In this case, the skin becomes dull and begins to peel off. The condition of the hair and nails also deteriorates, and what is even more unpleasant is the deterioration in the quality of breast milk. That is why any dairy products must be present during breastfeeding. Broccoli also helps with this problem.

The best option is the one in which the whole complex of vitamins after childbirth comes from food. In order to balance it, calculate the need for certain foods, you need to know the content of nutrients in them:

  1. To prevent hair loss after childbirth, to normalize mucous membranes, bone tissues, skin and nails, retinol should be present in sufficient quantities (A). It is enough in eggs and liver, in apricots and cheese, a lot in milk;
  2. Thiamine (B1) is important for the normal functioning of the nervous system, which is sufficient in cereals and legumes;
  3. For optimal functioning of the liver and nervous system, staying in tone of muscle tissue, riboflavin (B2) is required in sufficient quantities - a substance for growth, which is sufficient in fermented milk products;
  4. The formation of the nervous system in infants will require a certain amount of pyridoxine (B6), which is abundant in meat and fish, as well as potatoes, cabbage and nuts;
  5. Also fish and meat, cottage cheese, kefir and other fermented milk products have the right amount of cyanocobalamin (B12), which is involved in the development of various nervous and other processes in the baby's body;
  6. Proper functioning of the digestive tract, stimulation of metabolism, processing of carbohydrates and fats - all this is provided mainly by nicotinic acid (PP). By eating offal, buckwheat and meat, you can satisfy the body in this substance;
  7. Ascorbic acid (C) has a large number of positive properties, which improves immunity, prevents the appearance of inflammatory processes, strengthens the cell walls, without it, the absorption of iron by the body is impossible. This is why it is very important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables;
  8. Normal development of the baby is impossibleo without a sufficient amount of tocopherol in the body (E). This implies the need to use sunflower seeds, as well as sunflower vegetable oil. This substance helps to normalize the functioning of the mammary glands during lactation, and also has a positive effect on changes in the gonads of the baby;
  9. Butter, eggs, fish oil - all of these foods contain large amounts of calciferol (D), which is an obstacle to the development of rickets in children, as it helps to strengthen bone tissue.

Eating correctly and using additional vitamins that are missing in the body, a woman, while breastfeeding her baby, solves the following tasks:

  • Rehabilitation and strengthening of the immune system after childbirth;
  • Providing nutritious nutrition for your baby;
  • Replenishment of the body with deficient nutrients.

It should be noted that all points are very important, as they guarantee quick recovery for a woman and high-quality adaptation for the baby. Vitamins are also needed after childbirth for non-lactating women. In this case, two points from the three previous list are fulfilled, which, of course, is also very important.

Vitamins against hair loss after childbirth

After giving birth, many women experience a rapid deterioration in the condition of their hair. There are several reasons for this. Among them are hormonal changes, being in a stressful situation, exacerbation of pathologies in the body. It is also worth remembering the lack of vitamins, which contributes to this phenomenon.

What vitamins are needed for hair after childbirth? And all the same, which have already been mentioned. These are A, the whole group B, vitamins C, PP and E. They can be replenished using specially designed preparations. If the baby is still breastfed, it is important to consult a pediatrician. Among the most popular, it is worth highlighting such vitamins against hair loss after childbirth, as Alphabet, Evicent, Revalid. It is also worth using the recipes of traditional medicine. Using masks and decoctions, you can significantly improve your hair without harming the baby.

Remember that even useful things can be harmful, so don't overdo it to avoid hypervitaminosis!

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