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What to do if your dog's eyes turn red?

If a person's eyes turn red, he often diagnoses himself. As a rule, this is fatigue from working at a computer, conjunctivitis or other factors that a person can usually guess about, and for treatment he uses eye drops or the popular remedy - tea.

If you see red whites of the eyes in a dog, such remedies are not used without a veterinarian's appointment. This is due to the fact that such a symptom often indicates not only diseases of the organs of vision, but also diseases of the internal organs, although it is possible that your pet did not overtake any ailment, and this phenomenon is explained by other provoking factors.

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Causes of Red Whites in Dogs

To identify them, you need to contact a specialist. If you want to at least roughly establish the provocateur of the problem, find out why your pet's whites of the eyes turn red, you need to pay attention to the nature of the phenomenon.

If the redness is local, it may indicate such diseases:

What to do if your dog's eyes turn red?
  • Hemorrhage. It is observed in the eye or in it. It can be hemophthalmus, hyphema, hemorrhage in the sclera, under the conjunctiva. The cause of hemorrhage can be trauma, including head injury. In addition, infections such as diabetes mellitus, anemia, arterial hypertension, hyperthyroidism often provoke this phenomenon;
  • Local redness of the eyes in a dog may indicate tumors in the organ of vision. Displacement or prolapse of the lacrimal gland.

Diffuse redness may indicate such conditions:

  • Increased filling of blood vessels of the conjunctiva. This phenomenon is observed with injuries, allergies, the presence of infections in the body and the organs of vision, corneal trauma, dry eye syndrome, adenoma of the third century, impaired blood supply to the eyes, autoimmune diseases;
  • Enhanced filling of the scleral vessels with blood. This phenomenon occurs in glaucoma, autoimmune pathologies, uveitis, tumors.

Conjunctivitis of varying severity is often a provocateur.

One of the symptoms of the disease is viscous discharge from the dog's eyes, which has a light green or light yellow color. The consistency of these secretions is sticky. This ailment is contagious because it is viral, so care must be taken that the dog does not come into contact with other animalsuntil recovery.

With conjunctivitis, hygiene is important. It is recommended to rinse the pet's eyes, but not with tea, but with chamomile broths and infusions, using a clean swab for each eye. Do not prescribe drops to your pet on your own - they may not suit him, so you should consult a veterinarian (a phone call is enough). If the treatment is ineffective and the condition of the animal worsens, you should go with your pet for a full-time appointment.

If a dog has red eyes, and this phenomenon is accompanied by purulent discharge from them and from the nose, puffing, high body temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, enlarged tonsils, lymph nodes, fainting, this may indicate a very dangerous disease - pneumonic plague. The animal ceases to react to the world around it, tries to hide from everyone. If all these signs appear, you urgently need to contact a veterinary clinic. If you do not provide assistance to the animal in a timely manner, a lethal outcome is possible.

If, along with red streaks, yellowness appears in the whites of the eyes, this often indicates hepatic diseases.

Another possible cause of redness is a volvulus. This pathology is usually congenital. The pet's eyes are constantly injured by eyelashes, which makes them watery, redden.

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Causes of Red Whites in Dogs

In some cases, in general, the state of the pet does not cause concern - his body temperature does not rise, his appetite does not decrease, he behaves as usual. If so, the problem may be caused by one of the following reasons.

Redness in your pet's eyes may be a common physiological reaction to certain phenomena:

What to do if your dog's eyes turn red?
  • Stress. If the animal has experienced shock, punishment, a fight and other negative manifestations, it needs to be allowed to calm down so that its strength is restored;
  • Allergy. Often, such a reaction is observed on food, household chemicals, in particular, detergents. In this case, it is necessary to protect the pet from any interaction with possible allergy provocateurs and monitor its condition. From the diet, one or another product should be excluded one by one in order to establish which one caused the allergy;
  • The whites of the eyes of a pet can also turn red from overheating in the sun or prolonged exposure to stuffiness and high temperatures. The problem in this case will also be accompanied by such signs as an increase in body temperaturea, shortness of breath, poor coordination, nausea, vomiting;
  • Such a reaction can also be observed with the wind, sand and dust getting into the eye. It will be accompanied by drying out of the organs of vision, respectively, there will be no discharge from them. For treatment, drops called artificial tears or ordinary saline are used. It is important to note that antibiotic drops are not used to combat the phenomenon. It would be useful to consult with a veterinarian, at least by telephone.

These are not all reasons why a dog may have red whites of his eyes, and why else this problem may overtake him.

If the dog was out for a walk, it could fight other animals, in particular cats. The blows and scratches of the latter are very dangerous, since under their claws there is a huge amount of bacteria, which are often provocateurs of the development of various diseases of the organs of vision in a dog. If a fight has taken place or you suspect that it could be the cause of the problem, there is a need to urgently contact a veterinarian.

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Before the animal is examined by a veterinarian, it is necessary to create conditions for the pet in which the course of the disease does not worsen.

If your dog has red eyes, here's what to do:

  • A pet can independently injure its organs of vision, comb them. To avoid this, you need to put on a special collar on the dog;
  • If there is a suspicion that chemical substances have entered the animal's organs of vision, it is necessary to rinse them for half an hour. To do this, you can use both saline and ordinary clean water, but it must be cool;
  • In case of dry eyes, it is necessary to bury them with drops that have the effect of artificial tears. You can also put tetracycline ointment (1%) behind the eyelid.

Without a doctor's prescription, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic medications, including drops, as well as preparations containing hormones cannot be used to combat red streaks or spots.

Red Eye Treatment in Dog

To identify the cause of the disease, a veterinarian uses a slit lamp and an ophthalmoscope. To establish an accurate diagnosis, as a rule, an additional examination is prescribed.

This could be:

What to do if your dog's eyes turn red?
  • Staining of the cornea of ​​the organs of vision with fluorescein, which allows to identify or exclude its damage;
  • Seidel's trial. It is performed to exclude corneal perforation;
  • Tear production test;
  • Ultrasound.

The veterinarian also measures intraocular pressure, and if necessary, material is taken for cytology.

As for treatment, it depends on the final diagnosis. In some cases, it can be reduced to the use of conservative methods, but for more serious problems, surgery is usually indicated.

If you notice redness in your pet's eyes, do not let the problem go by itself, as it can be quite serious, and in the absence of proper treatment, lead to irreversible consequences.

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