WILLPOWER TO LOSE WEIGHT (The Weight Loss Mindset You Need)

Weight loss mindset: mobilizing willpower

Want to lose weight, but can't choose that Monday you will definitely go on a diet? It is quite difficult to appoint the moment from which the diet and lifestyle completely change: there are always obstacles in the form of friends' birthdays and all kinds of exits out into the world - I want to try something tasty and drink an extra glass of alcohol.

There are too many holidays and temptations in life, and if the goal is to try everything, it is impossible to solve the problem of how to tune your brain to lose weight. Therefore, you need to determine for yourself what is more important - to find the desired forms or to live carefree, lamenting by the end of the day: Why am I so fat ???

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Why Lose Weight?

Weight loss mindset: mobilizing willpower

Before setting yourself up for weight loss, you should decide why you need it. There may not be enough motivation to get into a dress that was worn 10 years ago to mobilize will into a fist. The brain clearly understands that not only age and circumstances have changed over 10 years, but also fashion, and therefore this dress will not be relevant.

It is dangerous to associate a slim figure with success with men. How many beautiful, slender, successful, and at the same time lonely! If the weight begins to fall, and the male environment does not show interest, a nervous breakdown may occur.

Most likely it will. Moreover, male friends and friends will start to make fun of the new way of life, refusing to eat any food when gathering a company will cause jokes, and the loss of excess weight is unlikely to be noticed.

So how can you really tune yourself to losing weight? Choose a real, clear, correctly formulated motivation.

Worthy motivation statement

I will like myself! What is not a worthy motivation to force yourself to go on a diet? And then:

  • My beloved man loves me like that, but I want him to like me even more. Still, he looks with one eye at women of model appearance;
  • This season's fashion offers interesting silhouettes. Minus 3 kg - and I'm in favor;
  • Women with a good figure can apply for jobs that are not available to fat women. Why not become a face of a firm?
  • Don't I have willpower? I decided to become slimmer - then I will!

And the most important motivation is healthI. No matter how overweight people tell that there should be a lot of good people , excessive sweating, feeling tired after simple physical exertion, and palpitations are indicative of impending chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system. p>

Why not extend youth by several years, without allowing weight gain? The body will not fail without extra pounds.

Psychological attitude to diet

Women set themselves up for weight loss in different ways.

The advice they give should not be taken very seriously, but maybe someone will find something useful in them:

Weight loss mindset: mobilizing willpower
  • You need to force yourself every day to fit into things that have recently corresponded to size. But not school outfits are chosen, but those that stopped buttoning up 5-6 months ago;
  • Photos from Photoshop can be a good incentive. Need to take a few pictures, remove extra pounds and folds and compare how you will look? By the way, it should be taken into account - it is not recommended to remove a lot of volume. In real life, a sharp weight loss affects the condition of the skin of the face and neck;
  • It is worth reading articles written by people who have coped with their weight, watching programs aimed at losing weight. Flyers and displays only do harm.

Setting yourself up to lose weight psychologically, you should realize that you, your beloved, will never again have to bake pies and buy buns with fatty cutlets in fast food. Healthy eating is a way of life.

If you are going to make your body swing - plus or minus 3 kg per month - you can only disturb your health.

In the future, such an attitude towards yourself will lead to obesity - at best - or to a hospital bed.

A ladder to a healthy lifestyle

To optimally solve the problem of how to properly adjust the body for weight loss, you can imagine a ladder.

Overcoming each step is a step towards weight loss:

Weight loss mindset: mobilizing willpower
  • Healthy food. Not constantly jumping from one diet to another, but an optimal diet, which will be the impetus for weight loss, and then only a healthy diet;
  • Mandatory activation of lifestyle. During working hours, you have to sit still - which means that after work you should walk home, be sure to introduce training into your life schedule;
  • Hunger should not be allowed. This can provoke a breakdown - both in diet and nervous. It is better to have a light snack than to lash out at others first and then pounce on food. A handful of nuts, a green apple, a couple of dried fruits - these foods will help calm an empty stomach and nerves;
  • It is imperative to breathe fresh air. A healthy lifestyle if you constantly spend time indoors? About this and talkfunny;
  • We must try to systematize the daily routine. It will be easier for the body to adapt to changes in life schedule if meals and sleep are at the same time. Sleep is required at least 6-8 hours a day. Without getting enough sleep, it is impossible to maintain vital activity;
  • The goals should be set only real ones. To do this, you should calculate your capabilities, estimate how many kilograms you can lose in a month, and try to fulfill the plan;
  • You need to weigh yourself not several times a day, but 2 times a week. This will help avoid nervous breakdowns - everything can fluctuate significantly during the day;
  • The menu for the day should be thought out in advance, paying attention to the calorie content of the dishes, thinking over the replacement of some products.

No need to set yourself rigid prohibitions. You need to persuade yourself, give arguments. For example: Well, let's eat a piece of sweet bun. AND? An extra half hour of training? But time can be spent much more interesting ... .

Once you realize that losing weight is not a temporary process, that a slim figure is a reward for restrictions, it will be easier to give up buns and a sedentary lifestyle.

Why we must stop ignoring the psychology of weight loss: Alisa Anokhina at TEDxUCL

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