Water retention in the body: changing the way of life

Water retention in the body can be easily identified by its appearance. If in the morning the face seems puffed up, bags are observed under the eyes, and by the evening everything returns to normal, it means that you do not remove excess fluid accumulated in the intercellular space.

The reason for this phenomenon can be both completely harmless habits and more serious diseases.

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Causes of excess water in the body

If you begin to observe symptoms of water disease, you need to reconsider your lifestyle, as well as go to the doctor's office. Diabetes mellitus, poor functioning of the heart, liver and kidneys can all cause water imbalances in the body. Therefore, do not be lazy, take tests, do a cardiogram.

The following are harmless reasons:

Water retention in the body: changing the way of life
  • small amount of water consumed per day;
  • salty food;
  • food high in preservatives;
  • excessive use of spices;
  • passion for alcoholic beverages, coffee, sweet soda;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

So, let's consider in order all the causes of fluid retention in the body. Calculate how much clean water you drink per day?

A glass or two? But the rate of water consumption is 1.5 liters for women and 2 for men, not counting juice, tea and other drinks.

Are you afraid that if you drink more, the swelling will be even more? In fact, it is not.

The body is not stupid, it kind of makes a reserve of fluid in advance when it is in a drought . If you start drinking more water, excess fluid will come out on its own. The same paradox can sometimes be seen when dieting. The exceptions are people with liver and kidney problems. The amount of water in this case is prescribed only by the attending physician.

Pay attention to your urine. It should be transparent, practically odorless. By this natural factor, it is very easy to regulate your own water balance.

Do you like adding salt to your food? Such a habit will definitely not lead to good. The point is that salt is a kind of water preservative in the body. Give it up completely and you will see the result. Also, do not use semi-finished products that contain salt. It's not worth talking about such snacks as chips, crackers and other snacks for beer. In addition to salt, they also contain a huge amount of spices and preservatives.which also retain water in the space between cells.

Alcohol, coffee and soda cannot quench your thirst, on the contrary, they cause it even more. It is best to keep these drinks to a minimum.

What to do? How to remove excess water?

Water can be removed from the body in many ways. The easiest way to get diuretics is from a pharmacy, however, the easiest option is not always the most successful. Such drugs are, of course, very effective, but they are addictive. So what to do when water retention has been detected?

Better to use these methods:

Water retention in the body: changing the way of life
  • healthy nutrition based on a salt-free diet;
  • drinking enough water;
  • drinking diuretic herbs;
  • replacement of contraceptive hormonal drugs;
  • playing sports.

All these methods will help get rid of excess fluid in the body. A proper diet should include foods that have diuretic properties.

These are cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, buckwheat porridge, tomatoes.

In any case, eat more vegetables and fruits, such a diet will help cleanse the intestines of toxins and tune the work of all systems in a new way. Replace coffee and black tea with green tea, rosehip infusion and other herbs that have diuretic properties.

Women are more likely to suffer from water retention than men. The reason for this may be the menstrual cycle, taking hormonal drugs. If swelling was noticed while taking such medications, then this is a reason to visit a gynecologist. Very often, the water does not come out well when you start taking new birth control pills. This is a temporary phenomenon, however, if it causes concern, it is still better to consult a doctor.

Playing sports is another way to get rid of excess water. Sign up for fitness, visit the gym. Cycling and walking in the fresh air will also be useful. With sweat, during exercise and jogging, excess fluid in the body will be released. Plus it's just good for your health.

It will be useful to drink a course of vitamins, perhaps the body simply does not have enough nutrients.

Water retention during pregnancy

Water retention in the body: changing the way of life

Each woman suffers pregnancy differently. For some, everything goes very easily, while others begin to complain of toxicosis, back pain and swelling.

Usually, fluid retention in the body begins to manifest itself in the second trimester of pregnancy and does not leave until the very birth.

The symptoms of fluid retention in the body are similar: swelling of the hands, feet and face.

This also affects the baby in the womb in a far from positive way. The reason for this phenomenon is an excess amount of sodium, which has the ability to inhibit fluid excretion.

It is worth adding here the passion for salty and sour, for whichso many future mothers are greedy to see a pregnant woman with swollen face and legs as a result. If the delay exceeds the norm, the gynecologist prescribes the necessary medications or sends such a patient to save .

Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and then you will not have problems with fluid retention in the body, and with many other diseases.

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