5 Reasons for Low Breast Milk Supply & Methods to Increase Milk Supply

What to do if breast milk is low?

A very touching and at the same time crucial moment has come in your life - you have become a mother. The baby who lived under your heart for nine months was born. But when the euphoria from the first meeting with the baby has passed, the young mother faces a number of difficulties: caring for and breastfeeding the baby.

What to do if breast milk is low?

Especially new mothers are worried about the moment, whether she will be able to feed a newborn. Often these are just the groundless fears of women who become mothers for the first time. But what if the parent really does not produce enough milk during breastfeeding? How to improve lactation?

Some tips for nursing mothers

Before answering these pressing questions, I would like to say a few words about the very process of milk production. A hormone called prolactin is responsible for it. And the more actively the baby sucks, the better food is produced.

The baby begins to suck your breast, the amount of prolactin increases in a matter of minutes. Doctors believe that the hormone is produced best in the morning hours: from 3 to 8. Of course, provided that you put your baby to your breast at this time.

The increase in lactation is beneficially influenced by the frequency of feeding the baby, as well as how correctly it captures your nipple. But what if there is little breast milk? Let's try to figure it out.

First of all, as a nursing mother, you must be confident in your abilities. When breastfeeding, it is very important to have faith in yourself and a quiet, calm place to feed your newborn. But you need to understand that only by increasing the production of prolactin, you can increase lactation.

Some women even have their own secret recipes for drinks that improve milk production. It can be a decoction of nettles, various herbs, etc. Young mothers who choose this or that infusion to stimulate lactation really see a positive effect.

But breastfeeding experts believe that this is more of a psychological than a therapeutic approach. By the way, it was found that ordinary hot tea with sugar or some delicacies helps some women.

The fact is that eating some favorite product, a nursing mother feels a sense of satisfaction, and another hormone is produced - oxytocin, which also has a positive effect on lactation.

Another point that simply cannot be discussed is the excessive suspiciousness of young mothers. Before you sound the alarm and ask the question: Why did I have less breast milk ?, Think, are you panicking?

According to experts on breastfeeding, only 3% of women have a milk shortage, and a doctor's help is required. 55% of women have less milk due to the wrong feeding process.

Solve this problem byany lactation specialist can. And no matter how strange it may sound, 42% of young mothers have little talk about , not enough breast milk is a false alarm. Women just love to feel like heroines dealing with problems. It may sound harsh, but it's a fact.

What to do if breast milk is low?

If you are still sure that food is not enough for your baby, then think, are you feeding the baby correctly? The fact is that it is the wrong grip of the nipple by the baby that can cause a lack of milk. See a specialist and find out if you are breastfeeding the right way for your baby.

For those mothers who give their child some kind of liquid to drink from a bottle, the baby may subsequently be lazy and not want to suck. It is important to behave correctly here. If you are giving a newborn a breast, he made a couple of sucking movements and threw it, is waiting for a bottle, then you should not give it right away. After drinking, the baby will fill his stomach, but he will no longer want to eat. Try to calm the baby down a bit and feed him again.

Calm ourselves down: counting wet diapers

If you are still worried and wondering what to do if there is not enough breast milk, then count how many times the baby urinates. True, this option is only suitable for those whose baby does not consume any other liquid, except for mother's milk.

So, a healthy baby older than a week, eating only mother's milk, pees 12 or more times a day on average. The minimum number of urinations is 6-8. If you notice that the newborn pees less for several days in a row, then he needs supplementation. And you must take all measures to increase lactation.

If the baby urinates 6-8 times, that is, the minimum amount, then he does not need supplementary feeding. It is possible that a slight milk shortage exists, try to stimulate lactation, for example, with special drinks. Well, if your child pees more than 8 times a day, then perhaps you should put aside all bad thoughts and no longer think about what to do to increase lactation.

For your peace of mind, check how much a newborn is gaining per week. Starting from the second week of life, weight gain should be at least 125 grams, ideally 200-300.

If the crumb gains less than 500 grams per month, while you apply it to the breast on demand, and does not eat anything other than milk, then you need to consult with a specialist and find out why such a small increase. There may be several reasons, for example, poor digestibility of milk or there are mistakes in breastfeeding.

If your baby is gaining weight well, urinates a sufficient number of times, suckles only at the breast and feeds on demand, and at the clinic appointment you performed control feeding, and the baby refused to eat, the pediatrician will most likely prescribe complementary foods. Deciding that the baby is short of milk.

What to do if breast milk is low?

But this may be wrong advice. If the baby's refusal to breastfeed is single, and all other indicators are normal, then it is recommended to consult with a breastfeeding specialist, it may be necessary to make adjustments to the feeding style.

Summing up, I would like to say the following. If the question stuck in your head about why not enough breast milk is produced and what to do about it ?, Then first of all calm down. Most often, it is not the lack of adequate sleep, funds for vitamins or tasty foods that interferes with breastfeeding, but the nervous situation.

You are so afraid of doing something wrong that the hormones needed for lactation are not produced. Therefore, do not be nervous, you are the best mother in the world, enjoy communication with your baby and milk will come!

Breastfeeding 101: Cause Of Low Milk Supply (Tips from a Lactation Consultant)

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