Weight loss technique 25 frames

In modern society, the pursuit of excellence is driven by the availability of information. In advertisements, social news and even on TV shows, we are shown rich and successful beauties who are thin, slim and happy. It's like a visual call to action: if you want to be happy - lose weight!

Weight loss technique 25 frames

Even if your colleagues at work smile tenderly from your desire to lose weight, and your mother faints.

Tribute to fashion is not easy, and after exhausting all kinds of diets, they give up - the scales do not want to show the desired result.

From hopelessness, you start looking for non-traditional methods of losing weight, which should include the method of losing weight 25 frame .

Judging by the slogans and the number of advertising campaigns on the Internet, this is the current and most lazy way to quickly achieve a result, is it so?

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Opening history

If you go a little deeper into history, then for the first time about 25 frame they started talking about in the fifties of the last century. The founder of the method is undoubtedly James Vykeri, it was he who stated that in the film Picnic , broadcast in New Jersey cinemas, phrases were inserted that appeared on the screen for thousandths of a second and were not noticeable viewers.

These phrases were supposed to urge viewers to buy popcorn and soft drinks, according to the same Vykeri, the effect was amazing - everything was sold out in the buffet! After the publication of this news in the press, society was outraged at such a daring interference in the human mind, fearing a negative impact on the psyche.

In hot pursuit, a commission was created, which wished to see with its own eyes of its effectiveness. The experiment with 25 frames had to be repeated down to the smallest details, the result was negative, watching the film left the audience indifferent to the execution of the actions suggested to them.

The public breathed a sigh of relief. Vykeri admitted that the experiment and all sales data were fabricated. Experiments of this magnitude in this area were publicly prohibited and punishable by law. Again they started talking about the weight loss system 25 frames already in the nineties of the last century.

More details ...

From the point of view of science, our consciousness can perceive a visual maptinku, served at a speed of 24 frames per second, when embedding 25 frames, the brain at the subconscious level catches it and remembers it. Theoretically, a person with the help of 25 frames can inspire anything.

Weight loss with the help of 25 frames is designed for all age categories of people, well, except that it is contraindicated for children under 14 years old, in view of the unformed psyche. It is implemented as a specially developed program that you can buy recorded on a disc or get a download link on the Internet at a specialized site.

The program is installed on your computer and is immediately ready for use. It is important to know that there is an opportunity to adjust it to your needs in suggestion, for example, to set phrases-attitudes that are relevant specifically for you. Sit down at your computer, launch the program and for half an hour to an hour watch the pictures and phrases flashing before your eyes.

Experts advise using it every day for three weeks, then a break, then a repetition of the course. The course should be repeated three times. If we simplify a little the definition of the concept of a weight loss system 25 frames , then it will sound like this: the subconscious mind, reading the commands given in the program, will look for ways to lose weight, whether it is lack of appetite or improvement metabolism.

There are no specific facts about the effectiveness of this method, basically all data is based on assumptions and speculation. The subconscious area of ​​our brain is still poorly understood, which makes it possible to manipulate the impossibility of verifying the result using a scientific method. Scientists' opinion about the action of the program 25 frames for weight loss on our subconscious are radically divided.

Some categorically reject it as a method, and even warn about the possibility of negative consequences on the human brain. Others support it, considering losing weight with 25 frames as a so-called suggestion, subconsciously perceived by the brain, which is akin to the placebo method - it helps to believe in the positive statements written in the program, and, as a result, you start to eat less and lose weight without effort. / p>

The difference of opinion on the weight loss system 25 frames gives hope to many who want to get a quick and easy result, the opportunity to finally get the desired shape.

The method of losing weight 25 frames should be used with caution, this is a purely individual product and a massively positive effect should not be expected. It suits someone and a person loses weight without any problems, and someone, after completing a full course and lack of results, will say that this is nonsense and will regret the money spent in vain. I dare say that if this weight loss system is seasoned with a light diet and little physical activity, then the effect will be really amazing.almost everyone.

In some cases, strength exercises are simply necessary, because it is impossible to tighten the skin and tone the muscles using only changing mental attitudes. The program 25 frames for weight loss will be a good starting point for those who want to change and keep them in good shape during the process of losing weight.


The main thing is to correctly set the settings and prioritize.

And there are a few rules here:

  1. Do not use a negative part in the installation not , for example, you need to write I love vegetables and fruits , you do not need to write I don't eat sweets and starchy foods ;
  2. The text must be affirmative, for example, you need to write I lose weight by three kg per week , you do not need to write I want to weigh 55 kg , the word want suggests a lack of confidence in the final result;
  3. Do not use negative statements in the text, for example I will lose weight so that it doesn’t become , this context can negatively affect health and psyche, correctly set I lose weight quickly and easily without problems ;
  4. Act deliberately and methodically, do not skip planned classes, do not allow yourself to relax and turn sour after the first week;
  5. Carefully read the instructions attached to the program, do not allow yourself to get carried away by increasing the duration of the sessions, it is said - about an hour of viewing per day, so watch exactly the specified time.

These little tricks will enhance the program's action and prevent unwanted settings from affecting your subconscious.

And the last important point: when using the program, beware of scammers, it is advisable to purchase a method of losing weight 25 frames on trusted sites. Read forums and reviews about this or that information resource.

And free downloading on unverified sites can lead to negative consequences, both for your health and for your computer.

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