Wall murals - a relic of the past or a new fashion?

Photo wallpapers were in great demand 15-20 years ago. With a small selection of decorative and finishing materials, photomurals seemed to be the solution to all problems. Having decorated the interior in this way, you could easily give it originality, hide the unevenness of the wall, and most importantly - do it quickly and relatively cheaply.

Wall murals - a relic of the past or a new fashion?

Not many people managed to successfully combine the plot on the wall with the general interior of the room. The photographic material of that time was not very diverse: a summer forest, an autumn forest, a winter meadow, mountains, and the scarcity was the sea. As a result, with the expansion of the range of finishing materials, they were gradually forgotten.

But as you know - the fashion goes in a circle. The interest in decorating the interior of the rooms with photo wallpaper revived with renewed vigor. The variety of the assortment now gives us the opportunity to more harmoniously fit the wallpaper into the interior, taking into account the size of the room and its style. A rich selection of themes and plots gave the wallpaper the opportunity to perform not only a decorative function, but also to bring to life its practical part.

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Pros and cons of photowall-paper

First, about the positive aspects: rich assortment, size, color, pattern - all this is limited only by your imagination. You can find the perfect solution for rooms of all sizes and furnishings. They can be easily applied to any surface, be it a wall or ceiling. And finally, an affordable price.

Among the shortcomings: wallpaper in the interior requires perfectly flat walls (which is often a big problem), the drawing can become boring and get bored quickly, so you should approach the choice of the image thoroughly and take your time.

Due to its assortment, photo wallpapers are widely used in the interior of an apartment, from a bathroom to a living room.

Photo wallpaper in the interior of the nursery

Most people associate the use of photowall-paper primarily with the interior of a children's room. Which is not surprising. Images of flowers, fairy tale characters and cartoon characters with a bang! will be accepted by any child without exception. And each parent will make every effort to give their beloved child the feeling of a fairy tale and magic.

Points to watch out for:

  • Do not cover all the walls in the room with photo wallpaper, it is enoughchoose one, and use simple decorative elements for the rest. So, you will not overload the interior and visually reduce the space;
  • Choose colors responsibly: do not use too bright shades, this can negatively affect the child's psyche;
  • I think it's not worth explaining why wallpaper for a children's room should be made of ecological materials;
  • Photo wallpaper posters is a great idea for decorating a teenager's child's room. This is the age when children's topics are no longer interesting, and adults seem boring. If possible, leave it up to the child to choose. This ensures the success of the operation.

Photo wallpaper in the interior of the living room

Wall murals - a relic of the past or a new fashion?

The guest room is a public area, most often we receive our guests there. When choosing wallpaper, consider the general style of the entire room.

Believe me there are many options:

  • Urban (street, square, city building) - suitable if you decide to decorate your room in a modern style. Add chrome accessories and minimalist soft furnishings here;
  • Glamor or pop art (pop and movie stars, glamorous girls). If you are a fan of large companies and noisy parties, then the interior, complemented by such photo wallpapers, will be appreciated not only by you, but also by your guests;
  • Classic. As a rule, these are all kinds of scenic views of nature or painted frescoes in the Tuscan style. Decorate your living room in this style and you are guaranteed to feel the spirit of luxurious antiquity;
  • Country - animals, people, pastoral paintings;
  • National component - wallpaper with geographic or ethnic overtones, such as Chinese lanterns, cherry blossom branch, birch grove, pyramids, Eiffel Tower or your author's photo taken while traveling;
  • Eco-style - in order to give the interior freshness this is what you need. Forests, meadows, parks, coastal cliffs, an island, the sea, pebbles - it even becomes easier to breathe in such a living room. Eco-style is versatile and will perfectly fit into any interior.

Bedroom interior with photo wallpaper

A bedroom is a place where we rest not only physically, but also psychologically. And wallpaper should be selected taking into account the creation of a relaxing atmosphere in it. There is no room for bright colors.

Give preference to blue, peach, pink shades and then every morning you will start in a good mood. Do not stop your choice only on flower arrangements. All kinds of landscapes are a good option.

In the bedroom, like nowhere else, the use of two-plan photo wallpaper is appropriate. This effect will visually add volume to the room and fill it with air. Double-sided wallpaper is often used in bedrooms where windows face north or west, because the interior looks cold in natural light.

In sunny bedrooms, opt for colors and greengamut - sunlight and greenery complement each other and add freshness to the interior. In any case, choosing wallpaper for bedroom decoration, everyone relies on their own preferences and their own taste. Whichever story you choose, the main thing is that you feel cozy and comfortable in it.

Design secrets

Increase the volume. This is a path in the forest, a park path, a bridge over a river, any image that has a perspective that goes into the distance.

Repeat color. Repeating colors in furnishings and wall finishes add harmony to the interior.

Frame. Stick wallpaper not on the entire surface of the wall, but only on a separate part of it. This method is used if you decide to complement the room with a French door or false window.

Wall murals - a relic of the past or a new fashion?

Zoning. Using photo wallpaper in the interior, you can select any of its zones. For example, decorate a large aquarium with a picture of the seabed or in a corner where a musical instrument is located, stick on a musical orchestra or an auditorium.

Let's make a joke. Trompe l'oeil wallpaper, wine cellar, fireplace and hearth, bookshelves. The most important thing is that the image conveys the sense of presence as realistically as possible.

Contrast. Combinations of black and white wallpaper and colored furniture will help make any interior more spectacular. This technique is successfully combined in neo-baroque and glamor styles.

In conclusion, I would like to add: to maximize the potential of photo wallpaper, make real objects elements of the picture on the wall. This technique will visually add volume to the image and open up perspective for your imagination.

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