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Warts on the legs

Warts are nasty, ugly formations on the skin. They appear due to the human papillomavirus. It can develop due to low immunity, or constant irritation of the skin. On the legs, warts can appear due to sweating, or due to lack of hygiene. But they can be treated in different ways.

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Treatment warts on the legs

These rather unattractive growths can appear anywhere on your body.

But often those places that come into contact with various objects fall into the risk zone, and can be prone to injury. It is for this reason that warts are most often formed on the knee, toe or foot.

It can be formed for the following reasons:

Warts on the legs
  • skin injuries;
  • lower pH, dry skin;
  • heavy sweating of the feet;
  • disruptions in the endocrine system;
  • reduced immunity.

For these reasons, warts can not only appear, but also cause a number of aesthetic and functional inconveniences. Therefore, it is important not to start the process and remove the neoplasm in time.

However, you need to deduce wisely, if you do it incorrectly, new formations of even larger size may appear in place of one.

Treatment of warts in children

The following factors may precede the appearance of a wart in children:

  • very dark or, on the contrary, very light skin around the area;
  • various bumps on the feet and toes;
  • multiple neoplasms that are close to each other.

The incubation period for warts is one to six months, and the latency period can last up to three years.

Warts in children can be like this:

  • common - those that are usually located on the knee;
  • flat - usually also located in the knee area;
  • plantar - warts on the toes, around them and on the heels.

How to get rid of a wart on your leg?

It often happens that warts go away on their own.

For those who decided not to wait and remove the neoplasm, it is worth using this tool:

Warts on the legs
  • folk method;
  • medicines from a pharmacy, dde you will be sold a remedy for warts on the legs;
  • seeking help from doctors.

But you shouldn't run to a specialist right away.

Contact him if:

  • you are desperate, you cannot find a way to remove the wart on your feet after trying all methods;
  • the wart is viral and painful;
  • their number increases significantly in a short period of time.

Experts will offer you several methods. This can be either surgery or removal with liquid nitrogen.

Traditional treatments

Popular folk remedies are:

Warts on the legs
  • juice treatment with celandine;
  • treatment of the affected area with a clove of garlic;
  • small quantities of magnesium powder before meals. The duration of the procedure is one month;
  • smearing with milkweed juice.

The effectiveness of these methods will increase the intake of vitamins and minerals, hardening and sports. To prevent warts from appearing, observe the rules of hygiene, do not use other people's things, do not eat from other people's dishes, try not to wear tight shoes and clothes made of synthetic materials.

Before choosing one or another method of dealing with warts, be sure to consult your doctor!

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