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What foods weaken

Constipation is a rather unpleasant condition. Particular discomfort is felt if constipation occurs regularly. This condition can lead to intestinal dysfunction, and sometimes, to intoxication of the body . Do not grab onto pills right away. It is enough to know which foods will weaken the stool.

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Why does the intestine suffer?

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to quickly identify the cause of constipation and for a long time a person is forced to endure cutting pains in the lower abdomen, putting health in danger. Intestinal dysfunction leads to the development of cephalalgia and loss of appetite.

The causes of pathology should be looked for in each case, since the following problems can lead to constipation:

What foods weaken
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • peptic ulcer;
  • overgrowth of polyps;
  • oncology;
  • poor nutrition;
  • little physical activity.

In any case, with prolonged and frequent constipation, you should contact a proctologist or therapist.

A person trying to normalize stools on their own runs the risk of seriously worsening their condition. For example, the use of enemas provokes a decrease in intestinal motility. The organ practically ceases to promote feces.

It is quite difficult to achieve its effective work after such a treatment . Often, uncontrolled intake of laxatives and the use of cleansing procedures lead to the complete extinction of the intestines.

Is it worth the risk if there is a way to normalize stool without resorting to drastic measures? It is often enough to use foods that are weak in the diet. Naturally, this can be done, making sure that the cause of the pathology does not lie in any disease.

What foods will weaken the intestines and normalize the cleansing process

An ingredient that relaxes the intestines must contain fiber. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce into your diet as much plant foods and grains as possible.

Fiber promotes the multiplication of beneficial acid-loving bacteria that are directly involved in food processing, forming fatty acids that affect fuIntestinal functionality. Thus, they achieve a significant improvement in microflora, regulate peristalsis, activate intestinal blood flow and normalize acidity.

Which foods are the best to dilute?

What foods weaken
  • Bran is undoubtedly at the top of this list. The coarse fiber content in combination with B vitamins quickly has the desired effect. To achieve persistent intestinal peristalsis, it is enough to take bran for 2 weeks, gradually increasing their volume;
  • First, it is recommended to introduce into the daily food no more than 3 teaspoons of the product, divided into 3 doses. Further, the dose is adjusted to 3 tablespoons. Before use, the bran is steamed with boiled water. Insist the product for about half an hour. Draining the water, add the steamed bran to other dishes;
  • Using pumpkin in your diet is a great way to achieve a laxative effect. You can cook a huge number of dishes from it, including classic porridge;
  • For many, prunes, from which compote can be cooked, become the best tool. However, fresh berries are well absorbed. If you need to find out which product weakens the child's stool, you should pay attention to this particular fruit. A decoction made from prunes can be safely given to children under 1 year old;
  • Oatmeal is a wonderful remedy. Oatmeal jelly and porridge act very mildly, causing a weak but long-lasting relaxing effect. True, it is not ground cereal of instant preparation that has healing qualities, but whole grain. Although, you can replace it with Hercules ;
  • Raw vegetables are often recommended by nutritionists for weight loss, as they have the ability to strengthen the intestines to quickly eliminate toxins. Therefore, it is not surprising that salad, popularly called whisk , allows you to cope with constipation. It is prepared exclusively from mashed raw vegetables: beets and white cabbage, celery stalks. If there are no stomach problems, you can add radish or turnips to whisk for fidelity. The dish is not seasoned with oil or salt;
  • It has long been known that peas increase flatulence. However, by using the product correctly, you can normalize your stool. To do this, it is recommended to grind dry peas to a powdery state and use it only a teaspoon per day;
  • An unexpected solution is flax seed. This ingredient is not as common as the others. Often a person does not know what seeds taste. Constipation is a good time to evaluate the taste and potency of an unfamiliar ingredient. It is necessary to prepare flax seed, as well as bran. Steamed seeds are eaten, chewed thoroughly, or added to dishes, and the resulting broth is drunk.

In fact, there are many more products with which you can improve your condition. But, euwhether to talk about the most useful ingredients for nutrition, special attention should be paid to spirulina.

Spirulina - salvation for constipation

Due to its unique composition, the miracle algae is widely used to treat the liver, cleanse the intestines and create normal microflora. Algae contains a huge amount of amino acids, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty enzymes and vitamins. When they are processed, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract increases significantly, metabolism normalizes, and the process of ridding the body of toxins is accelerated.

The use of spirulina for constipation allows for treatment without depleting the body, since the alga carries all the necessary substances. Suffice it to mention that this product is often recommended during pregnancy to replenish the deficiency of minerals and vitamins.

What foods can weaken during pregnancy is a burning question. A woman in an interesting position often encounters constipation, as the developing fetus presses on the intestines, reducing its permeability. Spirulina will not only restore normal stool, but also provide the body of the mother and the growing child with almost all the components necessary for development.

If you use spirulina for prophylactic purposes, 3 g of a pharmaceutical preparation per day is enough. Constipation treatment lasts up to 1 month. In this case, the drug should be taken only on an empty stomach and washed down with plenty of water.

General guidelines for relieving constipation with food

Having figured out which product strengthens and which weakens, you can build your diet so that in the future you no longer have to deal with prolonged constipation.

What foods weaken

For example, you need to thoroughly chew any food and drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will greatly facilitate bowel function.

Paying attention to grains and vegetables, do not forget about fruits. Peaches, tangerines, apples have a laxative effect.

White wine, onions, cucumber pickle, beets, fresh vegetable juices with pulp, fermented milk products - all these ingredients regulate the intestines. But you need to eat less fresh carrots, blueberries and bananas, white rice and white flour products that strengthen the stool.

However, you shouldn't get carried away with weakening products either. Otherwise, diarrhea will have to be treated.

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