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What does the blood discharge indicate?

Vaginal discharge accompanies a woman all her life. Depending on their quality and color, one can judge women's health. Normally, they are few, they have a slimy consistency, they are transparent or whitish, the smell is neutral. The slightest problems with the health of the reproductive system affect the quality of the secret. He may have an unpleasant odor, color change. The appearance of ichor in the discharge most often indicates the onset of the inflammatory process.

What is bloody discharge? This is a secret secreted from the vagina, mixed with blood. A woman notices them by pink or brownish marks on underwear or pads.

Is it the norm to develop such a secret?

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It is considered normal when the appearance of ichor almost coincides with the onset of menstrual days. The smearing discharge appears 2-3 days before the cycle and ends 1-2 days after. The color of the secretion varies from pale pink to brown. Such an individual tip about the onset of critical days is given by the body of many women.

It is considered absolutely natural to have spotting bleeding:

  • after childbirth - up to 4 weeks;
  • after miscarriage or planned abortion - up to 3 weeks;
  • when taking hormonal contraception while the body is at the stage of addiction - 1-3 months.
What does the blood discharge indicate?

In some women, bloody discharge appears in the middle of the cycle. The secret of a pinkish color signals that ovulation has occurred, the egg has left the follicle, and the body is ready to conceive.

Such a manifestation does not create discomfort for a woman. The appearance of bloody smears is not accompanied by pulling pains in the lower abdomen.

Bloody secret - pathology

The causes of prolonged bloody discharge after menstruation - if they last more than a week - are diseases of the reproductive system.

Such diseases include: adnexitis, endometriosis, endometritis, endometrial hyperplasia, the occurrence of fibroids and fibroids of the uterus, malignant tumors.

All factors provoking a lengthening of menstruation are caused by hormonal imbalance, therefore, hormonal drugs must be prescribed for treatment.

If a woman in connection with chroSince hormonal therapy cannot be used for certain diseases or other pathologies in the body, it must be very attentive to its own condition and, in case of any changes, consult a doctor. Sometimes surgery may be required.

What does the blood discharge indicate?

Traditional medicine helps stabilize the condition by offering recipes from plants that contain phytohormones. Unfortunately, this treatment can also have an undesirable side effect, and the condition stabilizes only as long as the herbal preparations are used.

As soon as the course of treatment ends - and it cannot be used without interruption for more than 2 months - after menstruation and in the middle of the cycle, a discharge with the inclusion of blood clots will appear again.

Also, bloody daub may indicate sexually transmitted diseases or inflammatory processes. If the ichor was secretly provoked by these reasons, then the bleeding does not depend on the menstrual cycle.

Even if a woman knows for sure that she has neoplasms or endometriosis, with increased bloody discharge, it is necessary to consult a doctor. You can have a history of fibroids, adnexitis and venereal disease at the same time.

The fewer reasons for abnormal discharge at the same time, the better.

Discharge during pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy is considered normal only in the first weeks, when women do not yet know about their condition.

Bloody discharge during pregnancy accompany the entire first trimester and coincide with the expected days monthly. These days, the threat of miscarriage increases, since such manifestations during the gestation of a baby indicate an insufficient production of progesterone. It is considered especially dangerous if blood appears at 4, 5, 9 and 11 weeks.

What does the blood discharge indicate?

In early pregnancy, a bloody secret appears when the embryo is rejected. An additional symptom is pain in the lower abdomen, reminiscent of contractions. Painful sensations often radiate in the rectum and lower back. It is very important to give a report on what the blood discharge looks like during pregnancy. If they are bright, immediate hospitalization is required. You cannot lie at home in this state and drink the prescribed pills. According to the clinical picture, bleeding from the vessels of the uterus manifests itself in this way, because of it, oxygen starvation occurs in the fetus.

Blood secretions also occur during ectopic pregnancy. At first they are light pink, then brownish - and at this stage you should see a doctor. If you wait until dark blood is released from the vagina, you can lose the fallopian tube during the operation. If you seek medical help before rupture, it is possible to perform a laparoscopic operation, save the fallopian tube, which wasIt will give you a chance to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.

Postpartum discharge

After childbirth, spotting lasting up to 8 weeks is considered normal. They are called lochia. The production of secretion continues all the time while the uterus is recovering from labor.

Look like this after the delivery of the selection:

What does the blood discharge indicate?
  • at first they are scarlet;
  • become brownish and thicken the very next day after delivery;
  • by the end of the week, bloody discharge is replaced by bloody discharge.

Gradually they fade, the color changes from brown to yellow, then - when the uterine lining has healed - disappear.

If the secret has changed from brownish color to red, and its amount has increased, you should consult a doctor. Thus, the inflammatory process manifests itself.

Bloody discharge during menopause

It is possible to diagnose menopause in a woman if her period has not come within a year. With menopause, there should be no bloody discharge normally.

Women even complain about the complete absence of vaginal secretions and they are prescribed special gels and creams for lubrication - due to its absence, discomfort is experienced. Itching and burning in the vagina appear, the mucous membrane becomes thinner, becomes fragile, micro-abrasions appear on it.

When a bloody discharge appears during this period, a woman needs to visit a gynecologist.

What does the blood discharge indicate?

The appearance of discharge with blood may indicate the degeneration of cells into malignant ones. Fatal discharge is the first symptom of transformation of the cervix, fibroids and endometrial polyps. The body produces a physiological secret with the inclusion of blood in the fight against inflammatory processes in order to accelerate the recovery period.

Unfortunately, with many diseases of gynecological organs, it is impossible to recover on your own - you need medical help.

Therefore, when a symptom appears - vaginal discharge - you need to contact a gynecologist. The sooner it is possible to establish what is associated with the formation of a bloody secret, the more chances to get rid of the disease.

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