What is more important than a career or family

To the question What is more important than a career or family? each person can give only one correct answer for him. An unequivocal solution is unlikely to be found, since this is due to the individual characteristics of the life of each of us.

What is more important than a career or family

For some people, an important goal in life is a wedding and a large friendly family, while for others, high earnings and managing a large number of staff are a priority.

If we refer to this issue from the side of generally accepted traditions, then a man has always been considered a breadwinner, and a woman - a keeper of the hearth. Now the time has come for equality, when it is not uncommon for a family to have a higher income on the part of a woman.

Perhaps the worldview passed down from generation to generation makes most modern women think in such a way that the very question of choosing a career or family seems silly in principle.

At the DNA level, they consider themselves the keepers of family peace and believe that it is men who should deal with the money issue.

It is worth talking about less happy and calm ladies, and discuss this issue, which has become global for many. In order to find your answer, you should carefully consider all the pros and cons of going too deep in a career.

Career Pros

Looking at the benefits of a career separately, there are three main incentives:

  • Self-realization;
  • Improving self-esteem;
  • Financial freedom.

Self-realization is the dream of any person. Each of us wants to feel like a person who does not depend on outside circumstances. Nowadays, women are considered to be very rare, highlighting family well-being.

Among modern youth, there are more and more girls who do not know how to make a house cozy and warm, but understand the intricacies of organizing work in a large team. Whether it has to do with parenting or the media is a completely different question. But most of us dream about self-realization.

And it is very difficult to improve your own self-esteem based on a clean apartment, washed linen and ironed sheets. Therefore, many people prefer to choose flirting on the side or realizing their potential in a career.

Creative individuals can express their individuality in music, paintings and other arts. But we also often meet people among us who want to constantly develop. The best way to do this is to work.

Also, a situation often happens when a person lives alone for a long time. Then he got used to independence and perfectly understands how important it is to devote time to work and constantly learn new skills.

When such an individual has a family, it is very difficult for him to change his own principles and habits. It was against this background that families oftenThere are disagreements.

Another example is when a woman stays at home for a long time. She is engaged in cooking, cleaning and weighed down with the need to keep order in the house.

What is more important than a career or family

Nevertheless, subconsciously, she strives for constant development. And since a person is a social beast, he needs daily communication, which is abundantly provided at work.

Financial freedom is also an important priority in the life of each of us. Usually, for this reason, one has to wonder how to combine career and family.

Modern life requires constant expenses, but at the same time I really want to buy my own house, furnish it with the best furniture, annually have a rest in foreign resorts, while doing what I really like.

Unfortunately, not many people can afford such an easy and beautiful life. Therefore, we all have to go to our not always favorite jobs and try to earn as much money as possible.

However, if you devote yourself too deeply to work and improving your financial condition, you can not only earn a nervous breakdown, but also worsen family relationships. That is why the question of choice: family or career remains open to a woman or a man to this day.

Career Cons

For a more adequate assessment, one should consider the disadvantages of full dedication to a career, and this:

  • Lack of free time;
  • There is a relationship problem.

A person who has plunged headlong into work cannot devote proper time to his own life, hobbies and relationships. And this is very problematic if you have a family. After all, spouses and their children need daily communication.

And when all day long the head is busy with thoughts about how best to solve productivity issues at work, it is difficult for a person to switch his attention to household chores. Therefore, it is important to consider the question of choosing: family or career . What will be more important for a man or a woman in this case is up to him to decide.

You may simply not have enough time for cooking, cleaning the house, repairing or other household chores. In the future, such an attitude towards the family hearth may completely destroy it.

The same goes for the relationship between a man and a woman. After work, I really want to relax in front of the TV or during a pleasant conversation with the family.

But if one of the family members is absorbed in thoughts of work to such an extent that he cannot pay due attention to the rest of the household, then disagreements and quarrels will surely arise.

What is more important than a career or family

In fact, it is difficult for each of us to decide which is better career or family? You should understand perfectly well that it is best to try to maneuver between these areas of life.

Career is important in that it brings prosperity to the house and allows you to improve self-esteem, to understand your own importance. But if she breaksharmony in the family, this will lead to the fact that you will be left alone, and there will be no one to prove your own importance.

Family is the area of ​​life where we feel most relaxed and confident. Nevertheless, as modern life requires, you need to periodically bring money to the family. Otherwise, life will not be enjoyable.

What is more important for you: family or career?

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