What hairstyles are there for a full round face?

A round, full face can be a virtue, not a disadvantage, when framed correctly. A suitable hairstyle can dramatically improve facial features, highlight natural beauty and personal style. There are a wide variety of full face hairstyles to balance the look and divert attention away from curvaceous shapes, if any.

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Haircuts for short hair

What hairstyles are there for a full round face?

How wrong are those who believe that a round, full face does not allow immense scope for imagination. It is believed that women with this appearance can only wear medium length haircuts, although this is far from the case.

They can do hairstyles on both short and long hair, avoiding only combing the hair smoothly from the face, opening it from all sides.

So it's worth saying no to full round face hairstyles that fully expose the cheeks, forehead and chin. A hairstyle called a ponytail should be a taboo for you, as are sleek hairstyles that involve straight, long hair and bangs.

Parting in the center of the head is also not your option - it is better to do it on the side. It is clear that short hairstyles for a full face have little chance of success, but here everything will depend on the professionalism of the master.

If you make yourself a short haircut with a short back of the head and long temples, then 100% complete the task of lengthening and narrowing your face. With this haircut, you can experiment as much as you like and do all sorts of hairstyles in which the long front strands of hair will cover the cheekbones.

Medium haircuts

What hairstyles are there for a full round face?

Any haircuts with steps with thinning are good. A great option is a chin-length bob haircut and any variations of this one of the most beautiful hairstyles for a full face.

You can comb the elongated oblique bangs on either side, and the temples, trimmed with teeth , must be lowered onto the cheeks, limiting the face from the sides, that is, hiding everything unnecessary behind them.

You can ask the master to cut your hair to the shoulders with a fringe , without touching the back of the head. Then, whichever of the hairstyles for a full oval face you choose, always do a fluffy back of your head.

Any haircuts with asymmetry will suit you, as well as a variety of squares, including a square on a leg. But remember that the bangs should be well thinned, almost transparent.

Especiallyample opportunities open up for the owners of curly hair. They practically do not have to do anything at all, because they have the main trump card - volume. It remains only to style the curls in soft waves towards the face and one of the fashionable hairstyles for a full face is ready.

Wedding & Evening Hairstyles

What hairstyles are there for a full round face?

Simple hairstyles are perfect for every day, but what if there is some kind of special occasion or event? On such a day, you want to look especially, smart and festive, but at the same time be able to complete the minimum task - visually narrow your face.

A great evening hairstyle for a full face is one that has elongated curls on the sides and a high crown.

A face of this type will perfectly adorn any kind of weaving, which at all times looked feminine and elegant. A braid in French is capable of creating a well-groomed and sophisticated image, on the contrary. Only a specialist is able to do everything beautifully and accurately, so you should not experiment on your own, otherwise you can be late for the holiday and come to it unprepared.

You can do this hairstyle like this: with the head tilted down and the hair extended forward, a braid is braided from the base of the back of the head up the head to the crown. Then it is attached to the head using hairpins, invisible hairpins or hairpins.

Girls with full faces are shown not a tight braid, but with elongated strands that allow you to create volume. The braid can be decorated with ribbons, beads and artificial flowers, depending on the theme and color of the outfit, or you can complement the image with large earrings and then go out.

What hairstyles are there for a full round face?

If you have to choose a wedding hairstyle for a full face, then the master may advise you to simply wind your long hair on large curlers and dissolve them.

This option is extremely popular with modern brides, because curly hair has a lot of advantages: beautifully styled curls always look gorgeous, moreover, they will cover the cheekbones and add thinness to the face.

It would be a crime to take such hair up: it is better to add some accessory to it - a large diadem with stones and rhinestones or a flower and leave everything as it is.

As you can see, there are a lot of options, the main thing is to follow simple rules, and otherwise act as your fantasy and today's fashion tell you. Even the most insignificant and at first glance imperceptible tricks can bring harmony to your image and make you a true beauty, which you certainly are.

Hairstyles for Round Faces Dos and Donts

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