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What is the danger of balanoposthitis in a child?

Balanoposthitis is an inflammatory process in which the mucous membrane of the head of the penis and the foreskin are simultaneously involved. The causes of the disease in boys and adult men are in most cases different, but the symptoms are the same.

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Causes of balanoposthitis in a child

In newborn boys, the head of the penis is tightly spliced ​​with the flesh - nature has taken care to protect the genitourinary organs as much as possible from infection from the outside. If an effort is made to expose the head of the penis, the synechiae - adhesions - will break and the baby will be severely painful.

What is the danger of balanoposthitis in a child?

With age, synechiae stretch themselves, the foreskin begins to rise. Physiological phimosis in infants is the norm, and independent opening of the head can occur only when the boy grows up - even in adolescence.

Smegma - a lubricant between the foreskin and the head of the genital organ - is produced. With its lack, urinary salts and desquamated particles of the epithelium are clogged under the tender flesh. If hygiene measures are not followed - sometimes parents do not know that washing boys needs to be given enough attention - the discharge accumulates.

A favorable environment is created for the development of opportunistic microorganisms, and they begin to actively multiply. An inflammatory process occurs. Adults are more likely to get sick due to sexually transmitted infections, and children - because of parents' neglect of hygiene rules.

The following factors contribute to the development of the disease:

  • change in the quality and composition of urine - with endocrine disorders, the introduction of complementary foods, during other inflammatory processes;
  • violation of the temperature regime - hypothermia or overheating;
  • injury to the foreskin by diapers or tight underwear.

In plump toddlers - with numerous folds and constrictions - the disease is diagnosed more often. They sweat more.

symptoms of balanoposthitis in a child

There are acute and chronic balanoposthitis.

What is the danger of balanoposthitis in a child?

Acute occurs suddenly. The child begins to cry while urinating, while finding out the reasons for this behavior, the parents discover swelling and redness of the foreskin. From under it, when pressed, a department appearseaten - this is how purulent balanoposthitis manifests itself in a child.

The kid becomes capricious, the temperature rises - sometimes over subfebrile. Inguinal lymph nodes swell and thicken.

Urination disorder may appear - urinary retention or incontinence. It is almost impossible to understand why this happened. The inflammatory process develops on flat area . It is imperative to treat the disease, otherwise it becomes chronic.

Chronic balanoposthitis has the following symptoms:

  • itching - the baby is constantly trying to scratch;
  • slight swelling of the glans penis;
  • a whitish coating is deposited on the prepuce of the foreskin.

Periodic relapses give way to improvements. When collecting anamnesis, it turns out that the reason most often is that parents, frightened by acute inflammation, periodically try to stretch the synechiae, while the infection is entered.

Treatment of balanoposthitis in a child

If symptoms appear, you can start treating the baby's disease at home. To eliminate purulent balanoposthitis, first of all, antiseptic treatment of the organ is performed.

Make baths with antiseptics: with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, soda, furacilin, Chlorhexedin , dilute Rekutane or Rotokan . Traditional medicine is connected - decoctions of chamomile, oak bark, string are used for the procedure.

How to treat balanoposthitis in a child if the head does not open? After the bath, in a steamed state, you can try to slightly raise the foreskin and rinse the preputial bag.

What is the danger of balanoposthitis in a child?

In no case should the adhesions be torn with force - if full exposure of the head is required for the treatment of children, the procedure is performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis.

Hygiene measures are carried out regularly. After water procedures, the penis is drained with a gauze napkin, and napkins impregnated with local anti-inflammatory agents are applied to the head.

Drugs are selected depending on the type of pathogen. If the baby has thrush, it is necessary to use antifungal medications - for example, Clotrimazole ointment or nystatin ointment.

In the absence of signs of thrush, drugs with a wide spectrum of action are used: Levimikol - ointment, synthomycin emulsion ... Treatment of balanoposthitis in a child at home is quite successful - the disease does not require hospitalization. Oral antibacterial agents may be required for severe inflammation.

Chronic balanoposthitis cannot be treated. The parents and the doctor are in an observant position. If relapses often appear, the head does not open by 5-7 years,then a decision is made to conduct a surgical intervention - circumcision. In common parlance, this procedure is called circumcision.

If in adults with phimosis - narrowing of the foreskin - they can optionally carry out plastic surgery: to excise part of the foreskin so that the head of the penis can be opened without problems, then in children it is considered inappropriate to preserve tissue. The foreskin is removed completely to exclude the possibility of relapse.

Prevention of balanoposthitis in a child

Scrupulous adherence to hygiene measures is the only way to prevent the development of balanoposthitis in male infants.

What is the danger of balanoposthitis in a child?
  • It is required to bathe the child every day, change linen after ablution;
  • It is required to wash the baby after each bowel movement, and in hot weather it is advisable after urination;
  • It is very important that the size of the diapers corresponds to the size of the baby - its weight;
  • The diaper must not be overfilled - the diaper is changed - even if it is noticed that it is full, no later than after 5 hours;
  • Overheating increases the likelihood of illness, so you should give your child an air bath.

In no case should you try to open the foreskin yourself. When using force, the delicate skin can be injured, which causes scarring on it.

Physiological phimosis develops into pathological. Rigid connective tissue does not stretch on its own and interferes with normal physiological processes.

If it is noticed that during urination, the foreskin swells and a bubble appears, urgent medical intervention is required. This shows that the process of urination due to the narrowing of the preputial ring has become difficult.

It is not advisable to delay with circumcision - the condition will only get worse in the future. General anesthesia is recommended for boys under 12 years of age during surgery. In the absence of an inflammatory process, parents should not worry when the head does not open until 5-11 years old. This is a natural stage of physiological maturation.

It is only necessary to teach children how to take care of themselves, wash in time, do not touch the genitals with dirty hands.

diagnosis of balanoposthitis in a child

If parents notice the deterioration of the condition in young children immediately, then the older ones - especially when they enter school age - begin to hide their condition.

What is the danger of balanoposthitis in a child?

Parents can understand that not everything is normal with the child to change his behavior.

The time for going to the toilet began to take much more than usual, the character worsened, complaints of pain in the legs appeared - this often happens with an increase in the inguinal lymph nodes. In this case, it is worth paying a visit to the pediatrician - or adolescent therapist - and leaving the child alone in the office with, having previously voiced his suspicions.

In the future, tactfully ask the child what the doctor prescribed for him and provide the conditions for the necessary therapeutic measures.

Balanitis - A Clinical Review

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