We decorate the yard with our own hands

What private home owner doesn't want to turn his lot into a miniature paradise? In fact, to make this dream come true, you don't need a lot of money, just a little imagination, diligence and free time. And we will offer several win-win options on how to decorate the yard with our own hands in this publication.

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Flowerbeds and flower beds

We decorate the yard with our own hands

The most affordable and simple option for decorating a living space is flower beds. They can be planted and sown literally everywhere: around the perimeter of the yard, in pots and flowerpots, near the house itself, etc.

Blooming and climbing plants, planted in old and unnecessary dishes or furniture, look especially colorful. For example, I can use barrels, salted jugs, furniture and even broken plumbing.

The main thing is to tidy up the selected container a little, tint, putty, or re-paint with bright acrylic paint.

If randomly placed flower pots are not your option, then you can start organizing flower beds.

They can be of the following types:

We decorate the yard with our own hands
  • Monoclumba is a quick solution to how to decorate the yard of your private house with flowers. They are inhabited by plants of the same variety, the same roses, asters or tulips, for example. It is desirable that such an island have a decent area, otherwise it will look dull and artisanal ;
  • Round flower beds. Decorating flower beds of this type is a somewhat more difficult task, but also available to non-professionals. It implies the presence of one, central element, which can be a natural stone or a composition of artificial boulders. Plants are planted around it in tiers. And here it is important to take into account their height in adulthood, and plant seedlings so that the highest tier is on the upper tier, and the smallest on the lower one. Again, make sure that the flowers are combined with each other in their shades, and not create gypsy variegation and disharmony;
  • A rock garden or alpine slide is another option for decorating your yard with flowers. It is also realistic to build it with your own hands, which will require stones of different sizes, imitating rock fragments. The largest ones are placed on top, the smaller ones are located below, and between them climbing and creeping plants sit, growing in natureliving in mountain systems.

Recreation areas

On a summer evening it is so nice to sit outside, enjoy the pleasant coolness and communication with loved ones. To make your stay as comfortable and beautiful as possible, you can try to build an exclusive bench from the trunk of an old fallen tree.

It needs to be cut in half, cut the footboards from the remains, put it all together, and attach a backrest from an old wooden door, for example. It sounds like prefabricated hodgepodge , but if you do a little creativity, be careful and try, you will end up with a comfortable eco-style shop.

We decorate the yard with our own hands

A playground is what should be in the courtyard of a private country house, in which the whole family gathers on weekends. If you think that this is an expensive pleasure, then you are deeply mistaken. The sand costs a penny, for arranging the sandbox, the trimming of chipboard or fiberboard remaining after the repair, cut to size and painted in bright colors, is suitable.

Swings, horizontal bars and even carousels are made from pipe scraps, for which you only need welding and the consumables themselves.

Fountains and curly bushes

The fountain is what will certainly decorate and revive the existing design of the courtyard. Near it, you can equip a recreation area so that you can relax, watch the water and enjoy the fresh, moist air. All building materials for the skeleton of the structure can be found at home, but with the pump you need to be very careful and picky. The success of the whole event depends on how high-quality it is.

We decorate the yard with our own hands

Green hedges and shrub figures are a real treasure for those who are tormented by the thought how to decorate the yard with your own hands at an inexpensive price .

Of course, it will take more than one year to create a complete composition, but the result is worth it. In addition, there are plants in nature that seem to be deliberately created for such purposes. These include boxwood, prickly holly and yew.

Before making decorations for the yard from perennial shrubs, carefully consider the plan for planting them, and come up with the perfect composition.

It is possible that the plants will form a circle or a living fence, or you may want to form bizarre images from them to the delight of your children or grandchildren.


We decorate the yard with our own hands

Correctly located street lighting devices not only make living in a private house comfortable and safe, but also perform a certain decorative function. Today it is no longer relevant to be limited to a lamp hanging alone over the threshold. The current range of lighting devices allows you to zone the site, frame paths and gazebos, gates and steps, flower beds, and more. It is not necessary that all of them run on electricity, as there is always the opportunity to purchase solar-powered products.

They give a soft and diffused light that creates a romantic atmosphere.

Beauty from nothing

People learned to create real masterpieces from plastic colored and transparent bottles. Would you agree that this is much better than just throwing them in the trash, where they will decompose for many decades?

So, we decorate a private courtyard with our own hands from plastic bottles as follows:

We decorate the yard with our own hands
  • We paint them with ordinary building paint in the desired color, dry and dig in with the neck down, forming a border for a future flower bed or garden bed;
  • 5-liter bottles very quickly and easily turn into piggy pots;
  • It is possible to cut out bells, lilies of the valley, daisies and even roses from a small plastic container, which are glued to the frame of a thick pipe or wire;
  • If there are a lot of bottles, then they can be used to assemble a tall palm tree or even a base for an outdoor sunbed, a mini-greenhouse and a low fence.

If you spend a little free time, then you will surely stumble upon craftsmen who boldly declare we decorate the yard even with garbage, and we do it ourselves! .

Feel free to borrow some ideas from them and your living space will sparkle with new colors too.

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