Bleeding and Spotting in Pregnancy

What is the risk of spotting before childbirth?

Pregnancy is a complex process, thought out to the smallest detail, each individual phenomenon of which takes place in due time. Any outside interference or abnormal events can cause premature resolution of the burden and other pathologies. Therefore, a young woman who is preparing to become a mother for the first time in her life needs to get acquainted with many things that she did not even know existed before.

One of the alarming and significant events that every pregnant woman has to experience is spotting before childbirth. Ideally, they are considered a harbinger of an impending delivery, but there are other options for the development of events, which will be discussed in this publication.

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Reasons for highlighting blood from the vagina

Brown or dark red blood may result from:

What is the risk of spotting before childbirth?
  • Inaccurate gynecological examination, which ended with damage to the mucous membranes of the birth canal. In the penultimate or last week of pregnancy, the doctor examines the state of the cervical canal of the uterine neck by palpation. If the tissues form a specific lumen and do not show characteristic resistance, then the child will be born in the coming days;
  • Too active sex or use of sex toys incompatible with the period of gestation. In view of the same looseness of the uterine tissues, after sexual intercourse with very deep penetration, which occurred in the last weeks / days of pregnancy, the possibility of bleeding becomes quite logical and safe. Again, despite this, it is better to refuse active sex with elements of violence or sadomasochism;
  • Beginning of the process of separating the mucous plug that closes the entrance to the uterus. During fetal development, the uterine cervix is ​​an elongated genital organ that is completely closed for physical examination. As the fetus grows and the due date approaches, the cervix gradually shortens, its tissues become less elastic, and a gap appears for the baby to exit.

All this leads to microtrauma in the form of rupture of capillaries located in the walls of the uterus, and to blood secretions. Remember that the cork departs for different periods: for some women it leaves its place a few weeks before the decisive event, while for others - a couple of hours before giving birth.


What kind of blood discharge cannot be considered logical harbingers of childbirth and completely normal? Initially, they should not be regular, heavy or painful.

Pathological discharge, which should force a woman to see a doctor, have:

What is the risk of spotting before childbirth?
  • Unpleasant, rotten, fishy or any other atypical odor that is a sign of a developing infection. The latter can harm both the mother and the child inside her womb;
  • Brown color, signaling exfoliation of the placental organ and other abnormal processes;
  • Intense in nature, when the discharge does not stop for several hours in a row, abundant or accompanied by unpleasant / painful sensations;
  • Pain management in the lumbar spine;
  • An indirect symptom in the form of cessation of movement of the baby in the uterus or too much blood flow after the mucous plug comes out;

Preventive measures

So that spotting after examination by a gynecologist or before childbirth were only joyful event, take the following precautions:

What is the risk of spotting before childbirth?
  • Observe personal hygiene: wash your external genitals before and after examination, bowel movement or urination, sex, or in extreme heat. All this will help prevent the ingress and development of infection;
  • Regularly visit the antenatal clinic and the relevant specialists who can identify and eliminate the problem that interferes with the normal course of gestation in time.

If the discharge of blood really is a harbinger of imminent birth, then their volume will not exceed the contents of a couple of tablespoons.

Moreover, this number should appear once. In this case, the color of the blood can be pinkish, yellowish or bright red. If a slimy lump has formed on the linen, do not delay the fees to the maternity hospital, since, most likely, the cork has come off. But scarlet blood is a very bad signal that obliges a woman to immediately go to the hospital, preferably by ambulance, and not by public transport or taxi.

Finally, I would like to give one more piece of advice: be sure to use disposable sanitary napkins that reduce the level of discomfort. Again, these devices quickly become a source of infection, and therefore should be changed as often as possible.

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