We make stylish jeans in a couple of minutes

The first jeans saw the light of day in 1853. But at the time, it was just work clothes. The trousers were sewn with 3 pockets and only dark blue for practicality. Due to its strength and durability, these trousers have become so popular and conquered the whole world.

Unlike the 50s, now jeans can be of different cut, color, density, length, with stones, rivets and even holes. Of course, these holes are not of natural origin, but made on purpose using different technologies.

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How to make holes and scuffs on jeans with your own hands

Since the demand for leaky jeans is growing every year, prices are not encouraging either. These pants cost much more than just the classic ones. Our smart women figured out how to make beautiful holes in jeans with their own hands. This is a good option for old, worn, in some places frayed denim trousers.

There are several options for these jeans:

  • frayed;
  • with holes;
  • with patches;
  • a combination of holes, scuffs and patches.

Which option is right for you depends a lot on your courage and the rest of your wardrobe.

How to fade jeans

We make stylish jeans in a couple of minutes

The main question is not how to make holes in your pants, but how to make nice holes.

Spread the pants out on any flat surface. Between the front and back of the garment, insert something hard and flat so that the cuts only remain in the front.

Mark the edges of the intended shape with small pieces. Make an incision strictly in a horizontal line so as not to damage the white fibers that will slightly cover your legs.

Then make another cut parallel to the first one, at the distance you marked earlier. Now take a pumice stone and rub the tissue between incisions until you get the desired result.

To speed up the effect, the cloth can be slightly moistened with water. When everything is ready, look at the result and think about where else you would like to make the same beauty. It is better to distribute the cuts asymmetrically over the legs and pockets.

Before you ruin your pants , try to do all these manipulations on an unnecessary piece of jeanshowling matter, then it will be easier for you to imagine the end result.

How to make stylish holes on jeans

To make your pants really a designer thing, it is better to mark the places for holes on jeans in advance. When you have already finally decided, expand the future in the same way as in the first option. Make even cuts too, highlighting the area that will be the hole. Now take a large needle or nail scissors and gently pull out the dark, short strings.

If you want to get a fashionable thing and, at the same time, not too bare your legs, wash bright fabric from the inside out on the holes formed. So, the product will look fashionable and at the same time modest.

How to make fashionable holes and patches on jeans

We make stylish jeans in a couple of minutes

You can add patch patches to such holes and scuffs. They will not only help turn your old jeans into a stylish thing, but also fix natural signs of wear, thereby giving your pants a chance for a second life.

You can also distribute them asymmetrically on the legs. So that the edges of the patch are not tousled and the shape is not lost, you need to sew around the fabric perimeter with a thread of bright color. Patches can be made of any fabric in different colors, depending on your preferences.

Rhinestones, sequins, lettering and crystals can be added to this option. Another advantage of such patches is that a failed hole can be replaced with an original patch.

How to make holes in your jeans on your knees

Since any scuff and hole will eventually make a large cut, the knee cuts on jeans deserve special attention. Even on a new product, scuffs appear first of all on the knees, what can you say if you also make a hole in this place yourself.

If you still decide to make beautiful and fashionable holes on your knees, you must follow a few rules:

  1. don't make cuts too big;
  2. make incisions in the knee area;
  3. it is better to do not cuts, but scuffs, so the pants will last longer.

When starting to learn how to properly scuff jeans and holes, consider whether such clothes will suit your wardrobe style. If you do decide, go for it, maybe you can get a new fashionable item in a couple of minutes without spending!


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