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We strengthen the cilia with burdock oil

Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of long, fluffy and naturally thick eyelashes. Currently, modern beauty salons offer many ways to artificially increase the length and volume of eyelashes for some time.

We strengthen the cilia with burdock oil

But before resorting to such extreme measures, you need to try to solve the problem naturally - with the help of proven traditional medicine, which include vegetable oils.

They have long been recognized as a valuable storehouse of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other useful elements, therefore they are actively used not only in folk medicine and cosmetology, but are often prescribed as complementary remedy in traditional medicine.

So for the care of cilia, burdock oil is often used, which is popularly called just burdock. Burdock oil for eyelashes is great for daily care, allows you to effectively strengthen them, making them thick and long.

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Useful properties of burdock oil?

Very greasy and deliciously smelling burdock oil will strengthen the hairs, eliminate flaking of the skin around the bulbs and increase the density of your eyelashes.

This natural remedy includes three important and very useful components:

  • vitamin E;
  • vitamin A;
  • inulin.

Inulin is a natural sorbent that, when it gets on the surface of the hairs, helps to remove toxic substances from their surface that interfere with the growth of eyelashes.

Vitamins A and E help smooth the scales of the hairs, making them smooth and shiny. As a result of the use of burdock oil, the cilia thicken and noticeably rise with the tips up, the eyelashes are strengthened.

How does burdock work?

On average, hairs are renewed every 10-15 days, in most cases this time is enough for the new cilium to reach its normal size and replace the one that is about to fall out. However, for some, this process goes wrong: old eyelashes fall out faster than new ones have time to grow to the desired length, and as a result we have rare and short eyelashes.

We strengthen the cilia with burdock oil

In addition, our eyelashes almost every day experience the negative influence of such decorative cosmetics.cosmetics such as mascara and eyeshadow, and makeup removers. They are also adversely affected by environmental conditions, especially summer heat and winter frosts.

The use of natural burdock oil for eyelashes will protect eyelashes from external factors, strengthen them and accelerate growth.

When applied to the eyelashes, burdock oil lays on them in an even layer and glues the scales. The vitamins contained in this useful product and microelements penetrate well into the cilia, strengthen them and make them less brittle.

In addition, this remedy has a beneficial effect on the condition and health of hair follicles, due to which they fall out much less often, and new ones grow strong and healthy.

You can buy preparations based on burdock oil to strengthen eyelashes at any pharmacy, or you can prepare them yourself.

How to use this tool

Burdock oil for strengthening eyelashes can be used in its pure form, or you can use it in a diluted form, for example, as part of nourishing balms. How to smear eyelashes with burdock oil correctly?

In fact, everything is very simple, you need to apply it to your eyelashes with a small brush or a cotton swab, but the best tool was and is an old brush washed from mascara.

It is necessary to apply the product in an even layer from the base of the eyelashes to the very tips, aging so that it does not get into the eyes. Before you apply oil to your eyelashes, you need to slightly warm it up, for example, in a water bath.

It is recommended to carry out this procedure every day, preferably in the evening. However, you should not leave the product overnight, because it can melt under the influence of the heat of the human body and flow directly into the eye. The optimal contact time of the oil with the eyelashes is 2 hours, after this time the excess of the product must be removed.

The most popular and effective means with participation of burdock oil for eyelash growth are formulations prepared according to the following recipes:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of burdock oil with the same amount of castor oil and add 3 drops of vitamin E to the mixture, apply in the evening for a month;
  • Grind the rose hips into powder, pour a tablespoon of this powder with 2 tablespoons of a mixture of sea buckthorn and burdock oil (1 tablespoon of each oil). Insist in a dark place for 10 days, then strain and lubricate eyelashes every evening;
  • Take 1 tablespoon of almond, burdock and castor oils, mix thoroughly, add 2 drops of vitamin E and fish oil. Use in the evening after removing makeup.

It is most convenient to pour the prepared hair strengthening products into an old, well-washed tube of mascara. This tool can also be used to improvecondition of your eyebrows.

Despite its naturalness, this product can be included in the list of prohibited ones, because although very rare, it can still cause an allergic reaction, redness and even swelling of the eyelid.

Therefore, a test on the elbow bend before the first use of burdock oil for eyelash growth and strengthening is a necessary procedure.


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