Top 3 PROVEN Tips to get pregnant fast naturally

We want to get pregnant as soon as possible!

The time has come when the couple decided on the desire to conceive as soon as possible and then give birth to a healthy baby. Unfortunately, quite often spouses who love each other are faced with a situation where their efforts repeatedly do not bring results.

We want to get pregnant as soon as possible!

Reliably none of the doctors will undertake to say why this is happening, although there are various studies that help determine the problems of partners that complicate the process of fertilization of a woman after the abolition of contraceptives.

If the lovers decide that they are ready to become parents, then they want to understand how to quickly get pregnant. Indeed, after conception, there are still nine months of anxious expectation of a miracle ahead.

Do not panic if, for several months, attempts do not result in the desired two stripes. Science has not yet come up with a special quick way to get pregnant that guarantees pregnancy the first time.

All pairs are individual, someone needs more time to hit the target. At the same time, there are reasonable guidelines for getting pregnant quickly after your period, as planned.

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Why doesn't the event happen immediately?

If only a few months of active work on the appearance of a baby have passed, and there is no pregnancy, it is too early to see a doctor.

You will still have time to pass the entire range of analyzes and tests, visit doctors who find out if a man or woman has a pathology of the reproductive system. You just need to calmly keep trying and try to make them more productive.

Various reasons can postpone the moment of conception:

Harmful habits such as smoking and regular alcohol consumption

If in a man nicotine and alcohol directly affect the speed of movement and the activity of sperm in general, then in women these harmful substances stop the production of eggs after the onset of menstruation for a period of several months.

If you have such habits, it is easy to understand how you can get pregnant quickly. It is necessary to drastically reduce alcohol consumption, and it is also desirable to completely abandon cigarettes.

Stress, excessive physical and psychological stress

Quite often, partners experience stress at work or at home. Negative experiences, regular quarrels and general fatigue can provoke a defensive reaction in a woman when her body isdares to conceive, believing that the time is not right for this.

It happened that during protracted hostilities, young girls of reproductive age stopped critical days, ovulation did not occur, which means that pregnancy could not occur for some time.

We want to get pregnant as soon as possible!

Therefore, if you are determined to give birth to a healthy child, the only possible quick way to get pregnant is to discard all everyday negativity and learn to enjoy every moment of your life.

For some, this will mean a vacation with a change of scenery, for others - a job change or the acquisition of a new hobby. The decision is individual, one thing is important - that the stress leaves you.

Boys have poor quality and uncomfortable clothes

Oddly enough, the quality of underpants, swimming trunks and pants directly affects male sperm. For those who are looking for a surefire way to get pregnant quickly, it will be interesting to know that synthetic fabrics of boxers, thongs and other clothes that cover the male reproductive organ overheat or, conversely, overcool the pelvic region, reducing the number of active sperm.

You should only buy cotton panties and make sure that the pants are comfortable, made from natural fabrics.

Wrong moment selected

Interested in how to quickly get pregnant after stopping contraception? Calculate the day of ovulation and work actively with your partner on the desired goal for this and the next few days.

A woman's body is designed in such a way that most of the time it is unable to fulfill the main reproductive mission. Only within 48 hours after the egg is released from the ovary, while it moves along the genital tract directly to the uterus, there is a chance of conception.

We want to get pregnant as soon as possible!

There are various methods for determining ovulation: from calculating basal body temperature with a thermometer and special tests from the pharmacy to simply being attentive to your body (on the day of ovulation, vaginal discharge increases, the lower abdomen aches).

If a woman's cycle is irregular, it is more difficult to determine the moment of release of the egg. In this case, you may need to visit a gynecologist for consultation. You shouldn't shoot the arrow at the target blindly, it's better to time the shot correctly.

Calculation tricks

So, if you have eliminated the main factors that can interfere with conception, have determined the moment of ovulation and have begun to actively work in a given direction, think about how to take advantage of the situation.

It is interesting that sperm are quite tenacious, they can maintain their activity for about 5-6 days. Therefore, if you are not calculating the day of ovulation for the first time and your cycle is regular (that is, you can relatively accurately predict the date of release of the egg by the calendar), then you can start trying with your partner almost a week before the moment of X.

Consider an example: if between a woman and a manhad sex on Tuesday, then some of the sperm will live in the partner's fallopian tubes until Friday, or even until Sunday.

Here are two tips:

  • on favorable days, have sex about once every two days, so that live active sperm are always present in the woman's body;
  • do not abstain from sex for too long before the onset of the productive period, as too many dead spermatozoa can collect in the partner's semen, which are no longer capable of fertilization.

Techniques to speed up the process

Many ladies are wondering if there are any clever ways to speed up the process? How can you quickly get pregnant and not suffer from doubts, waiting for the cherished two strips for many months?

Here are some more tips:

  • no need to waste your time looking for the right positions in sex, productive positions are a common myth that has no foundation;
  • try to lie on your back a little after sex (10-15 minutes), relaxed and calm: there is no need to raise your legs up, since the position of the pelvis does not change, and the horizontal option will be quite enough for sperm to enter the cervix men;
  • try not to worry too much during a favorable period, as well as in the process of intimate communication with a partner (worries about a possible conception can cause stress, which, in turn, will affect the delay in ovulation and thus really disrupt your plans) .

Health improvement for good

It is important for every couple in love not only to understand how to get pregnant quickly, but also to give birth to a healthy child in all respects. To do this, you need to do in advance to improve your partner's sperm and prepare the body of the future mother.

We want to get pregnant as soon as possible!

The likelihood that the sperm will reach the target increases several times if their tribe is strong, healthy and numerous. A man should be in great shape when he decides to become a father.

It should be remembered that regular consumption of alcoholic beverages lowers the level of testosterone, which is responsible for reproductive functions.

Drugs, nicotine can also reduce the number of sperm suitable for fertilization.

Therefore, the partner is expected to moderate, refrain from excesses and take with food such useful substances as calcium, zinc, vitamins D and C, folic acid and other drugs that have a positive effect on sperm quality. The sooner there are changes in a man's life, the more likely a happy conception will be.

Finally, only in a healthy body of the expectant mother can the long-awaited life arise. Refusal from bad habits, proper nutrition, regular physical activity - this is the minimum that a woman planning to give birth to a healthy child must provide.

Do not postpone the visit to the gynecologist. If there are any problems or obstacles to conception, it is better to know about it as soon as possible. With this approach, the couple will soon expect happy motherhood and fatherhood!

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