Sex Toy Could Ruin Your Sex Life?

Vibrators for women: benefit or harm?

Vibrators, or dildos, are devices for mechanical stimulation of the genitals. They are becoming more and more popular as they are very useful in the opinion of many women.

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How do vibrators work and are they needed for women?

Vibrators for women: benefit or harm?

Dildos have gained widespread popularity over the past few decades. In this regard, they have become an interesting subject for scientific research. Many centers for sexology and sexual health are seriously studying the effect of vibrators on the female body.

These devices are now widely recommended, especially abroad, for women suffering from anorgasmia and sex drive disorders. The Center for Sexual Health Indiana University in the United States conducted a large study, which involved 3800 women aged 18 to 68 years.

The results of the latter confirmed the clear benefits of such products - improved sexual functions and a positive effect on sexual life, which, therefore, led to the normalization of the latter.

Today, vibrators can be purchased in online stores, sex shops. Their advertisements can often be found in women's magazines. Many ladies note that thanks to these devices, they have improved sexual relations with their partners, got rid of the monotony in those.

It is worth noting that the reviews of the ladies indicate that sexual arousal has increased, as well as orgasm, while not only in women, but also in men. In addition, the psychological rapprochement with the other half has improved.

The differences in the quality of sex life between those who used a vibrator and those who did not are obvious. Many surveys have been conducted in this area, the results of which indicate that women have emphasized the importance of using vibrators for getting more and faster sexual arousal, orgasm, reducing pain during penetration and moisturizing the vagina.

Vibrators for women: benefit or harm?

Surveys included topics such as health status, sexual behavior, ways of masturbation, the presence of side effects from the latter, their impact on sex life. Specialists analyzed such aspects of life as age, marital status, having children.

How it turned outb, more than half of those participating in the survey, namely 52%, use a vibrator regularly. Moreover, those who used them were younger than those who did not practice this. Of those who used the device, 83% used it to stimulate the clitoris, 64% inserted it into the vagina.

The experts who conducted this study highlighted a significant advantage of using such things - women are accustomed to a healthy form of behavior - self-examination, regular visits to a gynecologist, which for many of them was previously accompanied by psychological difficulties.

Are vibrators and similar products harmful to women?

The study also examined side effects that may occur with regular use of such products. More than 70% of women noted that they had never encountered any problems when using vibrators, 16% stated that they had swelling in the labia area for 1-2 days. That is, the data obtained indicates that under the right conditions of use, dildos are quite safe devices.

Experts in the field of sexology argue that in intimate relationships, women do not always want the penetration process to play the main role in sexual relationships, and that partners do not focus only on the genitals. Kisses, caresses, and touching are also important in sexual relations. One of the most common complaints about men is the lack of these components.

Does a woman need a vibrator for pleasure?

Dildos have made a real revolution in the field of sexual relations. A new phenomenon has also emerged - desgenitalization of sex - getting pleasure not from penetration and stimulation of the genitals, but from eroticism and pleasure with the whole body.

Such sex toys allow you to better satisfy your partner, get rid of ruins in sexual relations. More and more people are interested in new sex techniques and new sexual experiences. In the aforementioned study, almost a quarter of the participants confirmed that they were using various stimulants, and a third were using lubricants. Most of the respondents are ready to experiment in the sexual sphere.

Vibrators and other devices make sexual intercourse more exciting, interesting, bring a couple together psychologically, relieve monotony in the intimate sphere. Such products are used in different ways, individually or in tandem, with a preservative or lubricant.

How to use a vibrator for women correctly

It should be noted that you need to use such products individually or using a condom, as there is a potential risk of transmitting genital infections:

  • In tandem with vibrators, various creams and oils are often used for erotic full body massage. The texture and smell of such productsexcite and stimulate a woman. For the same purposes, flavored lubricants are used - cold and warm lubricants, which can also diversify sexual relations, giving unexpected sensations;
  • When using a dildo for the first time, it is better for a woman to act on her own in order to completely relax and concentrate on new sensations, without being distracted by outsiders. First, the body needs to get used to the device. It is recommended to first walk them all over the body, paying special attention to the erogenous zones;
  • If sliding is difficult, a cream or suitable lubricant is needed. It's worth experimenting with pressure. It should be noted that the more power of the device and the more firmly the woman presses it to herself, the less its vibrations are felt.

How can you please a woman with a vibrator?

There are many types of similar products. Each type of device has subtleties in application. For example, there are products specifically for the clitoris. These are silicone and rubber, have different shapes. They can be worn on the finger, attached to the hips. Choosing such a device, you need to be guided by your preferences.

In addition, such products are accompanied by instructions, which are recommended to be read before use in order to become familiar with the functions, modes and buttons of the device, to learn how to use them.

There are also products for anal use. A feature of their use is that it is necessary to apply a sufficient amount of lubricant. It is worth noting that such can be exploited not only by the fairer sex, but also by men.

Vibrators can be a very important part of sexual relations for women. They will help to diversify sex life, especially for partners with long experience. It should be noted that there is also such a thing as the absence of orgasm without such sex toys.

If a lady gets used to its use, it can happen that without it she will remain dissatisfied. That is, a kind of dependence arises, which leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of other stimulation methods.

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