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What are the best contact lenses?

Contact lenses are a convenient modern way of vision correction. They are preferred by people who lead an active lifestyle, business and motivated, who value comfort and practicality.

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What are the best contact lenses?

And not surprisingly, their advantages are obvious: with the right selection, they do not cause discomfort, they do not need to be taken off during the day and wiped from dust or fogging, as happens with glasses. Moisturizing eye drops are enough a couple of times a day, but they are not always necessary.

Contact lenses do not fall off with sudden movements, do not slip every now and then on the tip of the nose, do not freeze in winter. You can even sleep in some of them!

Adherents of glasses often explain their love for them with a sense of style, calling them a highlight of the image. But in this case, there should be several frames. Otherwise, classic thin temples will look ridiculous in combination with a tracksuit, and colored plastic frames will destroy the strict image.

And, if we talk about glasses, as an element of appearance, no one forbids wearing them and the owners of contact optics. The choice of glasses without diopters is perhaps even wider.

Lenses are suitable for absolutely everyone who does not have appropriate medical contraindications, which cannot be said about glasses. Especially often women face the impossibility of choosing the perfect frame.

Sometimes glasses, no matter how beautiful and fashionable in themselves, just disfigure the face. And out of hundreds of options for all kinds of frames, none fits. This is due to the individual characteristics of the appearance. And then there is nothing left but to put up with glasses that do not suit you, or opt for contact optics.

Selecting contact optics

An ophthalmologist will help you decide, he will tell you how to choose the right lenses for eyes . Remember that buying without first consulting a specialist, even if you know all the parameters of your vision, can harm your health.

How to choose contact lenses? Let's look at the main criteria for the quality of hydrophilic optics:

What are the best contact lenses?
  • Gas permeability, in other words, the eyes must be able to breathe . The higher this indicator, the less likely it is to irritate and the more comfortable it is to wear lenses;
  • Resistance to mechanical stress. As a rule, cheap optics are easier to scratch or even tear when removed. Therefore, the savings should bereasonable - if you buy inexpensive eye models, ask the seller for a certificate of quality, discuss the selected brand with your doctor and read reviews;
  • The presence of an ultraviolet filter is necessary to protect the eyes from the negative effects of harmful solar radiation.

It's good if the manufacturer also produces optics care products. In this case, you do not have to spend time selecting the right solution.

At first, the presence of a slight discomfort is allowed, the eyes will gradually get used to the foreign body. But if it hurts to blink, you have profuse tearing or allergies, there is no better way to go to your doctor and choose hypoallergenic contact lenses for your eyes with him.

For a quicker habituation process, start with daily lenses. They are almost imperceptible to the eyes due to their greater flexibility and softness, in addition, they are also thinner.

What are the best contact lenses?

Gradually, it will be possible to switch to reusable models, which are relatively cheaper. The period of wearing such models is from two weeks to three months - these are the so-called scheduled replacement models. There is also a more affordable look on the market - traditional, which can be worn for more than six months.

Developers and manufacturers of contact optics every year improve their manufacturing technologies, use new materials, making the parameters of models better, and their surface weightless. At the same time, they try to make them as cheap as possible in order to deprive points of their last advantage. It is quite possible that the glasses will finally become an accessory in the near future.

Bright accent

Modern contact lenses can be used not only for their intended purpose - to restore the original sharpness of vision, but also as a decoration. Colored models masterfully cope with this task. By the way, they can be without diopters.

How to choose colored lenses? It depends on the ultimate goal: do you want to emphasize your own eye color, or radically change it? Or shock others with unusual, for example, cat's eyes?

In the first case, take a closer look at tinted lenses, they will give expressiveness to your look, and the eye color will become more saturated.

What are the best contact lenses?

If you have gray or blue eyes, pay attention to models with a gradient paint system that is darker at the edge, such models will help to avoid the effect of blurring the iris.

And what contact lenses should you choose to turn from a cute blue-eyed lady into, say, a fatal brown-eyed beauty? The fully painted models will help you with this.

Try to choose the most natural color possible to avoid the effect of an empty doll look. With light eyes it is much easier, but recolor dark so that it looks natural is much more difficult and costsmore expensive.

It's much easier to decide which color models to choose for an eccentric look. Ophthalmic shops now boast a huge selection of decorated models in all kinds of colors. With their help, you can not only change the usual eye color, but also the shape of the pupil, as well as enlarge the iris.

When wondering which is better to choose high-quality and modern contact lenses, pay attention to fashion trends, listen to the advice of a doctor and, of course, to yourself. After all, who, if not you, knows what exactly you need: a bright memorable look or just good eyesight.

Will you find a minute in your busy schedule to treat the lenses with solution and put them in a container, or do you need one-day models that can be thrown away in the evening without regret. Wherever you choose, contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses.

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