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Vegetarian vegetable kebab

In the summer season, more and more often we have to think about how to cook such a delicious and original from seasonal vegetables. As a result of reflections, a standard ratatouille, salad or stew appears on the table, whereas you can do much more original and cook a shish kebab from vegetables. It will be an excellent side dish for the main course, or completely replace it, which depends entirely on the original recipe.

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Vegetarian vegetable kebab

Basically, the concept of shish kebab is inextricably linked with meat fried over a fire. But now vegetables cooked on fire can be found literally in any public institution offering dishes on the grill.

Despite the seeming exoticism, such food is popular, and it is the responsibility of every housewife to cook it at least once.

Having mastered the existing recipes for vegetable kebabs, going out into nature will become a real gastronomic feast filled with unforgettable aromas and tastes.

Vegetable shish kebab, cooked on skewers - an excellent addition to meat and fish fried in the same way, a spectacular appetizer, a topical summer cottage dinner, and even a completely independent dish that can easily decorate festive table. Vegetable skewers can be served both on metal skewers , and on wood skewers. In the latter case, they will have to be cooked in the oven, which is no less tasty and original.

Vegetarian vegetable kebab

Vegetables cooked over a fire are suitable for a picnic, among the participants of which will be avid vegetarians or guests who are losing weight, people with digestive problems and pancreatic diseases. Such a dish contains the minimum amount of calories, but is full of vitamins and nutrients.

By the way, recipes for kebabs made from fresh vegetables can surprise you with their originality and unpredictable combination of main ingredients. For example, not only potatoes are subject to baking, but also tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, onions and more. And we don't even have to talk about the variety of marinades and sauces - there are a huge number of them.

The main rules of a successful barbecue

In most countries of the East and the Mediterranean, it is customary to simultaneously cook barbecue with meat and vegetables on one grill . For example, in Armenia these products are strung on different skewers, while in Azerbaijan - on one, in turn.

ByPreparing vegetables is a very basic process. They just need to be washed, peeled (if necessary), cut into slices of suitable sizes.

Then it remains only to observe the following basic recommendations:

Vegetarian vegetable kebab
  • Use the barbecue grill whenever possible;
  • To prevent chopped vegetables from becoming porridge, they need to be salted only before serving, but not in the process of frying or pickling. The only exception is eggplant. They must be soaked in salt water in advance to eliminate bitterness;
  • Marinate or not - it's up to you. Vegetables themselves do not need to be marinated like meat;
  • Now about how much to fry. Basically, it depends on your eating habits. In general, it is enough to simply brown and soften the vegetables without losing their original shape. For example, it is enough to fry sweet peppers for 5 minutes, onions - 7, and zucchini need as much as 10-12 minutes;
  • For a change, it is permissible to supplement vegetable kebabs with mushrooms, cheese, lard or fat tail fat;
  • Use of angle skewers helps to avoid product scrolling.

Cooking options

So, it's time to move from general to specific, namely, how to cook pickled and fresh vegetables on the grill or in the oven.

The Mediterranean variation of this dish looks like this:

Vegetarian vegetable kebab
  • A couple of garlic cloves and a pinch of rosemary are passed through the press;
  • All this is mixed with 5 tbsp. olive or other vegetable oil;
  • Any vegetables are washed and cut into convenient portions, mixed with the marinade, and left for a couple of minutes;
  • Then the pieces are strung on skewers / skewers, and cooked in the oven until golden brown.

As mentioned above, it is not at all essential to make a marinade for a vegetable kebab. Many people prefer to simply water the vegetables while frying with oil mixed with spices and herbs. All this is a matter of your personal gastronomic habits. The only advice is to use lemon juice, garlic and natural olive oil.

If you have no desire to try pickled vegetables, you can use the following recipe for a future vegetarian kebab:

Vegetarian vegetable kebab
  • Peel and wash three small onions, three bell peppers, a medium eggplant and a few tomatoes;
  • The larger ingredients are cut into slices, and the slices are greased with vegetable oil;
  • Products are strung in turn on skewers / skewers;
  • Everything is again coated with oil and sent to the grill until soft;
  • Sprinkle with lemon juice before serving.

Vegetable shish kebab, cooked in the oven or onopen fire is a great way to accustom your household to not only tasty, but also healthy food.

Be sure to please your loved ones with an original and beautiful dish served in the best restaurants in the world.

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