How to Rent ANY Apartment (What Landlords REALLY Look For)

What to take with you to your rented apartment?

Your own square meters are the dream of many young couples of our time. If in the days of the Soviet Union it was still possible to count on an apartment from the state or an enterprise, today you need to rely on yourself, or on your parents. Until the miracle happens, you have to master other people's houses for rent. And we are not talking about elite housing, since it is not necessary to equip it, but about budget accommodation options.

What to take with you to your rented apartment?

Let's start with the fact that not every landlord will be delighted with your desire to make a little bit of cosmetic repairs in a rented apartment.

In the meantime, it looks more like a warehouse of old furniture, unnecessary things and other junk that he has no time or does not want to throw away.

There are parables about the state of the carpentry, wallpaper, communications and plumbing: none of the owners, like the previous tenants, are willing to invest in housing, which is constantly passed from hand to hand.

As a result, housing becomes uncomfortable, shabby and unpleasant to the eye.

What to do in such circumstances for people who cannot afford to rent an apartment with good repair and modern furniture? There are two options: just try not to pay attention to the existing environment, or try to make the place of residence cozy and comfortable at the lowest cost.


If you can afford and can afford even a small repair, first of all, discuss its probability with the owner of the living space. His consent must be in writing, which will help avoid conflicts as events unfold. If there is no lease agreement, do not hesitate and ask him to write a receipt.

Now about what you can change from the existing finish and what you shouldn't do:

What to take with you to your rented apartment?
  • Whitewash the ceilings (or simply freshen them up with water);
  • Change outdated wallpaper covered with greasy spots, rips or hanging patches. You can give preference to substandard wallpaper, among which there are many decent and budget options. Also, do not forget about the existence of vinyl stickers: they are inexpensive, colorful, original, do not leave marks on the host's wallpaper and are sold literally everywhere;
  • Redecorate the floors as far as financially possible. In most cases, it is enough to simply wash, paint, cover with rugs or pieces of new linoleum. The latter does not need to be fixed with plinths or glue, it is quite possible that he will go with you to a new rental housing.

Rented apartments rarely boast clean and tidy bathrooms. In the case of cracked tiles or peeling paint, you can do the following: paint it all over again, seal the defects with self-adhesive film, knock off the old finish, sand the walls and hide them under plastic panels.


What to take with you to your rented apartment?

As you already understood, there is no point in buying new furniture for a rented apartment. Even if there are funds for it, then it may simply loosen up due to frequent moves, or simply will not fit into the dimensions and interior of your own home in the future.

It is much easier to sew covers for existing master's chairs and sofas, order their banner and minor repairs, paste over polished sideboards and kitchen cabinets with self-adhesive tape. Do not forget about the existence of furniture commission shops and acquaintances who have long wanted to get rid of an annoying table or shelf.

All small and unnecessary things that are owned by the owner, put them in a chest or boxes, stylize it like a coffee or coffee table.

If the bathroom is old and scratched (and, in most cases, it is), you can rejuvenate it a little with acrylic liners, white or colored. It is much faster and cheaper than ordering even a partial restoration.

The bathroom will immediately become cozy if you hang hooks, a shelf, a mirror and a modern curtain in it.

Now about how to equip a rented apartment in terms of its textile design. Modern youth have long ceased to recognize carpets on the walls and floors, and use them only when absolutely necessary, when it is necessary to close outdated finishes or compensate for insufficient heating.

What to take with you to your rented apartment?

If the owner forbids changing ancient curtains, wash them, iron them, add decorative clips, bows or lambrequins. In the case when the curtains have never been hung, and you are forbidden to drill holes for the cornice, do with roller blinds. They are fixed directly to the window frame, and do not allow you to keep track of your privacy.

Proper lighting will immediately make life in a rented apartment more cozy and comfortable. Try to get a modern chandelier and lamps that give full light, wall sconces and stained glass table lamps.

If the rooms have furniture with metal or enamel elements, they can easily be hidden with organza or other fabric, imitating the shabby chic style.

Do not forget about the opportunity to use familiar decor items, photographs, figurines, your own and children's crafts, pillows of different shapes, sizes and colors. All these cute little things create the kind of family atmosphere you strive for, albeit in someone else's apartment.

Undoubtedly, few people want to invest money, time and soul in the arrangement of rented housing.

But young couples are increasingly asking themselves how to inexpensively make a comfortable rented apartment, since they will have to live in it for more than one year, and maybe even have offspring.


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