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We treat teeth according to the lunar calendar

At first glance, it is difficult to find something in common between the exact and rigorous science of medicine and the science of astrology, which is often not taken seriously. However, the connection between them still exists and is confirmed by even the most ardent skeptics. We are talking about the moon, which affects many areas of human life.

The effects of the moon on health

We treat teeth according to the lunar calendar

Nowadays, no one argues that the influence of the Moon on our planet and all living organisms is obvious. Everyone knows that this small satellite of the earth directs the ebb and flow of water in the seas and oceans. It also affects the state of fluids inside the human body (blood, lymph), as well as the rate of cell division and growth.

Astrologers are firmly convinced that the Moon has an energetic influence to a greater extent than a physical one, which is quite difficult to verify. However, the connection between the state of man and the Moon, which was noticed in ancient times, is today confirmed by modern scientific research.

In one thing, many doctors and astrologers are in solidarity: the phase of the moon determines how successful this or that surgical intervention will be, how quickly postoperative wounds will heal and complete recovery will come. So dental treatment and their prosthetics according to the lunar calendar have recently become very popular. Many patients make an appointment with the dentist only after checking the lunar calendar for the treatment and extraction of teeth.

In what phase and what can be treated?

We treat teeth according to the lunar calendar

The largest number of questions arise regarding the full moon - a time to which many mysterious incidents and coincidences are attributed. Full moon astrologers do not recommend avoiding tooth extraction, treatment and prosthetics, as well as any surgical interventions.

These restrictions also apply to the days of eclipses, both solar and lunar. The most unfavorable and even critical days according to the lunar calendar for dental treatment are 9, 7 and 15, as well as 23, 26 and 29 days.

It is also not recommended to treat teeth on a growing moon. It is best to choose a waning moon day or a new moon. It is generally accepted that while it is growing, the body accumulates strength so that it can then be wasted during the waning moon, that is, it is easy to endure any procedures and quickly recover.

The most favorable days for dental procedures are the days of the waning of the moon, that is, all the time from the full moon to the new moon.

With a new moon, the removal of tartar, filling of teeth, installation of a crown and a bridge will be effective. And a week before the new moon, you can safely remove teeth and perform operations on the jaw. Favorable days for dental procedures are 2, 6, 7 and 14, as well as 15, 24, 27 and 28 days of the lunar cycle. If you plIf you are planning dental treatment, and want to do it in accordance with the phases of the moon, stock up on a calendar and feel free to plan all your affairs, as well as choose favorable days according to the lunar calendar for the treatment of your teeth.

You can buy a lunar calendar for the current or future 2016 at any bookstore or kiosk.

However, remember that serious problems such as the presence of a cyst, acute pain and swollen cheeks from a sick tooth should not wait for the new moon. You need to immediately go to the doctor and fix the problem.

How does the moon effect your cycle and fertilty?

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