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What if the neighbors are flooded? We are looking for a way out of the situation

Residents of multi-storey buildings are not by hearsay familiar with the problem of flooding of apartments by neighbors from above. To one degree or another, every citizen is morally ready to see his home wet, but as soon as the peak situation comes, many are unable to find their bearings correctly and quickly. And this must be done, since the financial side of the problem and the speed of its solution in your favor will depend on the correctness and efficiency of the actions taken.

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Why does this happen?

What if the neighbors are flooded? We are looking for a way out of the situation

In the first moments of realizing that you have been flooded, you want to unleash a wave of indignation, obscene language and insults on your neighbors. Do not rush, because the human factor is not always to blame for the flood, although it is he who becomes the main cause of such disasters.

People tend to forget to turn off taps, shut off water taps and break plumbing under the influence of alcohol.

There are often situations in which an accident occurred due to old and worn out communications, or the negligence of plumbers who incorrectly installed or connected a toilet, washbasin, etc.

What to do and where to go?

If neighbors flooded your apartment, and you do not know what to do in order to get them convicted, you need to contact the management company that serves the entire apartment building, or to independent experts. With their help, it will be possible to establish the real cause of the disaster, its culprit, draw up a legally correct act and calculate compensation.

In the event that neighbors refuse to reimburse the cost of damaged furniture or home decoration, a statement is sent to the management company, according to which a technical commission is formed. But first of all, of course, you need to stop the water, for which the emergency service is called. By the way, its employees will examine the leak and shut off the water for the time of finding out its cause.

What should the commission do?

As mentioned above, if you were flooded by neighbors , you don't need to think long about what to do, but rather contact the management company and seek a visit from the technical commission. Only its members can decide who is to blame for the trouble, scrupulously rewrite all the damaged property, and evaluatethe extent of compensation. Moreover, not only the damage caused to the condition of the housing will be taken into account, but also the equipment that has dropped out of working condition due to the flood.

The term for an independent examination is only three days from the moment of flooding, then it is no longer possible to draw up any inventories or acts. Why is that? It is believed that after three days the traces of the leak become implicit, and it becomes impossible to establish its exact location, as well as the culprit.

After the first act, another one is drawn up, in which everything that has deteriorated from water is described in the most detailed way: clothes, decor, equipment, decoration and everything else.

How does a properly drawn up act look like?

Do you understand that neighbors from above are obviously pouring you in, but you don't know what to do? Seek an expert examination and report immediately.

This paper must contain the following information:

  • Time and date of the flood;
  • Causes of the disaster;
  • A complete list of damaged property;
  • Signature of the person responsible for the emergency. She will confirm his consent to reimburse damages, or testify to the refusal to pay for damages. In the latter case, the case goes to court;
  • Signatures of all people who are included in the commission, the culprit and the victim;
  • An estimate prepared by an independent expert.
What if the neighbors are flooded? We are looking for a way out of the situation

After you have all the papers with the signatures of the guilty neighbors in your hands, a written claim is drawn up, which, together with photocopies of the acts, is handed over to the second party.

This is usually done at the scene of the incident, but if there is a misunderstanding or conflict, all papers are sent by certified mail.

The latter option is especially often used if the management company became the culprit, which did not provide the proper technical condition of the heating system, water supply or wastewater disposal.

When it comes to court?

If you know for sure and have proof, but do not know what to do when you are constantly flooded with neighbors who deny their guilt, get ready for legal battle. Photocopies and original written refusals of the perpetrators to pay off the amount of damage caused, and a receipt confirming the fact of sending them documents by mail will need to be taken to the court.

In this case, it is forbidden to make even the most minimal repairs in the apartment, and, if possible, the best, in general, to move out of it for a while. The fact is that the neighbors from above may well begin to challenge their guilt and disagree with the named amount of damage. Bailiffs and experts will once again inspect the apartment and clarify the estimate. In any case, judicial and expert services will be paid out of the defendant's pocket.

If there is no obvious leak

If you flooded the neighbors below and are not sure what to do, start by locating the water leak and try to stop it.outflow on their own. Remember - in no case should you disrupt, break or deform common building communications, because then you will have to pay for them.

If you are unable to close the valves personally, urgently call the management company, where an employee of the dispatch service will record your call and send an emergency team.

In order to as accurately and honestly establish the size of the losses inflicted on the apartment from below , , you need to quickly fix them on your camera or camera, so that later the neighbors could not exaggerate the losses incurred.

What if the neighbors are flooded? We are looking for a way out of the situation

In the event that you are not allowed into the affected housing, take an independent expert with you and repeat the visit. If this did not give the desired result, and for three days the neighbors are constantly closing doors in front of you, feel free to challenge in court the amount of damage they want to receive.

The procedure for settlements for losses differs depending on whether people admit that it is they who flood their homes, or have to knock out money in court. If everything turned out to be resolved amicably, then the transfer of money takes place in front of uninterested witnesses, and the parties write a receipt stating that the damage has been compensated, and there are no more claims.

You can also make repairs on your own, or simply pay for the cost of materials and repair work performed according to the checks provided by the victims. All this in any case is much cheaper than suing.

And remember: you can find a way out of any situation, the main thing is to approach the problem with a cool head.

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