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What is the danger of lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep can cause a number of dangerous side effects. All systems of the body can fail, which will affect its functioning, from thought processes and memory, to the reflection in your appearance, body weight and general health.

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Nine dangerous consequences of lack of sleep

What is the danger of lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep is especially harmful when the habit of getting little sleep becomes chronic. And most of us are familiar with the obvious signs of lack of sleep, such as irritability and low performance.

But there are more serious side effects with symptoms of lack of sleep, about which not much is known. Let's find out what else the lack of sleep threatens.

No sleep, no health

A person who does not get enough sleep increases the risk of developing a number of chronic diseases. Sad statistics around the world indicate that 90% of people suffering from sleep deprivation are prone to chronic diseases.

Most common sleep deficit problems:

  • Migraines, in which frequent lack of sleep causes a constant headache;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Heart failure, heart attack;
  • Irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia);
  • High blood pressure;
  • Type 2 diabetes;
  • Paralysis.

Escaping beauty

Bruises and bags under the eyes, which makes a person look like a panda or a zombie, will probably help out when you need to quickly get into the image for a costume party. It is enough to find a suitable suit. And on the makeup , a sleepless friend has already done a great job.

Just one night of spinning on the bed gives the skin an unhealthy and wrinkled look, the look - harsh, and everything aboutonce a resemblance, if not with a panda, so certainly with a basset hound. Chronic lack of sleep affects your appearance even worse.

Lack of sleep is fraught with premature skin aging. If you stay awake for a long time, your skin's elasticity decreases. This is due to the fact that chronic fatigue, leading to excessive stress, promotes the production of the hormone cortisol in the body. Its increased content is associated with the destruction of the protein responsible for the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

Decreased alertness and ability to concentrate

The previous point causes the next one. Chronic fatigue and sleep less than required often lead to accidents. The results of numerous studies show that fatigue due to lack of sleep, for example, in a driver's reaction rate to stimuli, can be equated to a state of severe alcohol intoxication.

Lack of sleep is also not reflected in the best way in work processes, when an employee has an increased risk of injury or harm to others. In addition, memories are often confused from lack of sleep, turning into hallucinations.

Longing and decay. Depressive vicious circle

Lack of sleep significantly aggravates depressive conditions. As early as 10 years ago, in the United States, where various studies are very fond of, a mass survey of people diagnosed with depression and those who are periodically subject to a state of increased anxiety was conducted. Study participants were asked to report on sleep habits .

So, scientists have noticed a direct relationship between the duration of sleep and the depth of the depressive state. Those who slept less than six hours a night often showed clear signs of depression.

At the same time, which is especially bad, some symptoms of a depressed mental state can affect the patient's ability to sleep. Therefore, a person is simply obliged to fight to get out of this vicious circle, regain health and the ability to enjoy life.

Impact on learning processes

Sleep is very important and necessary for all cognitive processes, especially those related to learning. Lack of sleep reduces alertness, reduces a person's ability to concentrate for a long time. Namely, thanks to this ability, we can better perceive and assimilate information.

What is the danger of lack of sleep?

Absent-minded attention also limits a person's ability to reason logically and solve problems effectively. Obviously, the productivity and efficiency of a tired person tends to zero.

Skills and emotions gained during the day are processed by the brain during the night and turn into memories. Long-term memory is based on this process. But due to lack of sleep, even very vivid emotions, various knowledge and acquired experience will remain gathering dust somewhere very far in the bins of the brain. Sleepy manunable to memorize large amounts of information.

To be or not to be?

The ability for logical reasoning, analysis and decision-making when sleep deprivation is greatly reduced. And how could it be otherwise, if in such a situation often has a headache and the person experiences discomfort. Therefore, difficulties in the process of comparing data, rational interpretation of events, facts and a standard set of information affects the ability to make the right decisions.

Naturally, people who do not get enough sleep are especially inadequate in stressful situations. What's bad about sleep deprivation is the ability to do things that normally people would not do. Insomnia is known to cause hallucinations. A tired brain distorts the reality of a sleepless person and forces them to make strange decisions.

Don't sleep, don't eat, but get better

Proper sleep patterns help the body function as nature intended, maintain a healthy appetite and control hunger. Shorter sleep times stimulate the production of the hormone ghrelin. It is this insidious hormone that makes us hungry and lowers our appetite suppressing leptin.

A person walking on ghrelin is likely to overeat. And soon the small deposits on the sides of in reserve will turn into an impressive size life buoy . As evidence, doctors cite statistics according to which people who sleep less than seven hours per knock have a 30% higher risk of developing obesity than those who sleep 9-10 hours.

Libido on vacation

Both men and women experiencing a quality sleep deficit report a decrease in sex drive and interest in sex. Lack of sleep leads to physical exhaustion, lack of vital energy and increased tension in the body, from which there is neither strength nor desire to move at all. In addition, men experience a decrease in the level of the male hormone testosterone, which also affects passion and attraction.

Increased risk of premature death

What is the danger of lack of sleep?

In the ranking of the consequences of lack of sleep, this item should be mentioned first. But I didn't want to scare you. It should be noted that people with such a colorful picture of health problems and disturbed daily routine due to irregular sleep increase the risk of dying in their prime. Lack of adequate rest is harmful to the body. And this can manifest itself in the form of malfunctions of organs, especially the heart and brain.

There is hope! In the long-awaited embrace of Morpheus

So what can you do to live as long and healthier as possible? Get enough sleep! Yes, that's easier said than done. But if you are tired of being depressed and going to doctors, healing the consequences of lack of sleep, learn to create conditions forfor a good sleep.

Nice and cozy bedding, silence in the bedroom, relaxing anti-stress aromas, sedatives or tizans with a calming effect, relaxation activities (yoga, Pilates) and a universal remedy for blues - a good book at night, often help to improve mood and give calmness. Consult your doctor. You may be offered other effective ways.

Sleep Deprivation and its Weird Effects on the Mind and Body

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