Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

What breed of dog to choose for living in an apartment?

Every family that is planning to get a dog, first of all, is looking for a cheerful and kind companion. Nobody wants to keep an aggressive animal in the apartment, which will cause a lot of trouble and scare the family.

When thinking about what kind of dog it is better to have in an apartment, pay attention to the character of the animal. In this case, the appearance of the pet is not so important. A dog can be active, affectionate and calm, funny and clumsy. It often happens that small, seemingly unremarkable dogs turn out to be much more fun and more mobile than large dogs.

Experts who are engaged in breeding and selling puppies will help to give practical advice on the breed and character of the dog.

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Dogs for an apartment

What breed of dog to choose for living in an apartment?

Based on the nature of the animal, you can choose a wonderful companion who will not disturb your peace in the apartment and will bring joy.

If you are planning to play sports with an animal, then you need an active, and most importantly, hardy and healthy dog. In this case, a pinscher, schnauzer, retriever, fox terrier would be an excellent option.

If the presence of a noisy animal does not bother you, then you can get a spaniel, fox, dachshund, toy terrier.

By the way, these breeds get along well with children, so when thinking about what kind of dog to get for a child in an apartment, consider them first.

It should be noted that a dog of any breed, one way or another, needs care, attention and careful care. Therefore, it does not matter what breed of dog you keep for your apartment, the main thing is to provide the animal with proper care and regular walking.

What character should a dog have for an apartment?

First of all, the dog should not be aggressive by nature. Another very important condition is the good health of the animal. Before adopting a dog, make sure it is healthy and mentally free.

The dog should show a healthy interest in the surrounding family members, and also be sociable enough. When an animal has health problems, it does not show interest in others and sleeps almost all the time.

As for gender, it is best to wind the cables. This is due to the fact that bitches have a habit of licking children, mistaking them for puppies. Of course, this behavior can be very frightening for a child, in addition, a dog can transfer a lot of disease-causing bacteria to a toddler.

Labradors, poodles, terriers, beagles, Dalmatians and schnauzers areNot the entire list of breeds that can be a good friend for your family and children. In any case, even the smallest dog breeds for an apartment will need proper care and education. By the way, children can also be involved in raising a dog if they are of a conscious age.

Creating the right conditions for the four-legged friend

What breed of dog to choose for living in an apartment?

If you want the dog not to disturb the order in the house, then you should create favorable conditions for the pet to live within the walls of the apartment. When family members are often absent, an overly active dog can get bored and make a mess. In this case, you need to get a comfortable and spacious aviary.

An aviary for a dog in an apartment can be metal and have several sections. They are also used to re-educate the pet.

The design of such a cage is quite reliable and safe for the dog.

For small breeds of dogs, you can pick up a plastic enclosure. Some owners prefer wood enclosures, since wood is an environmentally friendly material.

Of course, in most cases, the animal has a negative attitude towards living in an aviary, but when there is a need, you can gradually teach the dog to be in it with pleasure.

You can do without an aviary, but in this case, you need to allocate a special corner for the dog on the floor, and also teach the pet to live in one place. In this case, there is no guarantee that while you are not at home, your pet will not settle on the bed.

In addition to the aviary, you will also need to purchase a toilet for a dog. Many people are mistaken when they think that a dog can only relieve himself on the street. There are times when a toilet within the walls of an apartment for an animal is simply necessary. For example, if the puppy is still very small, then it will first need to be taught to the street, but while it adapts, you can put a toilet in the corner. Also, the litter box will not be superfluous if the dog is sick and too weak to go outside. In such cases, it is much easier for her to relieve herself of the toilet.

There are several varieties of dog litter boxes, namely:

What breed of dog to choose for living in an apartment?
  • column toilet;
  • toilet with manifold;
  • toilet with a special diaper;
  • grass toilet;
  • special filled tray;

The size of the litter box will depend on how large your dog is.

If you notice that she often tries to hide when she relieves herself, then you should consider a closed plan toilet.

In such a toilet, the pet will feel completely safe and it will be easier for him to relieve himself.

When the dog is accustomed to the toilet, and it is regularly cleaned, you can forget about the bad smell in the apartment. Raising and caring for a dog will be a pleasure when the right approach is chosen for the animal.

When choosing a dog for an apartment, veryIt is important to remember that an animal is a true friend that requires attention no less than the people around you.


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