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We master the breathing technique pranayama: we learn to control our body

You've probably heard about the great benefits of pranayama? If not, you should first familiarize yourself with the concept itself, and then with the breathing techniques of pranayama. This is the ancient esoteric science of yogis, which originated many centuries ago. It teaches a person to exercise control over prana - free cosmic energy. All you need to do is learn to regulate your breathing.

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Great teachings of yogis

We master the breathing technique pranayama: we learn to control our body

Prana is present everywhere, therefore the human body, all its organs and parts are inextricably linked with it. Pranayama is a kind of system of special exercises that develop control over the control of your own breathing.

Such classes are useful even for those who have not been fond of yoga before, because they can significantly increase the energy level of the body.

Before you start to study the technique of performing full breathing of yogis , you should familiarize yourself with the main components of pranayama.

Pranayama is a very powerful technique that much faster than asanas has an effect on the physical and emotional state of the human body. For this reason, many beginner yoga practitioners warn that practicing without an experienced teacher can be hazardous to the health of beginning practitioners.

It is important to familiarize yourself with some contraindications, pranayama is not recommended in such cases:

  • under 18;
  • high blood pressure;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • blood diseases.

This activity usually involves breathing through the nose, so preparation of this organ of our body is required before proceeding with the full breathing of yogis.

Preparing for class

If you decide to do pranayama, you need to devote some time to preparing the body. Yogis recommend doing yoga cleansing or Shatkarma. According to them, the most useful are Jala Neti and Sutra Neti.

Jala Neti

The procedure is a special preparation of the respiratory system, which consists in cleansing the sinuses. For this, the usualth saline.

It can be purchased at the pharmacy, but if you wish, you can prepare it at home: for this, you need to dissolve such an amount of salt in boiled water so that the clear liquid acquires the taste of a tear. Many yogis use a special teapot with a thin long spout for this shatkarma.

The spout of this teapot is inserted into one nostril, the head tilts to one side, the water is poured out so that it flows out of the other nostril. Not everyone is able to immediately find the right angle so that water flows freely through both nostrils. First you need to insert the spout of the kettle into the nasal passage that breathes better.

You can perform the Jala Neti procedure without a kettle. If the first way to cleanse your nose, when you need to use a kettle, is not suitable for you, take any wide vessel, a small bowl or cup is best.

In this container, you need to pour salted water or saline solution, dip your nose so that the nostrils are in the water, and tighten the liquid, which should pour into your mouth. This procedure is also called nose-drinking .

After you have mastered this simple technique for cleansing the nose, you should go to the opposite action. Water is drawn into the mouth, the head is tilted forward, and all the liquid is poured out through the nose. This procedure is a little more complicated, it is not always possible to release water through the nose. Success can be achieved by doing some experimentation with the correct head tilt.

Sutra Neti

We master the breathing technique pranayama: we learn to control our body

Having chosen this method of preparing the nasal passages for diaphragmatic breathing, it is necessary to use threads instead of water. Instead of a thread, you can take a thin catheter, which is sold in pharmacies.

First, the catheter or thread must be boiled well to disinfect the instrument. For better glide, one end of the suture or catheter should be lubricated with oil. After that, the catheter is inserted round side into one nostril and slowly guided into the mouth.

The catheter must be held so that one end of it comes out in the mouth, and the other can be caught and pulled out a little out of the nose. Hold the two ends of the catheter and gently back and forth to clear the nasal passages.

Pranayama Poses

The technique of performing yoga exercises requires taking a comfortable position. It is important to assume a comfortable position while sitting on the floor, keeping your back as straight as possible. The simplest pose that meets these requirements is Sukhasana.

Sometimes beginners who have not done physical exercise before, and, therefore, their body is not sufficiently developed, may feel difficulties. To make it easier for them to perform the exercise, a small block or wooden pillow filled with grain can be placed under the buttocks. Cross your legs together and lower them to the floor. If you feel tired quickly while in this position, you can lean your back against a wall to perform pranayama.

Except Suksakhana in pranayI can also use the following poses:

  • Sidhasana;
  • Ardha Padmasana;
  • Padmasana;
  • Vajrasana.

If, while in the sukhasana position, your hips are well open, so that your knees freely touch the floor, you can safely proceed to Sidhasana. The starting position for this pose: the leg is bent at the knee, its heel is pressed tightly against the crotch area, the second limb is lowered to the first so that their heels touch each other.

Your knees should lie freely on the floor. This pose is much more stable than sukhasana, but it is only available to those with well-developed hip joints.

Benefits of Pranayama

With the help of proper breathing, you can not only improve your well-being and increase efficiency, but also lose weight. The bodyflex technique will help you with this, which consists of five stages. Schematically, bodyflex breathing looks like this: exhale - inhale - exhale - hold your breath - inhale.

Having learned to breathe correctly, you can control your emotions and self-develop, for this it is important to master holotropic breathing. The Holotropic Breathwork technique was developed jointly by American psychologists Stanislav and Christina Grof. It is undesirable to conduct the first lessons on your own, it is important that the process is controlled by an experienced practitioner.

People who have mastered the technique of diaphragmatic breathing, when the abdominal muscles are involved in the active process, can control themselves during stress and nervous strain.

How to breathe during labor

It is important to breathe correctly in the labor of a woman. True, the breathing technique during childbirth has its own characteristics. Obstetricians-gynecologists claim that a well-developed respiratory system and its control during contractions and attempts are the key to a successful and rapid delivery. How is breathing related to childbirth?

The fact is that when a sufficient amount of air enters the body of a woman in labor, a good supply of oxygen to the muscles occurs. By saturating the entire body with oxygen, we help the muscles to contract properly.

At the beginning of contractions, you should adhere to this breathing technique: inhale for four counts through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, counting to six. Remember: a full inhalation should be slightly shorter than an exhalation. When the contractions become more intense, you need to change your technique. Change to the doggy style breathing method when you need to breathe shallowly and quickly, like a dog does on a hot day.

There is no need to be ashamed of obstetricians or your relatives, this behavior during labor will help your baby to be born strong and healthy. Learning to breathe correctly is not so easy, because it is a whole art that requires a lot of time and effort. Light, clean, light breath for you and health for your body and spirit!

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