7 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently And Naturally

Ways to get rid of mice in an apartment

Don't be surprised if you have to face the problem of how to deal with mice in a city apartment. These tenants can even live in super-elite housing.

Ways to get rid of mice in an apartment

Small, nimble, dexterous - they are able to penetrate through the slightest gap in communications and insulation, climb to any floor along the cable of the elevator shaft or waterproofing the outer panels. Most often, owners of high-rise buildings have to fight with mice - these mammals are bred in a garbage chute.

It is possible to completely remove the mice only by calling the SES, but very often residents are afraid to resort to the help of this service - many have pets and a history of allergies. For citizens with polyvalent allergies, after a thorough disinsection, the premises will be unsuitable for living for a long time.

Is there really no reliable way to get rid of mice in an apartment?

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the entry of mice into the apartment

You should find out how rodents enter the apartment and close it.


  • ventilation - close ventilation shafts with a fine mesh;
  • skirting boards - cement all gaps, even if they seem not worth attention;
  • check if communications are securely isolated;
  • if there are any gaps in the window frames, if the profile structures have not yet been installed, and the house is panel.

Particular attention should be paid to the space under the bathroom, covering the loggia or balcony, the storage room. If food supplies for the winter are stored on the balcony, they should also be examined - sometimes the mouse nest is brought into the house along with the harvest from the dacha.

The presence of uninvited guests may be indicated by their excrement, small pellets, or accumulations of gnawed food, tissue or paper.

Only when the escape routes and secondary penetration are closed, you can think about how to get rid of the mice in the apartment forever?

Remedies for mice in the apartment

An ancient method of rodent control. The most ancient means of rodent control are their natural enemies. You can get a cat to get the mice out of your apartment.

This method is not suitable for everyone. A pet needs care and attention, if the owners leave for a long time, he will be bored. And not every cat wants to catch a mouse - mouse catchers are rarely found in urban environments.

You shouldn't start a domestic owl either - this method is sometimes also advised to people in whose apartment mice have settled. Birds in relation to rodentsmuch more reliable than cats, and will help you catch a mouse, as well as get rid of pests forever, but caring for them is quite difficult, and it is almost impossible to sleep at night.

If it is possible to take a cat for a while , you will not learn to do it with an owl - the bird must fully adapt indoors, only then it will start hunting. The method with animals is strongly discouraged for people who are allergic to cat hair or bird fluff.

Mousetraps. You can use mousetraps to catch gray guests.

They come in different types:

Ways to get rid of mice in an apartment
  • regular - the mouse is killed when it grabs the bait;
  • humane - made in the form of a cage;
  • mouse glue.

It is better not to use cheese as a bait - despite numerous proverbs and sayings, cheese does not attract mice too much. For them, the smell of bacon, bacon or butter, which can be spread on bread, is much more pleasant.

How can you catch a mouse in an apartment without a mousetrap?

A fairly reliable trap is a half-liter inverted glass jar, under the neck of which, on one side, a coin is placed on the edge. Spread a layer of oil on the bottom of the can. The mouse climbs into the jar, rises on its hind legs to lick the bait, and is trapped.

The method with a can and a humane mousetrap is much more reliable than with a conventional device for catching rodents. They quickly master the science of approaching the bait in such a way that the lever does not respond.

The mouse glue method is not suitable for all people. Seeing mice stuck to the surface and squealing pitifully, not everyone is capable of deciding to destroy them.

It should also be borne in mind that with the help of traps you can get rid of mice only if access to the apartment is completely closed to rodents.

Poison. The chemical industry has enough poisonous agents in its arsenal to help remove rodents.

But it is not recommended to use poisons in a city apartment.

  1. Rodents do not die immediately. On paws or wool, they can transfer particles of poison to products or things that people use;
  2. This method is not suitable if there are pets or small children at home;
  3. A mouse that has eaten poison can die in an inaccessible place, and then it will be more difficult to get rid of the cadaverous smell than from rodents.

If you decide to use the poison method, you need to remember all the places where it was used, and carefully handle the apartment when the rodents die.

Modern method. Easily remove rodents in a confined space using ultrasound. Currently, such a device can be found in a household goods store or ordered on the Internet. After purchasing the sonic repeller, do notYou should even think about isolating possible ways of penetration of gray guests - along these aisles they will leave the house.

Disadvantages of the method:

  • expensive to install;
  • not suitable if there are other pets.

In rare cases, the hosts themselves respond to ultrasound, and this can lead to serious problems with the cardiovascular system. If after connecting the device a headache starts, children become capricious, they have nosebleeds, the trap should be turned off.

Folk recipes from mice in the apartment

What are mice afraid of in a city apartment? Sharp unusual odors.

Around the apartment along the baseboards and on the shelves with food, you can place:

Ways to get rid of mice in an apartment
  • fresh mint leaves;
  • ammonia-soaked gauze swabs;
  • bay leaf;
  • blackroot seeds;
  • dried tansy;
  • pharmacy chamomile;
  • bowls with vinegar essence.

The last resort is not recommended if there are small children at home. What else mice are afraid of is ash.

It can also be poured in places of the intended mouse paths. It causes a severe allergic reaction in rodents.

Another rather cruel folk method is to put two bowls in an accessible place: with flour mixed with alabaster, and with water. When the mice are full of plaster of paris flour, they will thirst. After the thirst is quenched, the alabaster will harden in the stomach and cause intestinal obstruction.

Grated cork, overcooked with lard, will cause the same problems for rodents. It is poured near burrows.

There are many effective ways to combat rodents, it is always possible to choose the right one for yourself. Under no circumstances should you take a position: Am I afraid of mice? I'd rather feed them, tame them, put them in a jar ... . The presence of gray rodents in the apartment is very dangerous. Their excrement causes allergic reactions, the mice themselves carry dangerous diseases, for example, hemorrhagic fever and salmonellosis. Mice spoil clothes and things, gnaw through wires, break the insulation of communications.

If you want to make friends with the family of mice, you should buy their representatives at the pet store. Gray mice are required to be removed from the premises. It is necessary to maintain health.

Mouse problem in apartment solved

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