10 Poses for Better Sex

What poses do men like in sex

Sexual relationships play an important role in the lives of men and women. But their perception at the level of psychology and physiology differs between the sexes. Girls are often worried about what poses do men like most? Many guys will answer this question that they like variety. So, the more diverse the positions in sex, the brighter and stronger the feelings of both partners.

Top 6 positions that men like in bed

Finding a position in which a man and a woman feel at the height of bliss is possible only by experiment. Most of all it depends on the physiology of the partners.

Every guy will appreciate spontaneity and variety, but there are several positions they prefer in bed:

What poses do men like in sex
  1. The method called Doggy style has become the leader of many polls. Primal instincts are still alive in modern men. They are still hunters and dominant males. One way to subconsciously reaffirm leadership status is to prefer the back position in sex. Penetration from the back, complete control over a partner in sex, a small dose of aggressiveness - these factors additionally excite the stronger sex. They like to look at women's buttocks, the curve of the back, change the pace and angle of penetration. The guy has access to the girl's erogenous zones - breasts, hips, abdomen. He not only gets pleasure himself, but also caresses the woman. A partner on knees and elbows is a symbol of humility for a man, he can enjoy the process and feel like the king of the situation.
  2. Horsewoman, or woman on top. It seems that such a position in sex will be more appreciated by women, but men also sometimes like the moments when you can just relax in bed and have fun. In such a situation, the lover gets the opportunity to examine the female body, caress it with his hands, but at the same time he does not physically strain. The girl herself makes the movements, sets the pace. The strong half do not mind surrendering to the hands of an experienced rider. What options does this position have? A woman can turn her back on a man, giving each other new sensations.
  3. Missionary sex is considered a classic, but the new is the well forgotten old. A little imagination and ingenuity will change the way sex plays. A woman from below can bend her knees or wrap her legs around a man. The traditional missionary position is also good, and it is not for nothing that it has been popular for so many centuries. Why do men choose her? Usually this is how they show romantic feelings and care for their partner. A guy can kiss his soul mate, look into her eyes, whisper words of love in her ear, caress her chest. The choice of a position from above does not exclude the variability of the process, you can change the depth of penetration by placing a pillow under the woman's lower back.
  4. A comfortable and sensual way to please men is from behind, but in a position on your side, lying on the bed. Partners closelycuddle up, smelling bodies and smells. They don't exert too much effort to achieve orgasm. The guy has full access to his girlfriend's erogenous zones, and she, slightly turning her head, can respond to his kisses.
  5. The 69 position is particularly intimate in bed. This is an opportunity to please your partner with oral sex. In this position, a man and a woman are guaranteed to bring each other to the peak of orgasm.
  6. Spontaneous sex itself is a powerful stimulant of arousal. A standing pose is often chosen for him. This option is especially popular in the shower, where partners passionately caress each other under streams of hot water. Standing sex can happen in an elevator, hallway, or in a park. Extravagant, but you're encouraged to experiment.

The listed positions are chosen by 90% of the men surveyed, if among them your boyfriend did not like anything, that is, a lot of variations and the Kamasutra with hundreds of original poses. The main thing is to be careful, not all of them are available without physical training.

Preferences in sexual positions by zodiac signs

The position of the stars at the time of a person's birth influences his preferences in work, food and sex. When choosing the best positions to satisfy your man, you should check with his zodiac sign:

What poses do men like in sex
  • Capricorn is an earth sign, he is most inclined to use the popular doggy-style position, when the woman is on her knees, and he controls the process. The partner should be prepared for rough sex, possibly with spanking and cursing. Please discuss beforehand what limits of rudeness are acceptable.
  • Aquarius - they like variety, they like attributes from sex shops, spicy outfits. The partner will be pleased if the woman, being on top, stimulates herself with a vibrator.
  • Pisces - are they not as cold as they might seem, what are their sex preferences? In the love game, fish men are very active and passionate. They are ready to do it in any place and in different positions. For example, Deployed Horsewoman is fine with them.
  • Aries - for loving representatives of the sign, it is important to control your partner. Erogenous zones of rams - neck and earlobes. Girls should choose a sitting or lying position so that they can fully satisfy an ardent partner.
  • Taurus is a sensual and quivering lover, for him the desire of a woman is of great importance. What methods of satisfying a partner in bed do they choose? In sexual positions, Taurus is conservative, you should not count on something unusual with him. He enjoys lying down sex and is an adherent of the good old missionary position. This allows the guy to follow the reaction of his partner, give her tenderness and affection.
  • Gemini - such men do not need to get started with aol-turn. What ways do they come up with to captivate the girl? Gemini is not against quick sex, so the position, standing against the wall, is fine with them. The partner can, at her choice, turn her face or back to her lover.
  • Cancer - closeness with the chosen one is extremely important for the representatives of this sign. What poses do Cancer men like? They prefer close hugs and interlacing of bodies, arms, legs. Who will be on top? Take turns.
  • Lions - fire not only on a sign, but also in bed, what poses do the king of animals like? These guys know what girls want and are ready to give it 100%. They will love the Spoons pose, where the partners press face to face.
  • Virgo - the astral Kamasutra reveals the secrets of the earth sign. What poses will be preferred by men seeking complete understanding with a partner? They will choose a comfortable position close to missionary.
  • Libra - great experimenters in sex, for sure, they tried half of the Kamasutra. With such men it will not be dull and boring. If the partner is physically strong, he will like the position in which the woman wraps her legs around him and he holds her upright.
  • Scorpio is a true professional in love affairs. What poses do scorpio men like? All variations of the back poses will suit him.
  • Sagittarius - spontaneous incredible sex is a gift from representatives of the fire sign. He can sit his partner on a table or windowsill and have passionate sex.

Discussion between partners of their preferences makes them trust each other more. Mutual understanding is the basis of harmony in sex and in life.

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