What causes sudden appearance of white round spots on legs? - Dr. Sudheendra Udbalker

What do white spots on the legs indicate?

If white spots on the arms and legs do not cause any discomfort and are only a cosmetic defect, we can talk about the development of vitiligo. Medicine does not consider this disease to be dangerous to health, and its etiology is not well understood. However, certain reasons have already been established as to why certain areas of the skin appear without pigmentation.

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Causes of Vitiligo

The following factors are considered to be the main causes of white spots on the legs and arms:

  1. The state of the liver, because this organ is responsible for the synthesis of melanin. Impaired bile production and twisting of the biliary tract also provokes changes in the quality of the skin;

For examination of the liver, ultrasound examination, probing are carried out, indicators of biochemistry analyzes and markers of hepatitis B and C are determined.

What do white spots on the legs indicate?
  1. The disease can appear when the thyroid gland is malfunctioning. To determine whether she sufficiently fulfills her duties , a blood test from a vein for thyroid hormones is taken and an ultrasound examination is performed;
  2. Intoxication can provoke a pigmentation disorder;
  3. Change in immune status;
  4. Helminthic invasions. The presence of parasites in the body blocks the absorption of copper, and the quality of the skin directly depends on it;
  5. Excessive UV exposure;
  6. White spots on the legs often occur during pregnancy, which means hormonal changes affect their formation.

Since the number of young people complaining about the appearance of non-pigmented areas on the body has increased recently, scientists suggest that stressful situations also influence their occurrence.

There is a theoretical assumption about the impetus for the appearance of vitiligo in allergies, but the theory has not been confirmed. Since after treatment for allergies and removal of the allergen, the color of the skin does not even out.

At first, the spots are small, pink, then they acquire a milky white color, and increase in size. Their boundaries are sharply delineated, their appearance does not cause any discomfort or pain.

What do white spots on the legs indicate?

Spots can be round or oval, increasing, merging, they form extensive foci. They are more often located in open places - this is another confirmation of the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Symmetrical lesions appear more often, but sometimes single non-pigmented zones appear. They are located above the nerve trunks.

Pigmentation on the affected mestakh also loses hair, the production of sweat and skin lubricant is disrupted, the skin becomes thinner.

It stops responding to external stimuli, goose bumps does not appear on it when exposed to cold or swelling and redness from heat.

Vitiligo treatment

Since it is still not known exactly why white spots appear on the legs and body, doctors determine a therapeutic regimen depending on the patient's condition:

  • a comprehensive examination is being carried out;
  • major problems in the body are identified.

Helminthic invasions are treated, they try to stabilize the functioning of the liver, gallbladder and endocrine system, prescribe sedatives to stabilize the nervous system.

Traditional medicine offers its own methods for treating the disease. One of the mixtures is suggested to be prepared according to the following recipe.

Required ingredients:

What do white spots on the legs indicate?
  • 30 g each take - parsley, aloe, plantain, yarrow, pine buds, flowers and peony root, lingonberry berries, hare cabbage, Chernobyl, Ayra root, St.
  • 15 g each - cloves, wormwood, lovage flowers, crushed pine nuts - with shells, dandelion, juniper fruits;
  • lemon peel - medium.

All these herbs are mixed, 300 g are measured, 2 liters of vodka are poured in warm form, insisted in a warm place in the dark. It is advisable to stir at least occasionally.

Further, the opinions of traditional healers differ. One half suggests taking the mixture in a teaspoon diluted in 50 ml of water, the other - to make lotions directly on the affected from the drug diluted in half with water.

There is another method of treatment suggested by traditional medicine. Since spots can appear at any minute, you must constantly examine yourself. As soon as they begin to form, pink dots will appear, they must be immediately treated with your own urine.

If vitiligo occurs during pregnancy, it is impossible to experiment in any case. The change in skin pigmentation does not affect the child's condition, and - very likely - after childbirth, vitiligo will disappear by itself.

Types of stains

Foot spots come in a variety of colors, not just white. Some of these are symptoms of serious illness. The spots are divided into vascular and pigmented spots.

Vascular appear after inflammatory processes, pigmented - in most cases - under the influence of ultraviolet radiation or internal organic changes:

What do white spots on the legs indicate?
  • Hemorrhagic spots are usually directly related to the state of the vessels of the lower extremities, are a sign of the onset of varicose veins; may appear with infectious diseases;
  • Isolated, itchy, reddened areasth skin that do not have clear boundaries - this is how erythrema manifests itself;
  • Blue spots and bruises that form for no reason indicate a problem with blood vessels or a lack of vitamin C in the body;
  • If the spots are small, about 2 cm in diameter, have clear boundaries, periodically peel off, the skin under them thickens, then most likely it is roseola;
  • If you find a skin area with clear boundaries, the color of which is slightly paler than the rest of the skin surface, you should consult a doctor. This could be a symptom of syphilis;
  • Each age spot should be considered individually. Common moles can hide dangerous melanoma - one of the most aggressive types of skin cancer. If the pigmented area has an uneven outline or a multi-colored color, you should definitely see a doctor.

Any change in skin condition indicates organic problems. When there are no apparent reasons for the formation of spots on the legs, but they do appear, you should consult a dermatologist.

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